I love working one to one with you in session – no two sessions have ever been the same in all the time I’ve been doing this. It’s the most joyful, exciting way to connect and see just how varied, how broad and how deep the support is that can come through for each of us in the moment – depending on what we’re open to and able to receive in a way that’s safe, loving, held and supported.

What do we do in Session?

  • Soul work
  • Past life work
  • Inner mother father child and other archetype work
  • We help you recode the akash of your human blueprint and change how you’re creating your reality from the inside out.
  • We do the sacred energy alchemy work
  • We work with your chakras and sacred centres
  • We work with energy pathways and flows.
  • We work with how you’re creating your reality at a causal level
  • We heal core woundings at their root
  • Helping you re-imprint beliefs, thoughts, expectations, emotions, impulses and behaviours. We help lift stored trauma that’s ancestral, past life, ‘soul story’ & multidimensional.
  • We help you align with your highest timeline & highest creative truth.

That’s the transformational, deep dive side of the work we do together

We also read, activate, connect you with and help you Align in daily life with your signature blueprint – your core purpose and your innate gifts and abilities in energy awareness  – so you can live the truth of what you’re here to be, do and give in this lifetime.

We help you Align with your soul purpose and your highest creative purpose.

We help you strengthen your own connection to guides, guidance, intuition and we help you Align your desires, habits, impulses and preferences with higher guidance – so you can trust that what you want to do is aligned with your higher purpose and who you truly are.

In coaching, we help you own and master your own energy awareness. Your conscious awareness – for embodied sovereignty. 

For safety, groundedness and integrity using your empathic and energetic gifts and awareness when you’re out and about in every day life

Or deepening your practice with clients.

We teach about harmonic resonance and holding a field of grace – in daily life and inner work.

With 15 years experience and 20 years dedicated, daily training, giving sessions and workshops as a channel, oracle, seer and energy alchemist working through my Higher Self and yours to bring through what’s for you in safe, held space. In a way that’s somatic, embodied and grounded. With takeaway practices and often messages from your guides and beings of unconditionally loving integrity.

If you like, book a chat with me now and we can see how a session might support you. You’ll not be put under any pressure to book. It’s just an opportunity for us to meet and for you to feel into whether this is for you.

Session Rates

90€ph – (One off session, typically 90min)

111€ – (One 90min/2hr Session per month)

222€pm (Two 90min/2hr Sessions per month)

380€pm (Weekly 90min Sessions)

Free Gift

FREE MEMBERSHIP when you subscribe to regular twice monthly sessions (222€pm)

Gain access to 9 live group events per month to support the work we do together one on one. 

Short weekly meditations, with daily Anchoring Practices help us stay aligned and connected. Deep dive Akashic Alignment journeys open us to new depths of connectedness. Monthly Channeled QnA sessions give us a chance to connect with the guides, receive alignments, messages and activations. And the Saturday coaching sessions focus in on energy and awareness teachings specifically for empaths and the energy-sensitive. As well as ‘Teachings from the Akash” where we dive deep into teachings on the human blueprint and connected themes. 

To join these group sessions on their own, without one on one work, subscribe here for 33€pm

QUESTIONS? email me, Lucy, at 


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