Lions Gate Channeling Sirius – Aligning with the Divine – Courage, Creation, Excitement &, Empowerment

In this channeling, the Lyrans talk about how we’re creating our reality and guide us into that space where we can be in touch with the excitement around that. For they’re saying that collectively, that’s where we’re at. The in-breath before we embark on another journey with our reality-creating.

They say its like we’re pulling our boots on, ready to set out. And all that’s for us to do is align with our Divine I Am in that process of creation. And be in touch with that nameless anticipation – the unconditional excitement, excitement that has no clear reason to be. And when we do we align with the I who is the very essence of creation itself, embarking on an entirely new trajectory here and now and being lifted. Lifted, charged and empowered.

They’re saying: trust in ourselves. Trust our choices and trust our power. And trust what we want. When power comes from Love it’ll take us home to more of love. So trust it.

And take those steps. Those actions, that put us in touch with what we want. That says a loud YES to the universe. I Am for this. I Am doing this. I Am going for it. Let’s do it.

They say whatever’s in front of us can’t be measured in terms of how important it is. It matters. Let it be what we direct our passion into. However big or small.

We don’t need to see where we’re going or know what’s for us. Just to be in touch with the delight and anticipation that that’s what we’re going to uncover in the coming weeks and months. Allow for the possibility of being surprised and we just might be.

As GevaAnn said:

Your soul knows what you want. All you have to do is trust it, and align with it.

Podcast Lionsgate Channeling – Aligning with the Divine, Courage, Creation, Excitement & Empowerment

Written Channeling – Lyrans of Sirius on this Lions Gate and Aligning with the Divine through excitement to find the courage to empower our creations

Lions Gate Channeling from Sirius – Aligning with the Divine – Courage, Creation & Empowerment

Preparing to listen – recommendation

Close the outward facing eyes, make the intention to direct them inwards, into the heart and centre, keep attention returning to that sensation of breath in the body, the sensation in the body as a whole, throughout what these guys have to say and I can feel them just gathering here now. 

Alright, so while I’m preparing just anchoring yourselves, making your intentions to receive what’s for you here, safely and lovingly. 

The field of Collective Human Consciousness is Charged with Excited Anticipation

Beloveds, welcome, you are in an exciting place right now. You have so much to look forward to. To anticipate. We are bringing you the energy of excited anticipation. Anticipation with excitement creates a charge – generates a charge. and your collective field – the collective field of human consciousness – is currently running this charge – of super-charged excited anticipation. 

Something is on its way to you

Without needing to know exactly what it is you’re excited about. What is it that’s on its way to you, what is that you are going to personally experience. Something you want, something you enjoy, something you want a little more of in your life, something you are hoping for. Those things you almost daren’t touch – that hope that you have: “Oh I would love that but let’s not think about that too loudly, let’s not overthink that , just in case I do myself out of it. I could never, this wouldn’t be for me. It’s too big, it’s too great, it would be too beautiful, it would be too nice.’

The gifts our shadow guards

Those things, they get pushed down and they get pushed down into the shadow and the shadow guards them. The shadow isn’t just where the sadness and darkness lurks, it’s where the gifts that have yet to be retrieved are guarded, waiting for their moment, waiting for their time. 

Beloveds allow yourselves in this moment to touch lightly the possibility that maybe one of those guarded gifts in you, barely seen, hardly thought of, has it’s time here now. Is flowering and is flowering in the same way that a plant puts its roots down and it’s shoots above the earth and with the alchemy of sunlight and heat, of hope and expectation, charged, of alimentation – being fed and nurtured, that you, just perhaps you have been, even unconsciously, watering, feeding, nurturing something your shadow has been guarding. A gift, for you. 

