Anchoring the Gifts of this portal

Channeled Activation Video: Lockdown, Reset & Reality Creation

What is a portal?

A Portal is a gateway that allows for energies to come in and energies to leave. Saying Energies is a simplified way of saying ‘qualities of conscious awareness’ or ‘an alchemy of forces.’ Living, breathing and connecting with the weaving web of consciousness we are within, with each other and within all Life, we are in constant connection with the tides, rhythms and patterns of consciousness in relationship with itself.

So where’s the portal? As within, so without, we find micro and macrocosms of the patterns of consciousness held within ourselves; within the interconnected webs of energy we are. So a gateway within ourselves is a window of time where conditions are condusive to our having certain experiences, realisations, opening to new influences and integrating new levels of awareness. If we look outwards to the stars and astrology, we can find the maps that reflect the qualities we can find just as easily if we look inwards and read the maps of consciousness we are.

That’s why energy updates that don’t reference astrology will often be in resonance with those that do. It doesn’t matter which direction you look in, the same activities will be taking place within and without.

Today’s 8 energy is a continuation and the anchoring culmination of the gateway for new world manifesting that has been open this week, with the build up to the full moon – aptly named the flower moon – which has passed through the year’s 5-5 gateway in a process of opening and aligning our throat centres. Our centres for Expressing – for bringing into form the manifestations of our creation alchemy.

Tomorrow we will be in the closing culminating energies of this window and it will be a day for integrating, resting and allowing what’s come in to settle in us, before the new moon takes us with it into the first steps of reweaving the new threads of ourselves into our creating.

This is a very special alignment taking place, resetting how we manifest and it is this reset that the energy gateway is supporting. You could say our throat centre holds the alchemy of how we flower. And look at our creations as those flowers in bloom.

Why Gratitude?

The infinity resonance of 8 energy and unconditional gratitude

Quite often there is a temptation with manifestation gateways to almost panic with the pressure of thinking we should be manifesting, should at least know what it is we want to manifest, or should be in some kind of process that helps us arrive at that.

What’s important now is not the end result, but recalling ourselves into a new alignment for how we manifest. That brings us into the resonance of the New Earth and new earth creating.

See this article for more on New Earth Manifestation:

One of the ways we do this is to open to the vibration of unconditional Gratitude. That we are creating, that creation is happening through us, as us, with us and that our creations are renewing. This is gratitude for the cycles of life and love. Opening ourselves to this vibration does several things all at once. First it opens us up to any part of us which is NOT feeling grateful at all. And it’s important to be super honest with ourselves about those parts when they arise, because they need to feedback – to be heard. To be seen, accepted, embraced and listened to. And one of the ways we can listen to them is by fully opening to those feelings that are less than grateful.

Allowing those feelings to move in us helps liberate life force and makes it more possible for us to also feel the unconditional gratitude that is there, waiting to be uncovered and waiting to lift us when we uncover it.

The next thing Unconditional Gratitiude does is anchor us, unmoveably, in receiving whatever it is that inspired us to acces its resonance. If we can touch on just the possiblity that part of us – along with everything else we might be feeling – is also vibrating with unconditional gratitude that we are, that life is. Not what, but that – then we continue to receive from Life the unconditional Love it has to bring, helping hold us in more of that quality. Helping us manifest more of that quality.

But importantly, when we’ve just been through a process and lifted ourselves into a higher resonance of manifesting, accessing even a whisper of the idea that we might be unconditionally grateful for that, will anchor in all the gifts we’ve received and keep them coming in a loop of infinity. Today, with it’s thread of 8 (infinity) energy weaving its resonance into this portal of manifestation, offers this gift.

Channeled Activation Video – Lockdown, Reset & Reality Creation

For an immersive experience, this video offers a 30 minute channeled activation transmission. It’s a multi-voice channeling holding codes and keys that help align us with new earth creating. For making the most of this opportunity we still have in lockdown, to recall, reset and realign the alchemy of how we’re creating our reality.

Turning on the Inner Listener

To enjoy this, I recommend treating it like a long meditation. Getting comfy, turning the outward facing eyes inward, keeping the awareness returning to the simplicity of the sensation of the breath in the body. And the sensation of the body as a whole. And using the intention to rest in our hearts and centres – letting go of exactly what that means.

Lockdown, Reset and Reality Creation – 30 minute Channeled Activation Transmission

These little things engage our innate intelligence, activate our discernment, our filters and go a long way to ensuring we receive only whats for us in a way that’s safe and appropriate.

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