Kerry Beeden, Human Resources Manager

After a draining year following a separation I knew that I was almost but not quite back to being me. My bounce was definitely not that bouncey! I’m not really the “earth” type but I wanted to reconnect with me and for me, at least, anti-depressants just didn’t feel right. After a gentle and surprisingly pragmatic initial consultation, Lucy set to work. She identified key areas that needed rebalancing. I can only describe the “lightness” and “calm” that I felt as magical. I felt like me again. Like I say, crystals and dream catchers aren’t my thing but this process was both calming and uplifting and I thoroughly recommend trying it.

Published by infinityresonance

An open channel, seer, oracle and energy worker giving akashic energy readings and working with our divine human blueprint. Moved by beauty and in love with life, open to always being surprised at how amazing we are when we're living our gifts.