Alchemy update: repatterning the power of movement in our bodies

This week we have new energy ready to flood the entire system

As we move through a new stage of alignment, the past week has seen a new template integrate in our abdominal centres initiating a reset in adrenal powered movement. This resting of the womb area or the abdominal seat of the fuel for all action in its unity Blueprint is allowing for change in the way we run fire energy as fuel in our bodies. Grounding the fire energy, to rise in elemental harmony within us, rather than as a destructive force.
There’s a few stages to this reset and last week has seen the integration of a new unity sacral template, catalysing a meeting of the rage of that fire’s wounded experience: the experience of being other than its true nature. The rage and fury protected deep grief held in this sacral part of the body. trauma embedded here has been seeking to leave the body and to earth.
This is the initial response to our meeting unity in an area of the Self embodied. That which is constriction can no longer be sustained and rises up to be seen, held in unconditional compassion, loved fully and in this way accepted so it can be dissolved and that energy released for renewal.
As the energy held in patterns of constriction is released, life force is ready to surge the system.

The chalice (abdomen) reset is catalysing the systemic collapse of adrenal powered movement and this is leading to a whole system collapse, where we may find ourselves under immense pressure wherever we’re running that old paradigm way of moving in the world and meeting our lives’ responsibility.
Especially where this relates to our responsibilities in our community units: tribe family, work.

This can lead to exhaustion, high tension, fight or flight reactions resulting from pressure in our commitments and a sense of not being aligned. As there’s a system collapse happening it’s not the time to be feeling aligned in the body but allow what’s breaking to come to collapse. Allowing the system to go through what it’s going through and the elements that are going to collapse to collapse will enable the new, sustainable energy already running in our systems to rise up and replace it.

There’s a higher voltage sourced from sustainable energy already running through the body and that’s what’s initiating the dissolution of adrenal powered movement and this paradigm reset in the body.

So giving full voice to emotional expression and staying with the feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm, not running away from situations that are putting us under pressure but allowing them to trigger collapse where needed will help us open to the new energy resources.

At the back of this centre, our energetic and constant connection to our ancestral lineage is realigning – so our relation to ancestral lineage is shifting from receiving the wounding patterns to inherit for transmuting, to receiving support in our moving into wholeness. This shift from karma to Grace in this area is inherent in our unity alignments and moves through every area of our Self realising as we meet our wounding and transmute it’s origin in us.

This year we are integrating the Human animal in unity with ‘higher’ consciousness centres and meeting the realisation that all has the potential for unity in us.

This is stage two, after the laying of our inner foundation stones earlier this year that had us move into resonance with the paradigm reset initiating in the elemental relationships in matter metaphysically within us.

We are resonating in the realm of matter with unity harmonics. This year we’ll be riding the changes in us initiated by that.

(Human unity blueprint updates)

In love,


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