Energy Blueprint Alignment – 1hr Session


1hr Guided Energy Blueprint Reading, Alignment & Calibration with channeled support from guides of unconditionally loving integrity working with your Higher Self



Energy  Blueprint  Alignment – 1hr Session

It’s always beautiful to be realigned in our truth, bodies and blueprint – and I say that also for myself. It affects every other area of our lives when we’re centred in ourselves and aligned with our purpose.

This is guided in the moment, according to your needs and it’s usually quite a restful, receptive experience. You’re guided into a centred, aligned inner space where we –

  • – take a reading of the energy resonances in your signature blueprint
  • – bring in channeled calibration support from guides of unconditionally loving integrity, working with your Higher Self
  • – identify core issues- what’s ready to shift, lift and transform in you – what are you likely to find yourself working when you do your inner work

identify core activations & expansions – what’s coming online for you now, energetically, creatively & in other life areas


Sessions last one hour – it’s good to give yourself at least an hour after an Energy Resonance Alignment for integration time. Make sure you’ve got a glass of water and somewhere warm, comfy and private to sit, where you can also lie down. You’ll need a reliable internet connection for our video call.

Separate audio downloads of channeled messages or personal meditations are available for a small charge.


I’ll be in touch to arrange your session – if you can’t wait, email me at

You will have a chance to ask any questions when we connect by email.