Channeled message on Being Self Authored with Grace

Re-impulsed from within to change the nature of our co-creative reality

Although we’re calling this a channeling, when I use the term I don’t consider myself a channel as I believe it’s most commonly understood. I speak from different points of focus and the words arise in response to the purpose of the moment.

I can go into more depth on that somewhere if there’s any call for that, but for now, here’s a message on aligning with Grace in how we cocreate our reality.

As with all transmissions of any kind – not just here, but anywhere – I recommend empowering the inner listener and engaging our sovereign discernment. One of the ways I do that is by closing the eyes, bringing the awareness into the heart center, returning the attention always to the sensation of the breath in the body and the sensations in the whole body. This can be a way of physically registering our response to what we’re hearing. It also engages the listener who already ‘gets’ what’s being said and has their own unique perspective on this. This forms a bridge between that part of us that “knows” and this surface awareness that’s listening. This is what’s meant by “reminding us of things we already know.”

The purpose of a transmission is not to impose a knowledge framework on the listener, but to activate a connection within us, to our own knowing and unique perspective on any given subject matter. In this instance we seek to access and activate a deeper level of knowing than that arrived with through analytic thought processes. What I would call “connected state knowing.”

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