Thank you so much for subscribing to the regular Akashic Alignments

It will be beautiful to meet with you in this sacred space. 

These activational, alignment meditational journeys are every full and new moon. If you miss one, you’ll still receive the recording.

If you have any questions, you can email me:

You’ll be emailed a receipt and a link to this page. Here’s where you can MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION

Just a few things to do to prepare for MEDITATIONS

Put the time aside for your journey and make sure you have some free time for yourself afterwards.  Make sure you’re warm, comfy, private and going to be uninterrupted. Keep a glass of water and a notebook nearby. 

You might want to shift from sitting to lying down during the meditation – make sure you can do that and still hear. 

Recordings – The meditation part only is recorded – and will be shared with subscribers. The recording is only of me, so your private moments stay private.  

When we meet we use zoom – it shouldn’t be necessary to download an app or have an account, but if it’s your first time, check in early so you’re all set up.



Sessions included verbal, sound & movement channeling. If you're familiar with channeling, you may still have questions around this. If you're not, email me and we can talk it over first.

emotions & feelings

Often emotions can rise up or physical sensations can be felt. This is helpful and all part of the process. There'll be space to check, share and receive one to one support. If you need more support, get in touch with me afterwards.


You'll be guided into a meditative space. Sometimes people fall asleep for a bit. This is perfectly normal and can be part of the process.

integration time

Energy work and inner process work can take place during these journeys. That's why it's kind to give yourself a little integration time afterwards - I'd suggest quiet time with a notebook, free from interruptions.

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Stay Connected in-between sessions with and email up to once a week with questions and calls for reflection. This connection can be really supportive when you're in process.

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