11-11 Update transmission from the Pleiadians and friends

“I am supported by my purpose. I surrender to not knowing and let life lead me forward into the unknown”

message for today 11-11-2019

I am supported by my purpose. I surrender to what life brings me as I walk forward into the unknown, bridging my personal worlds from the old to the new, in the realm of play. Work transforms into play and I am here to learn co-creating with others in unity.

This world is showing me new ways of being. And doing from being. So I can show up in the authenticity of who I truly am and know that each of us can be celebrated in our differences. Each of us naturally finds the part we play in the harmony and shows up for our role in any co-creation. We are here to support each other. And the days of rivalry are over

There is only co-creative play. When we show up as who we really are, ready to act together, we are energised, not exhausted, by what we choose to do in the world.

Channeled message:

” The world is ready for your new solutions. It is ready for your actions. And you, dear ones, are more than ready to begin learning how to play together in the world and get practical.

You have each been removed from the matrix of old paradigm slavery based life support systems and for a reason. As you heal and release your attachments to these systems now, you transcend these scripts that are no longer written into your stories. Your soul can sing through you all that one consciousness wishes for you – and for itself through you. Be here now and be truly, beautifully, unashamedly you. You are all WE have been waiting for. We love you. Beyond measure.

And we thank you. For being you. For being you, here, now.

We are with you. And walk by your side in constant awe and celebration of all you are achieving. You are magnificent. And you are rising.

Thank you. In love.

Your friends in the stars.”

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Having our minds, heart and body awareness repatterned. 

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7 Day 11-11 alignment meditation

anchoring in the Grace energies

Day 1: root chakra

Click on the link below to listen to the meditation:


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