Cosmic weather update: managing our energies today

For those of us consciously working with our inner archetypes

Update: take it easy, have a rest, don’t try to fix it

There’s a huge collective control pattern unravelling as the divine feminine within us emerges more fully into levels of our human-animal functioning in the world, reinforming the way we love; others, ourselves, all of Life.

This collective movement plays itself out uniquely for each of us but some shared themes for today include taking it easy, letting go of needing to know, not making big decisions and physically resting as much as possible to allow for the incoming reconnection to our physical, sensory, heart led choosing, knowing and understanding. This is what waits for us on the other side of this big pattern release happening today.

The big patterns are releasing because what’s replacing them is already encoding our scripts and embodying in us, pushing out what can no longer be sustained. And part of what can no longer be sustained are those dangerous feelings of being unworthy in the world. In the world of human animals, loving. In the world of humans creating together. This means work and relationships are potentially under the duress of inner turmoil combined with physical exhaustion.

This duress is a deep call for release – releasing inner control from our minds over our hearts knowing of what, in each moment and only in each moment is right for us. This kind of shift can have us feeling wobbled as dissolutions take place in the fibre of the fabric of our way of interfacing with the world. So it’s time to step back from inner feelings or thoughts that place pressure on us and review moment to moment what, in this moment is right for me: is loving; is kind. Can I do that? Why not. Are those negative reasons really real?

On the other side of this shift we should find ourselves better able to relax into the heart informed moment, relaxing into the now moment in time, bringing more of our Selves into the present.

But for just now, we’re riding this out and letting go of being the ones to fix our selves.

Here’s to resting and letting go.

In love X

Listening to Audio Transmissions: To get the most from listening to a transmission, let yourself come to stillness and bring the awareness inwards, coming to rest in the heart. Notice how you feel more than what you hear. The words carry energetic packages that will either land or pass you by depending on their appropriateness.

And apologies: my way of processing all this is to have a cold, which affects the way this sounds.

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