Divine Intervention – Happening Now

Channeled Message – An Historic Moment in the Story of Our Evolution

Listen to the Channeling Audio Here: (Transcript Below)

Divine Intervention Happening Now – Channeled Message

To align with Grace and experience the gifts, we can call to the quality of Unconditional Celebration in ourselves. This quality that is always within us, ready to be called forth.

Ask to feel, to know, to rest in the quality of the divine father within. And for all that arises in protest, all pain, anger, old reactions, old dissonance, to turn to this father within and offer it all up to be heard, held, loved and dissolved. 

Introduction: Divine Intervention Impulsing the resonant Love of Father God into our physical reality, through the great central sun, through our solar sun, to assist in the dissolution of ancient grief and trauma. Helping us lift, heal and transform how we are creating, liberating us to innovate our way out of the eye of the needle and take the inspired actions that bring change within our earth.

Channeling Transcription

“There is a call for all of you listening to receive the extensive gifts arriving through this momentous occasion – we would say a historic occasion – in your timeline that is here to trigger the ending of vast confluences of timelines. Father God has been petitioned on behalf of the collective consciousness of humanity, to intervene divinely at this now time, to bring forth as resonant vibration the quality in reality – your cocreated reality – the site of so much suffering and trauma – to bring through the resonant vibration of the qualities of the presence of the divine father. This is the divine Masculine beyond all stories of patriarchy. Beyond the very inception of duality, beyond the paradigm of separation in you all . 

You all hold within you stories, desperate dissonant wounds that live in your fields as discordant vibrations. These vibrations – all the vibrations you carry with you in your fields of consciousness – are contributory to how and what you create as your reality. 

Every dissonant vibration you hold within your field, that speaks of a story of pain, of suffering, of a wounding, of trauma in fact – and here we take trauma to be an experience of anything less than harmony, anything less than unconditional love,  – every pattern of dissonance that you carry with you in your fields makes up a part of how you are creating your reality together. 

At this time, you have asked as a collective consciousness, for help dissolving the dissonant patterns that you hold in your field of consciousness, so that you can in an accelerated way create together from a higher vibration of wholeness.

You wish to change your world. You wish to change what is happening on the stage of your creating. And you wish to change fast.

For many of you feel the urgency inherent in this now picture of your evolutionary story. This now picture of your evolution. You realise great change must happen now. Physical change must happen now. You sense and see many of you, the years ahead, the ascension process as it shall continue to affect you by restoring oneness awareness to the physical planes, your physical reality, your physical actions in your physical reality. You know these have to change. 

And yet, while you all hold such stored trauma, it is difficult – difficult to change what you are creating, difficult to heal your expectations, difficult to transcend your limiting beliefs and dear ones, it is in transcending your limitations, your limiting beliefs and your wounded expectations, that you will liberate yourselves to create in the New Earth the reality that vibrates as Hope, Determination and Commitment and Dedication in your hearts. 

So many of you are so dedicated to creating in the vibration of wholeness more of that which is harmonious. So many of you are fully aligned to do this. And yet it is not possible to do this and to take the time it would otherwise take to work through all the collective stored trauma of a humanity has lived without the love of Father God for so long in its creations, lived without this new paradigm of divine father in alignment with divine mother, divine child. This God, Goddess, All That Is alignment that has been subverted in your reality for so long, accessible only through distorted, isolated and effortful ways.

This natural paradigm of alignment, Mother, Father Child, God, Goddess, All That Is, As Above, So Below, This natural alignment is resonant in your reality NOW. Is creating with you, through you, as you NOW. Is transforming All of how you are and who you are NOW.

And so, the divine intervention of Father God, impulsed through the Great Central Sun, to reach you through you your solar system sun, felt by many you these past few days, this impulsed Divine Father Love, Divine Father Resonance, is in answer to that call for help, so that the collective stored trauma in your fields, the dissonant vibrations that are the collected memories live in human consciousness, all the wrongs of the patriarchal paradigm that you have lived through, so that these dissonant vibrations can find their way home and vibrate their way out of your fields, can vibrate their way out of your fields into the Grace Resonance impulsed into your created reality now, into your physical world now, so that you may feel this physically, so that vibrations of dissonance and trauma stored in the body and the body’s energy fields may vibrate their way out of your reality now.

This is to heal and clear the pathways for your creating, lift you into energy of liberated celebration and align you with the more playful potential for how you collectively navigate your way out of this 2020 eye of the needle time. For it has been eye of needle and you are ready to shine, to play, to radiate, to emanate the full majesty of the more of who you are, in how you are creating, how you are innovating, how you take inspired action. You step forward together in action. Choice and Action.

Choices that are founded from a place of wounded pain will simply slow you down and so, in answer to the call, the Divine Love of Father God is impulsing – has come and is impulsing your bodily, physical world, now. 

Beloveds we hear your call. The call in your hearts is answered. You ask and it is given. Thank you for making that call. Please, call again, for help, for support, for Grace and for assistance. There is much that can be given. Thank . 

We are the Pleiadians bringing you your update on Now Events in the picture of yourf Ascension. 

As we are with you, by your side, ever your friends, brothers and sisters in the stars. 

Thank you.”

Also speaking – the Liran Alliance,the Collective of Overseers, Gaia-Ma and Dragon-Ma.

A summary

  • Holding and Dissolving Grief, pain and suffering. Healing How We’re Creating, 
  • Raising us above our pain So We Can Act from Love, Inspiration and Celebration, 
  • To bring in the innovations that will steer us from where we are now to where we want to be as New Humans in a New Earth. 

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