Channeled Message – Finding our YES

Star Guides: Pleiadians and Friends. 15-04-2020

Channeled through Lucy Hunter

In connection with the Spring Update: Call to the Warrior – What are we forcefully FOR

Finding our YES – channeled message

Dear Ones, you are indeed cleansing, renewing and healing you are uplifting your vibrational resonance when it comes to your co-creative efforts as a collective. Right now you are moving into a time of renewed possibilities, renewed agreements. Renewed Soul agreements, renewed soul contracts and it is indeed a time for creative play. 

Those energies of creative play are hugely supported and in fact you are physically supported, many of you, in your situations in having windows of opportunity here to indulge in moments – momentary whims of creativity. Creative play. With your children, with yourselves, with each other. Indulging in moments of creativity where creativity itself is liberated from cause. Liberated indeed from having a place in the picture of survival. Liberated indeed from its place in the picture of your normal, daily, systems and routines, having liberated you from your normal, daily, systems and routines. 

A certain amount of life force and creative energy has been liberated and so we ask you to indulge this creative energy – to make space for it, to give it permission, to make allowances for it, in fact to prioritise this above everything else. This is one of the core reasons for this situation. Humanity en masse has asked for change. Humanity en masse as a collective consciousness has said: no, has said: stop, has said: please, has said: help. Help us change what we are doing in the planet. This has been said and so of course this has been answered. 

This is your answer. And there is help and there is support and you are held in this process that is the answer to that request. Something strong was needed, would you not agree. Something phenomenal – a world wide phenomenon. And everyone reacts to this differently and this is part of the picture. 

For your individuality is a gift that’s been kept from the planet. Each of you are a gift. Each of you hold a gift in your beingness. That can become – can be translated into – action. Into activity.

Artwork:Christina DeHoff

We do not want a world full of people who are acting like slaves. Who are giving away their creative life force to survive, to rush, to run; to maintain systems that support more people rushing and running and surviving. 

The change you seek, the change we call for, the change the world needs now – we do not use the word ‘need’ lightly for we do not like the word need – but the world needs this now – is a world of people who are more aligned with, more expressive of, more liberated within their natural creative liberated life force. 

For liberated life force is simply the energy of one consciousness moving creatively through many individuations. And one consciousness right now would like to come more home to itself within this planet, would like more of harmony, would like more of sustainability, would like more of peace and tranquility and joy and play and lightness. 

And so. Every moment – every delicious moment where passion moves the body into action, excitement lifts the heart until that heart knows what makes it joyful. Those moments are precious moments indeed. For those moments are the moments of the Soul of each individual, pulsing the information of that unique imprint each individual is – impulsing that body. 

As that pulse of love, of joy, of consciousness coming home to itself reveals: This is your passion. This is the shape you make in the universe, this is who you are. This is what you are for. This is what moves you, this is what excites you the most. Every moment you say ‘yes’, you make more space in  your reality. And saying ‘yes’ allows what’s no to fall away. Please, dear ones, don’t fight. Don’t stay in fight mode, don’t fight what’s no. Call – call to what’s yes, please make space for what is YES. 

What lifts you? 

For what lifts you lifts ALL.

Every one individual allowing just a moment of ‘yes’ to what lifts you and acting from this, charging this emotionally – you change the world. And you are changing the world. 

It may seem like you are doing nothing, but you are changing the world. In accordance with your own request. Which is, in fact, the request of one consciousness coming home to itself, wishing to experience more of Joy, Peace, play and harmony – that which lifts us all. 

And there can be, the future is ripe with possibility. There can be life which has space for creative play. There can be a world where people are supported living their truth and their passion. Call for this. Find your truth and your passion, even if it’s a moment – just a moment of something that feels passionate. It doesn’t have to be the big answer to the big question. It can just be a moment. Just say yes to those moments. 

We love you, we’re with you. We’re watching this in awe. We think you are phenomenal. And we enjoy being here with you. We enjoy being here with you and looking forward to the next instalment, the next episode of humanity’s co-creating within the new earth – more of peace; more of harmony; more of creativity and more of play. Here is to your continued uplifted and uplifting manifestation of more of the world you are asking for. In Joy, In Peace, we are the Pleiaidian brethren and sistren and your friends in the stars – enjoying the view right now. 

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