BAk Update today

Blueprint-Akash update – Live Themes and how to align with the energies today

Today is a day for dropping. We’ve gathered a new elemental balance a new unity elemental alchemy. We’ve gathered this in our collective blueprints. It’s brought in the elements of –

  • The fire in our bellies with its energy for action
  • – Balanced in the ocean of beingness
  • The air of our creative ideas and inspiration
  •  – Balanced in the earthiness of bodily, sensory, practical physicality

And now today is a rest day. A day to pause. Rest doesn’t just mean an absence of action. It is not just a pause. It is a dropping. The invitation for today is to drop. Every moment we can. After every burst of action we have to take 


And dropping the awareness into the body

Try: dropping the awareness into the body and into the belly. And then imagine that the body, with the seat of consciousness resting in its belly is dropping deep into the cave of beingness, deep into the belly of the earth.

And letting ourselves drop deep into the beyond of the beyond. Deep into stillness. And taking stock. A very deep part of our awareness is taking stock of what is new now. Where am I, here now?

And letting the answers come slowly into this bodily system as it integrates tremendous reawakening and recalibration that’s been taking place.

Alchemy update

We have dropped a huge chunk of the energetic configurations for control around our head centres, our crowns and around our head, neck and shoulders.

And we are opening to the dropping of huge control energetic configurations around our hips and thighs and pelvis. These are the compensatory systems that evolved to re-simulate the conditions of harmony unavailable when the human Blueprint was disconnected from its natural mother earth and father sun Goddess/God connectivity. 

This fall into a disconnected state and it’s associated stories, timelines, energetic configurations and correlative DNA encodements contained within the map of consciousness that is our human blueprint, have just undergone and are still undergoing a tremendous chapter rewrite.  Today is an integration day and tomorrow we arise into the work of a new chapter.

To listen to the transition for today on the rewriting of stories from our Orion lineage, this short recording is offered.

In love,


From: The Infinity Resonance Material

Transmission – the song of No on the world stage now.

Update – the Orion Gateway and stories ending

Transmission: to listen to a transmission shift the awareness, with simple intention, to the heart. Focus on the sound, sensation and movement of the breath. Notice how you feel in your body while you listen. This engages our filters and discernment: what’s for us land, what’s not passes on by. It also let’s us notice whether we feel a resonance or dissonance while we’re listening and these are great tools for discernment.

Listening with the analytical mind to the words and trying to decipher their meaning this way offers the least value and engages us with surface level awareness. Transmissions tell stories of awakening, remembering, alignment and activation to our sub-surface levels of awareness..

TRANSMISSION: The Orion Gateway and ending timelines 20191029

The content in these transmissions is something we don’t usually access through conscious awareness. And for those of us who have a conscious connection to the language and these themes, we still engage our highest filters and discernment in an aligned, connected state of awareness. This enables us to receive whatever’s for us and get the gifts if they’re there for us.

Part 2 – the song of Yes calling us into cocreating

  • The Orion Gateway and stories emerging

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