Energy Blueprint Deep Dive – 90mins/2hr


To help you embody your truth and create your reality in resonance with who you are and what you’re here for
Consultation + Follow-up check in appointment included.


For Transformation in Grace –
Energy & Awareness Support, guiding you through an embodied, somatic process to read the akash of your blueprint. Together we work through your Higher Self, with guides of unconditionally loving integrity, to help beliefs, patterns, emotions & stuck ‘traumas’ to arise in a safe, held space and resolve.
Beyond limitations, aligning with our signature blueprint can help us get clear about who we are, what we’re for, what we’re not for. And open us to the infinite guidance, inspiration, support and clarity that can come through for us. People often say they feel lighter, clearer, more grounded, more like themselves. And that the sessions are deep and powerful and they feel safe, like a lot has moved and continues to move long after the session has finished.
This means you need to allow yourself up to two hours after a session, clear from challenging situations. Ideally with the option to rest uninterrupted and take time for you.
It also means you may be ‘moving with’ inner processes for up to a few days. And for this reason, the follow up check in is included. This can be up to an hour and gives us a chance to bring energetic or awareness support to your integration process, to answer any questions that might come up. And to go over any (as appropriate)  personalised meditations, channeled messages, practices, process maps or anchoring tools that may help you going forward.