You do not need to know what this is. What allows something surprising, something beautiful, something new to come forward for you at this time is the energy of expectation, the energy of anticipation. Can you touch just the frequency of this as though it’s a vibration. That your conscious part in this is just to touch that and allow it. Not to force it, or push it, or find it where you don’t feel. But to make a silent intention right now inwardly, into your heart spaces – I open to allow the excitement that’s there. And then let go. Let go of knowing what that means. What – excitement for what? Let it be unconditional. 

When you touch unconditionality you align with the divine I Am you are

When you touch unconditionality, as we have said many times in these last few days, when you touch unconditionality, you align yourselves with the Divine I Am that you are. And here we are just whispering, on the brink of something new, an invitation to touch the unconditionality of excitement. To help you align with what’s coming for you. 

You are hyper charged to create. To act, to create, to go forth into your worlds, into – mmm – the next level of your career advancements, the next level of your project management, the  next level of your work, the next level of your family and home creations. 

Whatever is in front of you right now is what matters

Whatever is in front of you, beloveds, is what is in front of your heart. Is what is receiving from the energy you are running right now. And it doesn’t matter what it is, because whatever is in front of you right now has mattering, is dearly and deeply important. It cannot be measured against other people’s matterings, other people’s objectives, goals, realities, projects. Anything other people have in front of them. You can’t look to your neighbour and measure whether what is in front of them is more important than what is in front of you or the next person. It is all equally important because it is here now. 

Whatever it is, trust that this is where the love, passion, excitement energy you are personally being charged with in the collective field that is super-charged, hyper charged with the energy of excited anticipation, the precipice of new creations. The whisper before hope becomes expectation Unconditional expectation of just what – what is the next good thing that’s on it’s way, what is the beautiful thing that love is creating here now, through you, with you and as you. That kind of expectation. 

Setting out into a new landscape – the body remembers oneness & brings the world with it

Whatever is in front of your hearts, beloveds is what’s for you right now. Allow it to be charged. Allow that whisper of anticipation to be there. And listen with loving compassion to those voices in you that would crush excitement, would back away from anticipation, would shut down the fountain of creative energy that is ready to erupt, beautifully, though, softly. A soft eruption, an eruption that forms a new landscape in you. 

That terraforms your world into a slightly different landscape, a different shape for you to travel through with more enjoyment, more pleasure, more allowing of what feels right for you, to be outwardly manifest. 

Your body is in its homecoming trajectory. Is engaging in its stepping out into its homecoming journey. The experience that the divine consciousness, I Am that you are, is having in the body you are, the body experience is pulling on its socks and boots, putting on its coat and hat and getting ready to begin its homecoming trajectory, to remember bodily,  in a worldly way what divinity feels like when it’s manifest, physically. Tangibly, touchably. 

This does not mean in an instant everything will magically transform into an idealistic utopian perfection. What this means is the journey is here now, we’re on it. You are all embarking on this. 

Some of you will be physically moving. Changing your environments, changing your physical locations, because that is what’s supported right now to enable you to deeply, physically, in an embodied way, recognise you are beginning a powerful new journey. It starts here. It starts here, a world alive that’s made up of beginnings. It starts here. 

You are invited to put yourselves in touch with that excitement you might feel when you’re about to go on a journey. Before the anxieties kick in. Before the anxieties kick in with what could happen, what could go wrong, what do I need and have I packed this and what if I forget and, and, and did I put the cat in the wardrobe and are the windows locked.

Being with the frequency of anticipation – before a new adventure

All of that can fall away. And just for a moment you can be with that quintessential frequency of ‘oh – there’s a journey in the direction that’s for me. More of what I enjoy. More of what I prefer, more of what I Am asking for in my Connected Heart. More of what I am calling in is coming. Is with me here now. It’s not coming to me from a distance. It is emerging, to take a more physical, more tangible substance. That which is already in my field, that which I am already resting within – the vista of my future is already in my field and I rest within it. Within its resonances, its frequencies. Its subtleties, its complexities, its simplicities. And as time moves us along this trajectory – the ever moving here and now moment, the future that’s already for us is becoming ever more solid. 

