Channeled Message – Lirans – Solstice Solar Eclipse

Channeled Message from the Lion Beings on How to Guard Your Boundaries

For the Wave Events of 2020

Channeling Transcript Below

safe listening – getting the most from a channeling:

To listen to a channeling safely and get the most from it, it’s recommended to bring the awareness within, bring the attention to the heart and centre, to how we physically feel in our hearts and centres. To bring the attention to the sensation of breath in the body, the sensation in the body as a whole, and to make the intention from this place, to: Receive only that which is in unconditionally loving integrity and safe and appropriate for me at this time. Keeping the attention on how we feel while we listen.

Liran Lion Beings – How to guard Your Boundaries – solstice solar eclipse – Wave Events 2020



The Liran – Lion Beings

“All that matters now, Loves, is your One Heart. Guard it. Wisely and lovingly.”

Yes dear ones, Loving boundaries. When you can, stand your ground and hold your boundaries lovingly, with a clear No and know that when you say no from your heart, it is So. You are commanding the consciousness of God. When you know this, you know that a clear, loving No from the heart, changes the permissions in your reality. It changes what can and cannot happen.

Your doubt around this allows in fear. And when there’s fear, those boundaries are not held lovingly. This gives rise to the need to defend boundaries and borders through conflict.

When you doubt that your borders are secure, that your loving No is the word of God, made real in YOUR reality, that fear creates a hole in your boundaries; a gap. Your doubt is your doubting the word of God as it is spoken through you. And through that gap, there may be infiltration. For it is not clear to the world beyond your boundaries, where your boundaries are. 

Your No was not clear, therefore there was not certainty in others. This uncertainty breeds fear. This fear gives rise to attack. These are the energies present now in your global stage.

Individually what you can each do is guard your own borders. Find your loving Nos, from the heart, with feeling. A frightened no, that is aggressive, that does not create a strong border. That creates conflict where borders are broken.

This is what you are seeing. A loving no is clear to All and Everything. A loving No is simply a statement of what IS. Of how things shall be.

Practise making these loving nos in your reality, in your worlds, with your details in your daily lives and you shall help the whole world, with this practice.

You shall help governments going to war with each other, with this practice. Do not underestimate how the actions of one heart can impact the whole world.

All that matters now, loves, is your One Heart. Guard it. Wisely. And Lovingly. 

The Lirans – Lion Beings of Sirius

Channeled through Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance) – 17th June 2020 in presence of GevaAnn Woodland


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