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How It Started…

I began to be able to read the energy in people, buildings and places and pretty soon I was being asked to do that. That’s what called me into being. Over the many years I’ve been doing this, it’s developed into something I name Blueprint-Akash work. Its what excites me the most. It’s what I do and what I’m for. The point of the work is to help others embody who they are and do what excites them the most.

When I started meditation and research during a debilitating illness, I realised I had an innate ability to feelingly know how and where to direct my internal energy, how energy and consciouness were linked and I could tangibly and physically sense energy fields, rhythms and resonances. I knew how certain energy should follow certain pathways, why and I discovered I could understand what energy behaviour meant in terms of patterns, emotions, thoughts and recorded histories. 

I began to be able to read the energy in people, buildings and places with this feeling-knowing and pretty soon I was being asked to do that. That’s what called me into being. Over the many years I’ve been doing this, it’s developed into something I name Blueprint-Akash work. That’s reading and working with the akashic record of energy blueprints. That’s not something that anyone else exactly does the same way. But it’s what excites me the most. It’s what I do. More than that, it’s what and why I am. I embody the frequencies that support this work. And the point of the work is to help others embody who they are and do what excites them the most, because I’m sure that’s what we’re here for. 

I physically feel the rhythms in the energy of people, places and groups. I channel the movements, sounds, words and energy work that generates a field of harmonic resonance in those energy fields. 

This helps people and places naturally align with their unique signature harmonic frequency. It helps people center in themselves, access their inner guidance and work with their innate intelligence to help them be increasingly resourced in fulfilling whatever goals they have for creativity and growth and development.

I learned early on that I had to turn inwards for the help I needed when a lifelong illness got to the point where I couldn’t keep attempting ‘normal’ work.

None of the medical professionals I encountered could help me and, stuck on my own with something no one could diagnose or understand, I started asking myself what I was going to do about it. I figured it was all about energy. If energy was the problem, how was I misdirecting mine so badly that I couldn’t function in normal life any more. Asking that question took me down the rabbit hole. I started to realise that my energy was not just linked to my emotions, thoughts & behaviour patterns – it was those things. And a lot more besides. And if that was the case, I could change any part of my programming. 

My relationship with my guides developed because I was asking internal questions all the time. I asked that everything go through my higher self, that I receive the highest, most appropriate answer, support and connection from guides, teachers and masters on the inner and outer planes. And I continuously invoked protection, saying, whenever I asked for answers, that I allowed only that which was safe and appropriate and of unconditionally loving integrity to connect with me at any level. But more than that, I invoked, as one of the first things I just knew to do, that I was dedicating myself and everything – all of who I am and everything in my life experience, to be brought into the highest alignment with the truth of who I Am. I knew what I meant when I made the dedication and I refreshed it constantly until it became part of who I am and I stopped needing to say it all the time. 

That’s part of what led me to where I am now. And my relationship with my guides is something I experience in multiple ways. Physically sensing and seeing their presence, feeling our connection and the interchange of light, energy and information as vibratory activities with different frequencies, verbally when I open to channel words, somatically when I channel movement and knowingly – when awareness lands with what I call vibratory knowing – that feeling of remembering something you’d just forgotten temporarily. 

My early influences

One of the earliest books I came across was Amora Quan Yin, The Pleiadian Workbook. She channeled the energy exercises to support people raising their vibration and having deeper and greater awareness, activation and ascension. As soon as I started practising these, I realised I knew where the energy wanted to go, what was needed in the moment and that the energy excerises and practises I needed were going to be channeled through me in the moment. I also found the channel Solara An Ra, then working with large groups of people but as yet still not widely heard of. Now her youtube channel has more than 55 million views and she is widely recognised. At the time, she was channeling the energy exercises for ascension as they shifted and changed moment to moment. Her guides and sources resonated deeply with me, because they weren’t imposing a dogma or set of rules, guidelines and practises to follow, but bringing through the energy work that activated someone’s innate inner knowing, putting us in contact with our inner guidance, wisdom and mastery. As I was well onto my path of being self-initiated, I only worked with facilitators who supported that and knew that If I was going to work with people, it was going to be that way, too.

One of my favourite early books was Briingers of the Dawn, Barbara Marciniak. It was channeled from the Pleiadians as an aid to awakeningand remmbering who we are, where we’re from, why we’re here and how the laws and principles governing reality creation and awareness work. At east, that’s how i remember it. Most of what I read in that resonated as a ‘yes’, ‘yep’, ‘I know’ ‘Thanks, I’d forgotton that’ and ‘ah, what a relief.’ Beautiful book.

As well as Bringers of the Dawn, the books that came my way back then and significantly impacted my life, include Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, I Am Discourses & Ascended Master Instruction. The latter two I still pick up from time to time.

Reading these books, discovering my own gifts and following my inner guidance brought me into contact with other channelers and energy masters, many of whom live quiet lives in deep service and aren’t to be seen or heard in the public arena. But these people changed my life, became my dearest friends and if it weren’t for their continued, loving and benevolent support, I wouldn’t be where I am today, which is somewhere I am happy to be. Now I work with co-mentors and with the support of select spiritual facilitators who provide that opportunity to rest in the resonance of oneness and discover even more, always more, of what calls me ever home to my Self.

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