spirituality and what it isn’t, on this website.

Spiritual Growth isn’t an add-on. It’s the container that every thing else sits within. When you can see that when you grow spiritually, everything – absolutely everything else in your life is affected, then you’re on a spiritual path.

Spiritual growth isn’t about constructing an identity as ‘a spiritual person.’ There’s no such thing. There are just people, walking their paths, with their unique awareness. Choosing a path of spiritual growth doesn’t make you a spiritual person. It shifts your priorities about what you’ve chosen to be aware of.

Spiritual Growth isn’t an easy path. The gifts, abilities and capacities it bestows are side-effects of Self Realisation, which only comes through a constant dedication to self-awareness, self ownership, ever increasing response-ability and a choice to gain self mastery on your own path in. In your own way. Spiritual Growth isn’t an easy path. But it brings about greater ease and grace.

Spiritual growth isn’t about always being positive. Or always holding a ‘high frequency’. Those are polarised ideas and in this work we’ll go beyond them. It is about being honest with ourselves and opening to face those places that are hidden, are frightening, are held in shadow – and to meet them safely and bring in what’s needed so they can transform in the light of our awareness.

Why? Because so many of our gifts, our mastery, our awareness and abilities are held in shadow, too. And to unlock these, we must also face what’s in the way of them. You can’t have one without the other and that works both ways. Do your shadow work then unlock your gifts. Unlock your gifts then face your shadow work. Spiritual by-passing doesn’t work and can’t last. It’s just a way of putting off the inevitable.

Spiritual growth isn’t about shopping. The products you can buy here don’t deliver a preset experience. Anyway, when does a meal ever taste the same? The products here are gateways into you. You are the traveller, the landscape and the navigator. What you experience, what you ‘get’ is entirely down to you.

I could go on but you get the idea. My job is to see you as the sovereign master you already are. And as the human being who knows that’s true. That’s where we’re working from in session, in courses, in workshops & in all the materials. There’s nothing like seeing ourselves as who we truly are for a moment, to bring about the transformations we are seeking outside or inside.

Following a path of Spiritual growth and having conscious awareness that you are doesnt make you or anyone better, more enlightened or more advanced than anyone else. Including people you see who aren’t spiritually aware in the way you are. If you think someone is spending this life in blissful or tortured unawareness how do you know where they are on their soul path – there are masters who come in for what’s known as a ‘rest’ lifetime. And they’re still growing – because to know fully what it means to be human advances us in all areas of lightwork. Which essentially is for helping the blueprint for human consciousness dissolve its encoded sense of separation.

How many times have you heard yourself or someone say “I thought they were spiritual, or they make out like they’re spiritual but…- they’re eating this food, shopping here, talking like that, have this belief, aren’t in command of their emotions, behaved this way with that person, displayed this human behaviour that I don’t personally file under ‘spiritual attributes.‘ If you have a generic list of ‘spiritual attributes’ – delete it and do yourself and everyone else a favour.

Being on a path of spiritual growth doesn’t mean we’re not human. In fact, it’s vital that we are. The human blueprint contains the potential for us to know ourselves as human, multidimensional & divine – all at the same time. And that is my definition of what it means to be 5D.

And in this picture of a world becoming new, there are as many different jobs to do as there are people on the planet. If we all got off at the same stop to do the same job, things would unbalance, cause chaos and the world would have to stop. Again. So it’s not for everyone to do the same thing in the same way. But everyone – and the guides have been very clear about this – repeatedly – everyone is going home, no one is being left behind and there is no one on the planet now who isn’t helping with the homecoming.

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