We’re being given permission to take more form. And our journey is to move as though we’re crossing a distance when in actual fact we are moving through a process that allows us to keep dropping in. Keep dropping in more deeply into that which is real within us and becoming ever more so. 

Resigning the Saboteur – alowing the Guardian of our creations to emerge

The real becoming tangible, becoming solid. The saboteur at this time is being reassigned new positions. New work. New jobs. The saboteur, the one who was there to interfere with creation, interfere with our manifesting what we want, who was there to whisper, it’s not safe to ask for what you want, it’s not safe to even think about asking for what you want and it’s certainly not safe to receive what you really want – that saboteur, the protector subverted, inverted, turned upon itself, to throttle the creations before they had a chance to come to light, is being thanked, celebrated, honoured and resigned – reassigned a new role as protector of that which you are here to do. 

The adventure begins with relaxing into our essential resonance

To move towards as we have just described that sense of moving. In fact there’s an invitation to relax ever more deeply into yourselves. Into your beingness, where the essence of you is resonant and you can tangibly, physically bathe, rest in, immerse, in the essence of your own true nature, resonate with the frequencies of your own true nature, radiate the frequencies of your own true nature, to be what forms the boundaries and protective barriers around you and your reality, but also what attracts to you, what calls to you, everything which is in sympathetic resonance with you. 

Your future exists now in your field – it’s emerging to become more solid

The act of moving towards moving towards what you want begins with resting, dropping in. It is a direction.  It is a direction. Centering, dropping in, letting go of the vibrations of anxiety, everything that would push you forward, hurry you forward, pull you forward, just for a moment before the journey begins. As though you were settling into your driving seat, checking it fits, feeling where your controls are, having a sense of the vehicle you will move within, allowing that pause, that moment of presence and in that moment, that sense that for a precious moment allowing enoughness to be what resonates. I am enough, I have done enough, I have enough in this moment, to be here now where I am meant to be. I Am Enough. 

And then allowing for that breath of excitement to go ‘right this is the direction we’re moving in, let’s go.”

Excitement is the compass and shoots the shiva arrow. Trust it

The point you are all at now is the point of that breath. The approach to the lions gate where you are being endowed with the courage, to discern between what would cut you down, make you doubt, confuse you about what you want and where you’re going. And hear that true calling – that inner compass of excitement which is the direction giver, which knows where it’s facing, where it’s heading, what it wants, what it’s going for. Shiva arrow knows where it’s shooting. And it’s moving in that direction. 

You don’t need to consciously know what that is. It’s within you. Sometimes your conscious awareness is the last to catch on. When you listen to your heart and allow yourselves to drop into your centre and feel the energy, the vibration of excitement, it will show you. It’ll take you there. And this is where you are. This in-breath – we’re about to be off. 

Your Excitement will empower you when you empower it

So you have the courage to empower your excitement for it will empower you. And it will put you in touch with that charge in the collective field of human consciousness right now that’s going to support you, lifting and being lifted in how you’re creating, in how you experience what you’ve created so far and what you’re going to create next. In your reality.

You are the very essence of creation

Because your experience is your creation. Every facet of your experience is your creation.  It is something to uncover. For you are uncovering the creation you each are. You each are a magnificent creation. And you are part of one consciousness that is the essence of creation itself, so of course, you are always creating. How you are doing this, whether you are aware of this, in what ways you are owning this, there is a unique alchemy to that, to every individual. But you are the essence of creation itself, always part of the breath of life. How could you not be always creating. 

Your creations are not wrong

And there is nothing wrong with any of your creations. They may bring you experiences you do not prefer, that aren’t welcome, that you may then learn from and decide to choose again. But there is nothing wrong with what you’ve done, with what you’re doing, with where you’re going, what you’re exploring. You have the innocence of children within you and your creations are infused with that innocence. 

