Jo Shrimpton – on channelings

I always find it amazing when I am experiencing something and then I read one of Lucy’s posts that explains so beautifully in words the experience I’ve been going through!! The unexpected re-emergence of an old wound was so present in my field this month and something I’ve been deeply conscious of in my thoughts, beliefs and energy field as well as the shifting beyond that into a more beautiful and powerful sense of self. Mentally, physically and energetically. Lucy Hunter, thank you for the incredible channeling work you do and the support you gift us in understanding current energies as well as our return to wholeness / our highest self / vibration.

Alvar Velesco, Life Coach

I listen a lot to meditations…but there’s something special in what you do.

I love that gentle softness, that feeling of floating and allowing beingness to be itself.

In that safe place of beingness there were things that were there that were allowed to move, to transform through Alchemy. I have loads of respect for your work and what you do and how well you express yourself, how nicely you hold the space, how clear you are, how gentle you are. So to me it’s an honour to work with you, Lucy.

Jane Roberts – yoga instructor

Lucy feels really Authentic. She’s in touch with something I wouldn’t want to label. But when she channels I feel that there’s absolute truth coming through and it has been very useful to me when questions have come up. When I’ve had difficult times, when I’ve been looking for an answer to something, she’s come through with some really beautiful meaning for me. So as somebody who can be quite a cynic I actually do resonate with what she says and it’s helped me in times of trouble. And other times as well.

Leonie Dunlop – Yoga Instructor

Lucy is an incedible light being who radiates truth and inconditional love. She seems to have unlimited patience and compassion and sees the divinity in everyone. In a session with her she’s able to hold you in her soft presence and make even the most uncomfortable moments () comfortable. The work she does is powerful and deep and it always feels a great blessing to meet with her. Highly recommended for anyone who feels they could do with some support with any transition or challenge.

Leigh Hancock – Sound Healer, Musician & Artist

Lucy shares with all her beautifully authentic truth, along with her energetic wisdom and channeling. I have been exploring these realms with her and she has opened my eyes and my heart in so many ways. My entirety has been affected by the exploration journeying we have done together and now my own healing journey and my work as a healer has accelerated in ways I did not think were possible. 

She has the gift – to bring us into awareness and alignment, to those treasures that we have locked up inside ourselves. She helps us find the key within ourselves and holds the space for them to open the doors inside. I am very grateful to have been connected with Lucy and to be able to have sessions with her. She is kind, warm and so beautifully unique and has changed my life profoundly. 

Leigh Hancock – Sound Healer, Musician & Artist – August 2020

Jo Shrimpton – Life Coach

Lucy is a gifted light energy worker with an innate ability to support and enable grounding and healing to occur. Also to facilitate expanded consciousness in individuals. 

Working with Lucy has always been both a joy and a fascination for me. Over the 2 years I have known her she’s supported me on all the levels above. Her work is unique in my experience, working with our human blueprint in a way many of us are not familiar of…yet I believe should open to.. especially at this time. 

Through her work and presence my third eye strongly re-opened, on another occasion I slipped into a higher state of consciousness for over 15 hours. This, in its feeling of complete absorption and oneness I can only equate to a much shorter experience of Samadhi I had experienced years prior in India and after many years of yoga and meditating. 

My experience of working with Lucy has always been beautiful and expansive. She is a beautiful soul and I highly recommend her Human Blueprint work. 

Jo Shrimpton – Life Coach – July 2020

Kati Vernon

I had an incredible healing session with the amazing Lucy Hunter last night – she offers deep healing sessions and is now doing these regular, weekly meditations to support us all through this time of transition. I absolutely gurantee you will leave any of her sessions feeling safer, more grounded, connected and blissful that when you started.

Anthony Coyne, Lightworker

I’ve been to several of Lucy’s I AM Sessions and worked with her on many occasions one to one.  

Lucy is an absolute blessing for us all. To have her depth of knowledge in guiding us to our truth in this beautiful time of awakening is a gift. It is essential work. To understand what is happening on a deeper, sacred level. Thank you Lucy

Moira Lovelight, Channel and Energy Healer

A most amazing session, thank you. I received a shift that will take me to a new level of knowingness within my being. Thank you so much, Lucy for supporting me so skillfully and lovingly. If anyone gets to that point of knowing they need a helping hand on an energetic realignment level, I strongly recommend you give Lucy a call. Thank you, thank you, thank you, adjustments still continuing.

Kerry Beeden, Human Resources Manager

After a draining year following a separation I knew that I was almost but not quite back to being me. My bounce was definitely not that bouncey! I’m not really the “earth” type but I wanted to reconnect with me and for me, at least, anti-depressants just didn’t feel right. After a gentle and surprisingly pragmatic initial consultation, Lucy set to work. She identified key areas that needed rebalancing. I can only describe the “lightness” and “calm” that I felt as magical. I felt like me again. Like I say, crystals and dream catchers aren’t my thing but this process was both calming and uplifting and I thoroughly recommend trying it.

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