Channeled Message – Call on Us Now, We’re Here to Help

Calling on the Guides for Support during these Wave Events

May 31st 2020 – the 3rd in a sequence of channelings to come through on this day, from the guides advising on how to work creatively through these wave events and be supported. Audio channeling below

See the first two channelings in this sequence: the Elohim on finding your creative fire in a crisis

And what the Dragons of these hills have to say on finding our fire

There are waves yet to come. 

We are your Pleiadian And Sirian Alliance, working with your Galactic Brethren and Sistren in the stars – very present with you for these times, these days, as you have been able to see no doubt, many of you, if you simply look starwards in the right temperature, shall we say, frequency of state. 

Welcome to yet another new dawning in this era of the birthing of new humans within the new earth. You are, as you know, emerging into newness. 

Your divine matrices are reweaving you physiologically. As you are rewoven physiologically in your templates, your templates project holographically what becomes manifested for you as the outward expression of yourselves, which is in fact a form made of light – not exactly as solid as you might experience it or perceive it to be. 

And the vibration of the emerging new physiological you opens a field into which the old, dissolving physiological you that was connected to timelines that are collapsing can dissolve. Into this field, which opens up with this emerging new physiological you, being woven from your divine matrix, which is regenerating your – reweaving your – human blueprints throughout the realms of your being, allowing for the collapse and dissolve of the old. 

We are very honoured to be present as witnesses to this and we ask that at this time, you call upon us specifically for help. We cannot help unless you call on us for assistance and we would urge you to do so. Call on us, Call on all whom you trust to assist you for in these times you will be called to deepen, find your centre, align and anchor and open to entirely new ways of finding your way moment to moment through what is coming. 

What is coming is what you have collectively created and holds you within the greatest Grace that is possible. You have with you everything you could possibly need. You are everything you could possibly need but to make this experience a little easier on yourselves, a little easier to navigate, we urge you to call for assistance. To ask for help, to open your arms and ask to be lifted. Lifted beyond your own patterns and stories, lifted beyond the scenes of collapse, lifted into the resonance of Grace that you might be aligned with a more Graceful dissolution. 

See, in the story of endings there are two ways in which things can end. There is the collapse where structures do fall and those caught in collapse do experience the crisis of this. And there is dissolution where what has ended dissolves into the light of the emerging new. 

In order to align yourselves with the dissolution rather than to be enmeshed in the collapse it is for you to align yourselves with your souls and centres, the gateway home to all that you are. All that you are beyond all that has been. And even those of you who know how to do this would do well to ask for assistance during these coming times. 

Call, dear ones, and you can be lifted. That is all. We urge you simply, to call. 

Me: It’s like they’re asking us to call in advance.

Guides: For you will call at the time. Everyone always does. And we will answer. We will be here and we will help. All will help. You are held and all will be well. We love you. And we are here to help lift.

Listen to the Audio Channeling Here

Pleaidian Sirian Alliance with Galactice Brethren and Sistren – call on us for help now

What is channeling – how to listen safely

Channeled May 31st 2020

Channeled through Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance).

Lucy is an open channel, acting as a voice for messages of unconditionally loving integrity, from all of consciousness.

Channeling is a way of speaking from points of focus beyond the personality. It is an art and the messages that come through in this way are a perspective. They cannot be an absolute truth and they can never replace our own truth. The most any messenger can hope to do, I feel, is transmit information, codes, keys and frequencies, that open us more deeply to our own truth, help us remember latent gifts and awarenesses and access more of our innate knowingness. For me that’s the purpose of sharing this. Never to impose upon or replace what we know for ourselves.

So this is why I suggest, with all channeling and in fact with transmissions of any kind, from anywhere, from anyone, to engage what I call our ‘inner listener.’ The ultimate filter and our highest source for personal discernment.

I do this with intention and attention. I intend that only that which is for me should land. I bring my attention to my heart and centre and stay focussed on how I feel, physically, in my whole body, while I’m open to what someone else is transmitting. There’s more to it for me, but this is my basic, return to point for safe listening.

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