Forgiveness dissolves doubt, liberates courage

Forgiveness is a vibration that can release many of you at this time from the worrying, the feeling the need to over-process, to doubt yourselves, to doubt what you might want. For now is a time to trust your lion hearts and allow the courage that lives there like a spark to inflame. Inflame you, inflame your passion, your desires, not as something you must strive to achieve but as something that exists within you already. Is alive within the field of quantum potentiality now. 

Trust your Selves

And that alchemy of relaxing and feeling the charge, feeling that excitement rise within you when it’s ready, that’s what takes you forward. Trust yourselves, beloveds, trust your truths to be what’s guiding you here, now, even if that’s not what it looks like on the outside. You can’t go wrong and you are held. We are walking with you. We are one of countless beloveds, helping you steer your course at this time. 

This is our offering. Our hearts sing with joy at our meeting for we feel that moment of a journey beginning. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you. We are from Sirius. 

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Channeled Messages from the Lion Beings of Sirius- Approaching the Lion’s Gate: Courage & Creating

Support from the guides with the courage and grace it takes to shift from being Autonomous to Sovereign Cocreators. And how the infinite, sustainable abundance of the earth opens to us when we receive what we’re gifted with Honour and with Gratitude.

As we collectively build new templates for making the shift from autonomous to Sovereign Cocreating, The Lion Beings from Sirius bring through the divine resonances and gifts that can support us each aligning with those templates. An alchemical channeling on our changing relationship within Gaia to her reSources and our continued evolving into the master cocreators we are invited to recognise that we are.

Listen to the full channeling & Intro from Lucy here

Channeling starts at 08:33

Watch the LiveStream on Facebook or Youtube (below)

Preparing to listen to a channeling: activate the inner listener

somatic state listening – take a moment to shut the eyes, turn the attention inwards and throughout the transmission keep attention returning to notice the sensation of breath in the body, the sensation in the body as a whole. With the intention to receive what’s for you in a way that’s in loving integrity, safe and appropriate. 

Channeling Transcript

The Divine Alchemy of Infinite Abundance & Sovereign CoCreatorship

Beloveds, you are opening the fourth of the four gateways in the heart. This gateway takes you home to Source in the realm of your creations. In how you are co-creating within the world. With Gaia and her resources. Your relationship to your mother planet is changing. Allowing itself to come home to itself and remember that you are gifted her ReSources. 

Not because there aren’t enough of them for all of you to Do, from who you Are and bring in what you’re For. But that in recognising that you are gifted, from an infinite, sustainable supply, a divine response is elicited in those moments when you can appreciate that. A response in you of honouring. Of gratitude. These are not human qualities of honouring and gratitude laden with associations of subordination and confusion. We would like to strip away all of that mud that sits upon ideas of honouring and gratitude – as they have become muddied. 

These are qualities that resonate in your fields. They’re frequencies that generate a resonance in you when you touch upon the essence of them. When those qualities arise spontaneously in you. In recognition of something sacred. And those qualities, those frequencies generate a resonance which puts you in touch with the harmonic resonance of the resources from which you are receiving. The resources of the planet. Whether you are eating food or using materials or buying something in a shop, it really does not matter. everything you touch has grown and evolved within the planet. Everything you bring into your life to use, to consume, to create with, it has evolved within the planet.

Whenever you lightly touch the awareness that you have been gifted this, that divine resonance of honouring, of gratitude arises within your fields and becomes part of the interchange – the energetic exchange, which is to say the exchange in consciousness. You recognise you are a consciousness within a consciousness, in a relationship of exchange. 

And the frequencies and resonances which are present in your part of that exchange affect how that flow will leave and return to you. How that flow of resources will leave and return to you. As you allow your flow to be infused with the qualities of honouring and gratitude, because you have lightly touched upon an awareness for a nano-second that you are being gifted reSources from the Earth as part of her, from within her – those divine resonances in you, of honouring of gratitude, elicit what we call reciprocal motion. 12:51

A sustainable relationship of giving and receiving. For the more gratitude there is resonant within your field, the more permission there is for an inflow from whatever reSources you are receiving, from whatever direction. Essentially this is because at the heart and origin of all reSources there is Love. Unconditional Love is the foundation. Is where these reSources are given from. 

