Being Self-Referencing

Coming into Resonance with our Selves

To align action with intuition

We can come into resonance when we shift our awareness

When we’re washing up and we ask ‘where is my attention?’

When we’re in the street and we ask ‘where is my attention?’

When we’re listening to someone or watching something or being given instructions, asking ‘where is my attention?’

And having tools to navigate our inner map of awareness helps, so we can bring our attention back to our bodies, our breath, our centre and maintain connection in the here and now moment of our lives. 

To have these tools, we need to practise. Practise in moments of calm. When we have time and space to ourselves. Gradually getting better at maintaining this connected state awareness as we integrate more and more activity. So that little by little we can learn to maintain this connected state as we step out into the world and meet our day.

This helps us show up in our lives as the truth of who we are. This helps us listen, respond and act from a more authentic place. 

Because we’re able to reference our inner guidance and less likely to be pulled out of our centre. We’re more likely to know our own hearts, bodies and minds and to respond in a way that’s true to our Selves. 

The more we practice, the more of our Selves we access. And the better we get at accessing our inner direction, guidance, discernment in the moment.

For over 10 years I’ve been able to perceive rhythms in consciousness – in people and places. To know when some part of us is in dissonance and to help guide this back into harmonic resonance. I ‘see’ the world and our place in it in terms frequencies and patterns of energy. And what makes it possible for me to do this is constantly being able to anchor in my centre, while staying grounded and present. Nothing gives me more joy than witnessing someone open up to and access more of who they are; more of who we each and all are.

And coming into resonance with our inner rhythms is one of the ways we can do that.

That’s what the one to one sessions are for: to help us align with our inner rhythms. Integrating energy work with process work in a guided journey.

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