Bringing our rhythms into resonance by aligning with our divine matrix

Fortnightly Alignment Sessions – staying aligned in life, not just in meditation

Diving into the sacred centres & golden templates of our divine human blueprint.

Every Other Tuesday

duration: 90 mins

UK 7pm / CEST 20hrs / EST 2pm / PST 11am

Price £10/12€/$14

starting 1st June 2021

  • June 1st – 15th – 29th
  • July 13th – 27th –
  • August 10th – 24th
  • September 7th – 21st
  • October 5th – 19th
  • November 2nd – 16th – 30th
  • December 14th – 28th

With Meditations & Practices for being Centred, Grounded, Aligned & Protected.

In these meditations we maintain somatic awareness in our bodies, staying grounded, physical and present, while we expand our awareness.  

Regular practise can help us lift and transform

  • what we’re aligning with
  • what we’re attracting
  • what we’re saying yes to
  • what we’re saying no to. 
  • how we’re protected
  • how we access & recognise our inner guidance and intuition
  • how we’re qualifying our energy and our experience of reality
  • how we’re opening to our infinite inner reSources
  • how we’re working consciously with our central innate intelligence to achieve what we want
  • how we’re embodying our sovereingty
  • how we’re embodying our gifts

Including centering, grounded awareness expansion, harmonic resonance energetics & more, combined with somatic practices to help us stay centred, grounded and physically present within our experience.

These Alignment Meditations help us to align and center within ourselves.

This charges our fields, our cells and our energy boundaries for heatlh, protection and renewal from within, from the Source of all we are.

This helps strengthen our intuition, deepen our connection to and trust in our inner guidance, trust and align our physical impulses & work more consciously with our innate intelligence.

And all this supports us aligning with our soul purpose in the moment, without even needing to know what that is.

When we come into our centre, we generate a harmonic resonance in our energy field that radiates from the truth of who we are.

We put ourselves in connection with an innate intelligence supporting us to live our truth, attract more of what helps us to do that & protect ourselves from what’s not for us.

When we practise something in meditation, we attune ourselves to hold those qualities as we walk through life. They become part of what supports us in times of stress, allowing us to have more direct access to that internal state of being centred, calm, grounded and at peace within ourselves.

We’ll be integrating practices that help us stay centred and grounded, connected and expanded and that help us bring our energy and awareness into ‘resonance’ – a state where we generate a field of harmony around ourselves which not only protects us, but helps us attract more of what we want in our reality.

In these meditations, we navigate the Divine Resonances & Sacred Centres & Energy Pathways of our Human Blueprint. Diving in to explore ourselves and receive gifts from within