When gratitude is the natural response to receiving from Love, Love will continue to give. And in the continuing to give, more of gratitude arises, giving permission for Love to continue giving and you see there is a reciprocity. For gratitude is not something that is forced, or thought, or contrived or constructed. It is in fact a natural response that spontaneously arises within the system below your conscious awareness, when the system recognises it is receiving from Love itself. 

And so, we bring this to your attention just to seed this there – the option, the possibility, to touch lightly that you, a divine cocreator within All That Is, are gifted. This breaks down the illusion of – and the energetic packages surrounding –  ideas around entitlement. Ideas around entitlement are what arose as a kind of confusion, to replace what was lost when that natural flow of inter-relationship – the giving from Love and the responding with natural gratitude. When that flow was lost to you, collectively, shall we say there was a recognition that at some level you were always going to be given all that you require. 

All that you needed in any one moment is there for you. And yet that connection to the divine was lost within yourselves. And so that remembering that everything that is for you is there for you, became conditional, became confused and a sense of entitlement replaced honouring and gratitude for what you are gifted. The irony is in any one moment, divinely, metaphysically you are always, always welcome to what’s for you. To anything you desire. 

It is man made constraints evolved over eons that place in between the desire and the fulfilment obfuscation. Barriers, obstacles, difficulties, conditions. And yet there is a part of you always resonating with the truth of unconditionality. Unconditional Love, Unconditional Gratitude, because you ARE. Because Love Is. Because Life IS. Because renewal and creation IS always happening. Always renewing. Conditionality is loving and grateful because of what is created, how it is experienced. Unconditionality is what puts you in touch with the Divine I Am that you are. 

And this opens your doorways within. To infinite inner reSourcing, to sustainable infinite inner reSourcing. Unconditionality. So we thank you for your listening ears. For your listening hearts. For the gift of a moment of your time and the quality of your connection in awareness. All of these things, to us, are a symphony and when we connect in channeling and in these moments, this song, for us, it brings pleasure as a melody does. So, thank you, beloveds for your presence and the presence of your song. 

The Lion Beings from Sirius

Channeled through Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance)

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How Harmonic Resonance Can Protect Our Energy Fields from EMFs – Podcast Episode

When we come into our centre, we generate a harmonic resonance in our energy field that radiates from the truth of who we are.

With awareness and intention we can requalify the activity of misaligned emfs as they enter our field. Through practise and repetition we can attune our fields to effortlessly requalify toxic energy as it enters our domain. 

Until we consciously do this, we might find ourselves affected by dissonant frequencies in our energy environment. Some of us more than others. But knowing that we don’t need to depend on external solutions to what is often considered an external problem, we can claim our energy Sovereignty and recalibrate ourselves for protection and healthy renewal by consciously charging our fields and energy boundaries.

Energy is consciousness and we have domain over our own subjective experience of our reality.

This podcast episode takes a look at why this is.

Listen to the episode:

Podcast Episode – How Harmonic Resonance can help protect our energy fields from harmful EMFs

Listen to the show: Our Divine Human Blueprint on Spotify

To experience harmonic resonance energy work, join us in the fortnightly Alignment Meditations, where we actively practise working with harmonic resonance in our fields of energy and awareness. 

When we come into our centre, we generate a harmonic resonance in our energy field that radiates from the truth of who we are.

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New Moon Alignment – Channelings, Meditation & Update

How to effortlessly and naturally charge our field and borders for protection from what’s not for us and to allow in only what is.

Energy Alignment meditation for health, protection and renewal

In our energy field and cells – Strengthening our protection, renewal and health in our fields and in our cells.

