Eclipse update 21-01-19

The softness of Grace

Calling the inner boy child home in the embrace of Mother

The eclipse energies today call us to rest in the softness – the softness of Ma – mother archetype within us; her unconditional love, acceptance and holding – holding her child and it is the boy child within us that is being called home to wholeness, having his hurts healed. Having his nature accepted, having his impulsive behaviours, instincts given room in safe space for expression as they come home to unity. There is a sense of deep, loving acceptance of the part of us that has suffered suppression, denial, rejection and chastisement for acting in innocence according to our nature and having this nature confused.
Because as this aspect of us, the force of will within us, comes home to itself, emerges in its wholler resonance, it is the part of us that allows us to take our place in the world stage. To take our place in the new world stage is to have the strength and the confidence and the dedication and the commitment to allow what is necessary for us to be able to relax into our true nature. For this true nature to have its domain within our co-creating and for our guidance for this tremendous force of will to come from within. So that we take our place in the dance that is Life held within Love, holding us in a pattern we don’t control, impose or project, but we uncover and we relax into. The dance that we discover – a dance that never stopped, never went away, but one that we left behind to explore the freedom of self-governed movement. Freedom of free will, explored to its fullest through the experience of being separate; separate within ourselves and so separate to All That Is.
And now there is a homecoming, the wayward parts of ourselves that bore us onwards into the exploration of separation to taste of the fullness of its potential, that did so in innocence, these parts are called home. And this time, during this eclipse window, it is the little boy child and his tremendous energy being called out of separation into the nurturing arms of mother within. And this is happening in the physicality of our human animal natures, which are coming home Goddess. And so this tremendous softness awakens and rises within us, reinforming our bodies with its inclusion of a femininity in truth, replacing the patterns in our templates that were written out of distortions created through our many wounding experiences, where the little boy child aspect of us received less than loving acceptance, celebration and encouragement, less than nurture and nourishment, less than the full domain of being centre to his universe.
We are again to take our centres in the stage of the world we are co-creating from listening within to what Is, rather than being told how things should be. And in this now moment the stage is instead the seat of our sovereignty and the inner child is the driving force of will that empowers the adult to take its place in this internal seat of sovereignty – in a world where every one of us commands our own domain. And the only way this can be possible is when we listen, from the I that is connected, that knows itself to be part of all of Life and all that is, that can take its place in the dance, not take over the dance.
And so the wounded inner little boy is letting go of his need for dominion and force directed outward in response to this denial, as the loving mother rises within us to hold and embrace, accept and nourish, nurture in the strength of softness. And the boy child hears her whispers of wisdom and learns the truth of sovereignty. So that the man within us can be champion and come home to the feminine where together they govern in truth that which is ours to command, ours to govern, in true wisdom beyond wounds within the story of power or control.
And we today can rest in the softness of the deliciousness of the loving, nurturing divine mother, as it both becomes us and embraces us.
In love,
Lucy x

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