Walking with the Infinite

Making Time for the Silence Inside - Meditation is an invitation to touch the infinite and walk with it. podcast & channelling video - The Sirius Vortex opened for us yesterday - called by some the Gateway to Goddess in this universe. This vortex opens 4 times a year and partially during the 55 dog … Continue reading Walking with the Infinite

Spring Equinox – How to work with the energies – video & meditation

Sleepless nights? Strange Dreams? The week between the new moon and the equinox is a time of huge endings. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p3vuTZYJGW8&t=3s As we approach a major manifestation gateway, if we're experiencing broken sleep and strange dreams, it's because there's a lot leaving in preparation for this spring equinox gateway. but we're supported in aligning in with … Continue reading Spring Equinox – How to work with the energies – video & meditation

Channeled Message – Finding our YES

Channeled Message - Pleiadians and friends in the stars. Liberating our creativity and finding our YES.

Spring Energy Update: Now is not a time to play small – What are we FOR

Spring 2020 Energy Update - Now is not a time for playing small - What are we FOR. Finding our forceful Yes - rising from the ashes of our NO