Dropping deeper into Beingness

A Call

This came through as expression today from a place of feeling and seeing.

There’s a call I’m picking up on now to drop, drop deeper into being.
So that we’re more fully rested in Grace while patterns of the dark tower dissolve in the light of the golden tower. While the call to act, act at a higher, faster frequency in the world increases. So we find ourselves acting from beingness, held within beingness while this reset from duality into unity moves into the structure of our matter-worlds; how we live, work and play is all churning away in a picture of dissolution and emergence, so that the structures supporting our survival dissolve into the emergent structures arising in response to our resting in the truth of our beingness.
And seeing this state of beingness has domain in the world of activity. In the world of work, money, the fast-paced created world. Beingness asks for just a moment. A moment outside space and time. It can take us just a nano second to drop through into spaciousness and be in the beyond, while we stand in whatever turmoil presents itself as the picture of our worlds. There is nowhere a moment cannot be taken. And yet.

The doing of this is a practice. That with practise can be lifted to an art. And every time I think I’ve mastered this art, or even touched upon it lightly, life or love whispers as the voice of Self translated through the picture of my experience and says, yes, but can you do this here. And can you do it now? And I have to learn all over again how to drop more deeply into beingness. This time from a busy work place, this time in a challenging interaction, this time from a pit of grief, this time from a place of forgetting, again and again.

I’m feeling the call to drop into the truth of our nature
Into the truth of nature
And hear, feel, hold and dissolve the wounds of our ever having been less than intimately living our connectedness with form, with Gaia, with the elements and the elementals.
I’m feeling the call to drop into the truth of the infinity I.
And hearing, speaking, holding and dissolving the cry of pain at the idea of separation.
I’m feeling a call to rest in presence, in the present moment, in the action of the world working (or not) like an oiled machine and see that which is linear dissolve into that which is waveform. To see that which is rigid dissolve into that which is organic. To see the machine become again the living breathing conscious animal that is the world of humanity within the world of Life within the arms of Gaia as one organism, living breathing.

I’m feeling a call to be in the here and now moment, to look upon the the world as we see it;
As it is for each unique set of “eyes” that we are. And taking it all in in a moment.
Accepting it fully and feeling the pain
While empowering the knowing that here, in the midst of chaos, in the midst of a city, or in the midst of some farce of humanity’s

There is nowhere we cannot drop deeply into being. For a moment outside of space and time, planting that with our feet firmly in the here and now.
To know ourselves in connectedness and to look from here, seeing this world picture each of us look upon from our perspective – the light of one consciousness refracted through the lens of subjectivity

This world picture is changing. As we stand in the here and now and look from connectedness.

Renewing our choices

moment to moment

From this connectedness
To beingness.
And that just one person doing this
Affects many
Becomes an invitation
To do the very same.
So while the world is hurting
We help each other into awakened, connected, love empowered choosing, being,

choosing, renewing

And we all are the agents of change.

Image: Susan Seddon Boulethttps://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/Susan-Seddon-Boulet-148240765231426/

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