Teachings from the Akash - The Dimension of Time

The beautiful truth of being aligned in time.  Healing our resistances around it. Coming to rest in recognition of our deeper truth in how we relate to it.

Saturday 13th January 

10:30am – 12pm UK

11:30am – 1pm CET


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You may have heard that time is like a river, carrying all things with it to their end. What if time was more like a breath…

And to rest in it wasn’t to be carried to an end, rather rested in a sacred alchemy of healing, life and renewal. 

 Our relationship to time is unique, beautifully personal and hard to fathom from one person to the next. How often have you heard people throw up their hands in exasperation at someone else’s failure to be punctual, or to show up too early.  For many of us, time is a dimension that we can have complex, subconscious resistances to.

There is, believe it or not, a still point in time – a gateway to the time/no-time space, available in every moment. And it is that still point, that essential Here and Now moment that many of us subconsciously resist

We know we are in a home-coming journey, recalling lost parts of ourselves from their journey into duality, separation and dissonance, and into deeper and deeper embodied unity. Living and actualizing our Self realization as we go. Coming to rest within the flow of time is what allows us to transcend it. 

This webinar is a result of an insight that was gifted to me recently as I sat in session with someone who has great awareness and skills as a traveler in this dimension. They helped me connect to teachings from the Akash on the dimension of Time and I am guided to share what was opened for me in this webinar space. 

I felt such a relief, such a deep relaxation with the shift this insight brought about for me, it’s inspired me to want to offer that as a sharing. 

Lucy - Infinity resonance

Long time channel, oracle, seer and coach, working with the divine resonances of the  akash of the human blueprint,  Lucy guides people into deeper embodiments of Sovereignty  in their personal paths of Self Mastery and realization. Offering guided, channeled support on what’s called for in the moment. 

How it works:  I feel the rhythms in people’s fields and can hold them while they release dissonance, reading the information packets in those rhythms, seeing how they connect to a person’s emotional, physical, energetic stories

And guiding them in the inner work necessary to help release them and realign them in a deeper, more spacious relationship with themselves and the reality they’re creating from the inside out

About Lucy

I’m passionate about helping us reclaim lost parts of ourselves, including our direct access to guidance, inner wisdom and our empathic & energetic gifts and abilities – that have long been kept outside definitions of ‘normal’.

For me, staying connected, expanded, grounded and centered and still reading, channeling and working consciously with energy and awareness is what’s normal and natural. 

It breaks my heart to see anyone close down to the beauty of exploration in these areas and it’s my life’s work to offer support so that we don’t have to. 

I have been gifted insights in direct experience over the years to the akash of our human blueprint:  the DNA of our consciousness – containing the scripts of who we are, how we became and why we’re here. 

It brings me the greatest joy to share these teachings in ways that empower us as master cocreators of our own reality. As we remember more of who we are and our place within all things. Changing how we’re creating the reality we experience. 

Short meditations, deep dives, activational QnAs & Coaching Sessions to help you stay aligned and in resonance, open and connected to your core signature blueprint

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Tuesday Morning Meditations

Short meditations to keep us aligned in our truth, day to day. With anchoring practices we can use in every day situations, dissolving the separation between meditation and life. Channeled alignment meditations, activating, aligning and giving us access to new light frequencies or deeper, more connected states of awareness in every day life.
With a little time for one to one support

The Infinity Resonance Akashic Alignments

Akashic Alignments

Every New and Full Moon we dive into a guided, channeled journey, opening us to the new harmonics active in the akash of our human blueprint. We explore the sacred centers and divine pathways of the 'breath of creation' in a healing, transformational exploration of the divine multidimensionality of the Self. With a different focus every journey. These deeper dives are for expanding our awareness and our ability to center, align and embody more of the truth of who we are.
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Inner Oracle

Last Sunday of Every Month
An activational journey with guides of Unconditionally Loving Integrity who gather to bring through the frequencies that will help us connect to the More of Who We Are and be supported, assisted and to receive healing, transformations, alignments and activations, as they tell stories of the collective evolution of consciousness and bring us uplifting, encouraging, informational, inspiring and insightful channelings. While guiding us on a healing journey to lift us into a higher vibration and more of a resonance of wholeness.
With time for One to One support, sharing and channelings

Coaching for Empaths and Energy Sensitives

NEW Saturday Morning Coaching Sessions - for Empaths & Energy Sensitives

We open to teachings from the akash of our Human Blueprint (the DNA of our consciousness) And how these can support us to ground, center, protect, connect, transmute, expand and much, much more. From a place of energetic resonance, aligned in the truth of who we are, how we can access more of our abilities safely and in every day life, for reading, channeling and working with energies and empathic awareness. Every Session will have a different focus. We’ll cover a broad range of energy and awareness coaching themes. From safety and protection, transmutation and grounding, to opening and experiencing different dimensions of consciousness and the Self (galactic, planetary, elemental, angelic, elohim and more), to working with past lives, inner archetypes, sacred energy alchemies. And how bringing this awareness into every day situations helps us normalize these expanded aspects of Self.


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“Lucy is unique in my experience in her ability to hold all that I am in compassion whilst identifying and guiding my awareness to where dissonance lies and to assist me to bring it back into harmony. I know of no one else who can describe and navigate the human blueprint with such clarity. A session with Lucy is always individual and as life changing as I allow it to be.”
GevaAnn Woodland
“Lucy's group meditations and channelings always make me feel more expanded -- lighter, deeper, broader, more "in touch." Her private sessions are life-changing. I am so grateful for her devoted support..”
Kelly Hayes-Raitt

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