staying within while we’re out and about. Meditation puts us in touch with ourselves and gives us keys for Self navigation.

I see meditation as a way to come into alignment with our innate inner divinity and receive from the Source of All That Is whatever is for us in the moment.

It can be a way of exploring everything it’s possible to achieve through intention, attention and an ever developing, deepening awareness of Self. A way of expanding awareness and our sense of Self and walking into our life with all we’ve experienced. Of being gifted the tools that can help us through our daily life situations.

I see meditation as a way to stay embodied and physically present while we expand our awareness and deepen our connectivity with the more of who we are.

And I see it as a way to bring that connectivity into our lives, so that we meditate while we’re grounded. And we stay connected during our day. So that an expanded state of awareness isn’t something we leave our lives to connect with, but something we walk with. And it becomes an expanded state of being.

Meditation can be a way of charging our fields with certain qualities, requalifying the energy that enters our fields and putting us in sympathetic resonance with what we want to attract more of into our reality.

When we go on a meditational journey, it deepens our capacity for connection. So that we walk away with even more of ourselves present in our day to day lives.

In the online Meditations we work with bringing our attention to our centre, to where we’ll be opening to what’s readily available to us, as a way of allowing and inviting the unique gifts of the moment to have permission to enter our fields and be received by us.

In One to One Sessions meditation forms a part of how we navigate to those hidden, abstract and hard to reach parts of ourselves, to assist in our graceful transformation, renewal and expansion into embodied sovereignty and living as the more of who we are.

We open doorways within ourselves to uncover more of who we are and receive from our own limitless potential what’s for us in the moment.

We always start in the seat and centre of ourselves, opening to the gifts from the divinity within. And the aim is to re-perceive our human story from the perspective of the Self beyond all the stories. In this way we combine that rare alchemy of choice and surrender – choosing to align with our highest, whollest truth and surrendering to how that will be experienced and made manifest.

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