Armelle Boussidan, Project Coordinator, translator

Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed here and now. I feel lighter, more aligned, happy, clearer… More me. More ready to walk that next step calling. You are doing immeasurable work there. Impressive. I deeply honour and admire it. Not many people can channel in such a clean way. I felt I could rest on your lap and let go of all of it, in a safe space for both of us. I have to say I was surprised by how much information you could connect to… What a gift you have! Bless you. Thank you thank you thank you.

Ally Oliver, Sacred Storyteller, Voice-Over Artist

Highly recommend this divine Alignment session with Lucy Hunter. A truly profound experience. If this calls you then I’m sure you’ll find what is right for you at this time.

This is a beautifully channeled process that continues way beyond the session; releasing, aligning, activating what you need on multi-dimensions. Lucy holds a sacred space of love, integrity, safety, awareness and allowance.

She brings a peaceful, meditative presence along with pure Source consciousness and Divine connections with high level guides to help facilitate self-healing and bring about higher states of consciousness for deeper levels of insight. Pe5rfect for the deep purge that is underway.

Let go of the old and align yourself with the new to take powerful, empowered action.

GevaAnn Woodland, Voice of Gaia Channel

Lucy is unique in my experience in her ability to hold all that I am in compassion whilst identifying and guiding my awareness to where dissonance lies and to assist me to bring it back into harmony. I know of no one else who can describe and navigate the human blueprint with such clarity. A session with Lucy is always individual and as life changing as I allow it to be.

GevaAnn Woodland

Michael Bailey, Website Designer

“Wow, Lucy doesn’t just listen and respond from the heart. Lucy becomes the heart. In this way listening is no longer necessary since there is no separate speaker and listener, there is just heart. When working with Lucy she opens to feeling what I’m feeling and there’s no sense of separation whatsoever. Listening is active, requiring effort. Lucy, on the other hand, embodies a receptivity of the highest order. If love is attention, this is a love you may never have experienced before. Very highly recommended. You should try it.”

Leonie Dunlop, Yoga Teacher

Lucy is an incredible light being who radiates truth and unconditional love. She seems to have unlimited patience and compassion and sees the divinity in everyone.
In a session with her shes able to hold you in her soft presence and make even the most uncomfortable moments, vaguely comfortable. The work she does is powerful and deep and it always feels a great blessing to meet with her. Highly recommended for anyone who feels they could do with some support with any transition or challenge.
Leonie ❤

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