Jo Shrimpton – Life Coach

Lucy is a gifted light energy worker with an innate ability to support and enable grounding and healing to occur. Also to facilitate expanded consciousness in individuals. 

Working with Lucy has always been both a joy and a fascination for me. Over the 2 years I have known her she’s supported me on all the levels above. Her work is unique in my experience, working with our human blueprint in a way many of us are not familiar of…yet I believe should open to.. especially at this time. 

Through her work and presence my third eye strongly re-opened, on another occasion I slipped into a higher state of consciousness for over 15 hours. This, in its feeling of complete absorption and oneness I can only equate to a much shorter experience of Samadhi I had experienced years prior in India and after many years of yoga and meditating. 

My experience of working with Lucy has always been beautiful and expansive. She is a beautiful soul and I highly recommend her Human Blueprint work. 

Jo Shrimpton – Life Coach – July 2020

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An open channel, seer, oracle and energy worker giving akashic energy readings and working with our divine human blueprint. Moved by beauty and in love with life, open to always being surprised at how amazing we are when we're living our gifts.