Channelled Messages – Humanity Was Asked A Question

Overlighting council of Overseers

Speaking of a monumental moment in the story of our evolution

After meeting with people and being with the situation of Lock Down here in Southern Spain I finally sat and tuned in for more information on the bigger themes at work here. I received a download and more answers than I know what to do with. So in humility to greater wisdom, I’m sharing the words of the messengers here. There’s more to come on this. But for now, this is what I feel able to offer.

Once again, GevaAnn, thank you for holding the space for these messages to come through. In loving thanks, to you.

Channelled Message – Humanity was asked a question

“This is a historic moment in the story of humanity’s evolution.”

“This moment references a really important moment in the history of the making of the story of the evolution of human consciousness. And this is the choice that humanity has been given – the bodies overseeing the collective evolution of human consciousness have asked humanity again a question. 

And the question has been: Do you choose to move beyond the limitations of isolated, separate cocreating within Gaia and enter into the collective awakening of being conscious cocreators of your shared, collective reality with each other, all of life, all that is. Not just within yourselves.

Humanity has responded. Unanimously. With Yes. We do. We choose this. Here. Now. 

And so, each of you are being gently called to look away – to turn inwards, to detach your awareness from the status quo of this manifested reality cocreation. So that in one giant, collective, tense-and-release you can be karmically released en masse, together, from your attachments to cocreating together as separate, isolated units invested in the illusion of duality. This story is just beginning a new phase as you embark together on the next significant incline of your journey into learning how creation happens. We are overseeing your evolution. You and the choices every one of you are making, we see you as one connected consciousness. A unit of humanity in totality as a unit of consciousness. And this unit is choosing how it will evolve during the next phase of its evolution on your beloved Gaia. Within your beloved cosmos. Within your beloved All That Is. You are beloved. We are here to support you. To cheer you on. And we stand in awe of your choice to proceed within this planet here now with the tasks appointed to you. We are the council of overseers. “

The Launch of Two Worlds – we’re aligned with one or the other

Channelled Message – The Launch of Two Realities

Following the choice of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and its YES, it has meant that with the holographic polarity split of reality into two worlds, each of us are aligned with one or the other while co-existing. The guides had this to say:

“The unity reality now has sufficient resonential stability for this inevitable split of paradigms to be enabled. This was always going to happen. It was simply a matter of when. At what point. At the point humanity has collectively said YES – chosen yes, chosen to move into non-limited cocreating as interconnected consciousness, the reality of unity paradigm has been stabilised sufficiently to allow for this holographic split. It is another purpose served by your coronavirus that allows for the attention of the eyes of humanity to detach from the outer creation sufficiently to engineer what is taking place. Detachment has been the word here. For both the initiation of the new laws of cocreating in unity and the management, the spectacular management, of the holographic split in your realities. Which, as you can imagine, is not a one moment split. As with any great feat of engineering, which is not exactly what this is, but a good way of telling the story of what it is, things happen in stages and there is great preparation before, for example, a great ship is launched. But you do have the moment of the launch and this is what we’re at. The moment of the launch. This is a historic moment in the story of humanity’s evolution. 

These stories have been told and are being recorded for a reason. For many reasons. These stories are great stories. And they will be great stories for generations to come. More generations than you might think, for this is the arc of an epoch of the eons.”

Listen to the audio recordings of the channelled messages here:

As with all transmissions of any kind, the recommendation is to engage the Inner Listener: bring the focus of attention inwards, to the heart, the breath, the sensation of breath in the body, the sensation of the body as a whole. And to reference how we feel physically, emotionally and energetically while we listen. This is an invitation to keep our selves centred and discerning and helps us filter out what’s not for us and to open safely to what is.

The Council of Overseers – Humanity is Asked a Question

Channelled Message: The Council of Overseers – Humanity is Asked a Question

The Launch of Two Realities

Channelled Message – The Launch of Two Realities

The second message was channelled from guides just giving their name as The Galactic Council – a broad name covering lots of possibities. I don’t always ask or get names for messages and sometimes it’s not encouraged because it can focus on the need for personality recognition when the source of the message is not aligned with that. If there’s a name for who’s speaking, there will be a reason for that name being given. In some transmissions I am speaking simply as having surrendered my sense of separation within the I Am that I Am and I’ll be speaking from a point of focus within this. The term ‘channelling’ is an easy one to reference but doesn’t tell the whole story.

Messages Channelled through Lucy Hunter in space held by GevaAnn Woodland. Learn more about GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia here:

Lucy is an Energy Alchemist, Channel and Seer offering Alignment Sessions for connection, alignment and expansion in the more of who we are.

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