A podcast transmitting activational channelings, meditations, energy updates and more, Our Divine Human Blueprint looks at the ever moving story of now in the evolution of human consciousness. With guest speakers and channelers, as well as regular lunar gateway updates.

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Half Moon Activation & Alignments

Tune in every half moon for the energy activation and alignment, with channeled energy work, guided alignment meditations and messages from guides of unconditionally loving integrity. These lunar gateway activations are for helping us home to wholeness and catalysing our continued growth, expansion and connected re-membering of the more of who we are. Half moon is a time for aligning with the new that’s coming in, letting go of the old that’s on its way out and we do this by opening to the Now moment and resting in grace to receive the gifts that are for us.

Channeled Messages

Channeling is a way of shifting focus, to speak from another point of view. As an open channel, I align to channel through my Higher Self the words that are most appropriate in the moment – opening to the highest available guidance in the here and now. When a channeling comes through in the podcast, you’re guided into a state of ‘safe listening’ – to receive the gifts that are for you in the moment. A channeled message always contains energetic frequencies that can land with us and bring in activational, alignment or enlightening support from unconditionally loving sources.

My philosophy with channeling and consciousness is that all of everything is consciousness and consciousness has a voice. Channeling for me is about giving voice to that which wishes to speak in response to the highest questions in our hearts. And my experience is that when we come from a place of genuinely wanting support – to further our personal, spiritual development, then there are multitudes of unconditionally loving sources available to us at any one time, ready to bring in what can serve us.

Although I’m an open channel, you’ll hear me reference the Sirius star guides a lot – they are like family to me. One of the things I love most about our connection is that they help bring a language for explaining the more technical aspects of the human blueprint, the biology of energy and consciousness-engineering. It always feels like we’re just getting started talking about it, even after years of working together on it.

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“Hello! I discovered your 11-02-21 transmission on audible! I am so happy and grateful to have found you! Thank you for all that you channel and share. I was profoundly moved by your 11-2 transmission. With love, L”

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