Eclipse Overview 22-01-19

A brief overview of yesterday’s transmission

And so, coming into our heart, our centre, our still space will this year be our self navigational anchor.
For being present as the stillness that holds the body.
And the body resting in the stillness.
For the awareness to be present with the infinity I as well as the human animal I
As well as the Galactic , multi-dimensional I.
And for resetting our inner alignment and re-aligning our human experience with the new paradigm of unityi
Calling ourselves into heart centred guidance over mind-driven projection.
Calling the mind into it’s rightful place as the listener.
Not just a mind listening to a heart, but listening, from the heart and centre to the connected I.
Which is to listen to our place in the dance of all of Life. And because this is a dance of unity, when we tell ourselves and each other the stories of Now, from our hearts – from listening,
We are a world telling itself the story of the unity it is moving into.
And so we are telling the world what it is becoming, writing reality from a place of listening to what Is.
Letting what was collapse into the field of Grace.
And this is how we stay grounded and stable, how we maintain Presence with two paradigms present within us.
While the old dissolves into the new and we use our sovreign free will to choose. Again and again, by coming into our heart-centred still space and hearing from our connected, expanded vastness of being.
Where we are inspired to joy-driven action.
We become again creative and call home the boundless force of will into the arms of divine Ma’s wisdom, so calling home to unity the boy child who is at one and the same time in us the lover and the father.
And this inner tantric unity moves us into alignment with the Grace experience open to us. Systems and structures in consciousness and in creating become supportive, not constrictive and we are allowing the old paradigm to collapse from the world of man’s creating and begin it’s inevitable reset in the matter of our Selves and so our world.

Artist: Deborah Bernier

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