INTENTION PRACTICE – For Loving Communication & healing conflict

This is what helps me when I’ve let my reactions come from a place of conflict, rather than harmony and I want to get back on track.

Firstly – I take a moment to pause, align, center and breathe.

  • I allow all feelings to be as they are, listening to my body and being with whatever is arising in heart, body and mind around the conflict story
  • When I have a moment of relative calm, I open to make the intention for my Higher Self and the Higher Self of all involved, to connect and overlight our communications.
  • I ask to know the higher purpose behind our conflict – to get the gifts that are for me. There will be something for me to realise, realign with, let go of or allow.
  • I ask to be aligned with the I who is already grateful this whole thing came about
  • I ask for the parts of me still hurting and healing to be held in Grace and receive the support they need to come home to themselves
  • I ask to get out of the way of a harmonious resolution
  • I ask for the most benevolent outcome for all involved (This is something I learnt from Jan Tober, care of Kally Khalilian and is a beautiful, helpful way of invoking the unrestricted, unlimited, unconditionally loving support of the angelic realms, the guides and all who are willing to help a situation reach a harmonious outcome)
  • I’ll go back to honouring and allowing my feelings, emotions and thoughts around the situation as they arise – knowing I’ve detached them from their story, I’m meeting them now as vibrations that are showing up so they can leave my field and help me heal.

What gets in the way of that process working

  • when we want the other people to behave a certain way
  • when we are blaming another person for how we’re feeling, thinking or acting
  • when we want something back from the other person, even if its something really subtle, like we just want them to do or say something that will ultimately make us feel better.

All of those things are subtle attachments and take power away from us and give it to the story, the situation, the people. It means the story (and the conflict) needs to stay alive in order to serve us in learning and growing.

Turning within to ask how can I take ownership for what I’m experiencing? What do I need to see? How can I detach from the story and allow the emotions that are surfacing in me to rise up and release back to Source? This all releases us from needing to grow and learn through the manifested conflict.

healing our emotions can dissolve conflict

So often, conflict brings to light our unhealed emotions. And these unhealed emotions are often the root cause blocking healing. Asking how we can open to heal these hidden emotions as they rise to the surface to be seen helps us resolve and dissolve the conflict that’s arising in our lives. We can we compassionately listen to our emotions, detached from the story that’s caused them, can liberate us from the need to manifest situations that are going to keep triggering the same emotions.

Why does this pattern keep repeating? I thought I’d healed it

We all have hidden depths. And just because a challenging situation that triggers strong and unwanted emotions in us is repeating in our lives, doesn’t mean we haven’t healed. It can just mean we’re ready to heal the next layer.

The tough part of this is remembering that something we don’t want is happening now to help us heal. The deeper we heal ourselves in any area, the easier it gets to release it when the pattern shows up again. We’ve been through it all, already.

Maybe we’ve already had the realisations we need to about it. Maybe it’s just a case of allowing the residual unhealed emotions to be seen, heard, honoured and allowed to vibrate their way out of our fields.

Or maybe we’ve hit a piece of flint. Maybe we’ve got so deep into our healing that actually what’s rising is really challenging us. That’s often because we can and are supported enough to face it and move through it. We’ve got so far in our process that now we’re ready to face the tougher stuff.

It’s important to remember – especially in challenging moments – that what’s shown up isn’t here to defeat us, it’s here to help us grow. And sometimes we need others to help us remember that, because it doesn’t always feel that way when we’re in it.

There’s so much more to say on healing conflict, but these are some pointers to get us looking and asking at what it’s here to show us, how to take ownership, get the gifts and empower the most harmonious outcome, while opening to support from our Higher Selves and the Higher Selves of all involved in a conflict. That aspect of consciousness knows exactly why we’ve come together in conflict, what the soul agreements are and what the gifts in this situation can be for each of us. Only our Higher Selves and support teams aren’t empowered to act unless we ask. So often we can feel like – If I’ve got myself into this mess, I’ll get myself out of it.’

But when we’re angry, hurting, triggered or re-traumatised, that’s almost impossible to do – we can’t heal a creation while we’re running the same frequency it got created in. And if we can’t center, calm and find our zen in a situation, we need help and it is there for us.

I hope this has offered something that inspires you to make your own gifted brilliant process through the situation you’re facing.

If I can be of any help, you’re welcome to book a chat with me to see how.

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