The words that came after being with the grace of the sirius vortex in one of its 4 openings of the year. An offering, with love. Podcast episode

Making time for the silence inside –

Meditation is an invitation to touch the infinite and walk with it, so doingness can be directed from beingness.

Finding a space for the silence inside. As we do, when we do, that silence moves us, directing our movements, inspiring our desires, impulses our physical actions and movements in life.

With the love that fills us from inside. From the silence.

That silence inside.

Making space, daily and throughout the day to put a moment aside, to pause, interrupt perhaps the rush energy of what we DOing in our doingness and remind ourselves to remember. Remember that silence inside.

It is a space we can visit. We can make pathways from the hustle and bustle; the liveliness of our days, to that silent space inside. And the more we do this and interrupt our days, to honour the importance of residing – even if only momentarily – in that silence inside, the more we do this, with the greater frequency we practise this, the easier it becomes to walk without leaving that silence inside.

And the more we walk without leaving that silence inside, the easier it becomes and the more natural, the more fluid, the more graceful it becomes, to allow ourselves to be directed from within. From the infinite reSourcing we put ourselves in connection with, when we make space to contact, be with that silence in us.

The silence inside.

This silence inside can reweave us, rewrite us, reinform us in each and every moment. What is for me now? What is true for me now? What is right for me now? What is the right course of action for me now?

And this inward turning puts us in touch with the infinite, with the web of all of life, the interconnectedness of consciousness itself, the communities of existence that surround us and of which we are a part. And rather than making our decisions in the dark, apart from each other, ourselves, all of life and all of consciousness, we become a part of each other, ourselves, all of Life and all of Consciousness.

And there is a place for each and every one of us in the dance of all that is in every single moment. And the dissonance we feel is sometimes when we are not resting in the – shall we say – most elegant place available for us in the dance of all that is. And sure, we don’t have to. There is no onus on us to live the most elegant life we can or open the gateway to harmony inside and allow that to flow into our life and reinform how we’re doing what we’re doing. But it is available.

There is always and ever an invitation and in any moment, anywhere, with anything, to open that spaciousness and dive into the silence inside. To be realigned in our place in the dance of harmony with all Life, with all that is and within us. Ever present, ever available, ever inviting.

So, the purpose of meditation and practices that guide us to be centered and grounded, to find stillness, is not to drop us out of the flow of life or interrupt who we are, but to give us the opportunity to integrate the infinity we also are and the direction that comes from within. When we let go of being separate. Separate selves, knocking about in the dark, reaching one another over the abyss and trying not to fall.

The invitation to go within is the invitation to drop into that space where there is no falling. A space where there is floating. Being held. Letting go of all the tension that keeps us scurrying, striving, straining and stressing.

And allow for a moment outside space and time, that experience of beingness that’s always waiting on the inside. And the irony is the more we drop into that experience of beingness waiting for us on the inside, the less of a sense of separation there is between the inner experience of being and the outer world of doing.

The breath that connects us and connects our inner world and our outer world, beingness and doingness, reinforms us of the oneness between these two states that is possible.

To find a moment to be in our centre is to find a moment to allow ourselves to find the equilibrium – the point of balance and equilibrium and harmony, between all the poles – the apparent opposites – and in this point of harmony and equilibrium… all those opposites – those apparent opposites, reveal their non dual relationship, beyond balance, where in fact they are in unity not opposing forces, but complementary, flowing like a breath between each other and all the rest. The centre connects us to all of who we are and connects everything that’s moving through us with a centralising, equalising quality.

For in our centre we are at home, in our inner safe place and connected to our origin – all of everything before there were ever opposites. Before anything ever was. From which all comes and to which all returns. And there are infinite ways to experience that in the here and now moments of our lives.

And so meditation is an invitation to touch the infinite and live with it. Dance, breathe, feel and from beingness be directed in doingness.

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