In the 7-7 and New Moon Gateway we’re working with earth energies. A new natural resonance has been made available in our collective human blueprints. A gift we can all access, supporting us to charge our cells and our fields and our borders with the natural patterns and frequencies of our unique signature imprint at an earth energy level.

Below I’ve posted an alignment meditation journey. Then, separately, an activational channeling as well as a short video update on the energy portal open now.

There are times when we are collectively being supported to open to specific gifts.

I call these the golden templates of our divine human blueprint. In the channelled meditation below, we navigate the golden pathways and resonances of our divine human blueprint. What comes through for each of us will be unique.

As we drop into our heart centre and open the portal to source within us, we open to receive our unique gift of the moment.

Blueprint-Akash Quick Update (7mins) – the gifts open to us now

The New Moon Gifts and How to receive them

Meditation – for Protection, Health and Nourishment. Inner and outer protection in our energy fields and our cells.

(24 mins)

Meditation for protection in our energy fields and cellular health

I see meditation as a way to stay embodied and physically present while we expand our awareness and deepen our connectivity with the more of who we are.

And I see it as a way to bring that connectivity into our lives, so that we meditate while we’re grounded. And while we’re walking through our days, we stay connected. So that an expanded state of awareness isn’t something we leave our lives to connect with, but something we walk with. And it becomes an expanded state of being.

When we go on a meditational ourney, it deepens our capacity for connection. So that we walk away with even more of ourselves present in our day to day lives.

In these Alignment Meditations we work with bringing our attention to our centre, to where we’ll be opening to what’s readily available to us, as a way of allowing and inviting the unique gifts of the moment to have permission to enter our fields and be received by us.

We open doorways within ourselves to uncover more of who we are and receive from our own limitless potential what’s for us in the moment.

We always start in the seat and centre of ourselves, opening to the gifts from the divinity within. 

Activational Channeling – an update from the star guides and a message of deep love & support from the ancestors.


33 minute activational channeling – update from the star guides and loving support from the ancestors

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Your Body Is Love – today’s pre-Solstice message from the guides

The message of love I received this morning, in preparation for this Solstice

The body is the love of All That Is. The body isn’t returning to a state of being love. Your awareness is being called to remember that it Is Love. It always has been. And this re-membering is going to catalyse all kinds of processes of ‘Not-Love’ dissonances leaving the fields of your body-consciousness.”

We are the council overlighting your upcoming shift into higher consciousness

Channeling – Water Dragons

Message from the Water Dragons at Lanjaron.

Visiting the Moorish Castle ruins on the new moon solar eclipse, with a friend who also connects with the rock beings, we turned to face the water dragon who flanks the castle on the western side. As we recognised her, she began to speak on the benefits of acknowledging the beings we see in the rocks. 

This is what she said – as translated in channeling by me. 

Podcast Episode – Listen to the Channeling Here

“Beloveds, you are the fire, you are the water. You are this planet, in forms – mobile forms. You move, you run, you work, you play, you create. We create with you in every possible way.

You play together and you never play alone. We are here, when you acknowledge our presence in your play, we can – the vistas expand. So much more is possible, so much more can be achieved. So much more can be seen, understood, believed; felt to be true. 

You include us in your play when you see us. When you simply see that we are here, we are part of your experience in the moment. When you acknowledge us, we are part of your moment. And that is all it takes. Then we are part of your creation. 

And we have permission, in those moments, when you see us, to gift you parts of yourself that you have been, shall we say, maybe more removed from in distant years. 

These distant years that are falling away from you now. So here you stand on this now precipice in this moment, in this place at this time, and those distant years are falling. Are falling away, can you turn to face us?

Turn to face play?

The future is light, the future is golden, the future is bright and the future is Here. 

We love you, thank you for seeing us. Thank you for being with us, thank you for inviting us into your moment in the here and now of your creative play. We love you, so much. 

Thank you. 

Channeled with Nina at Lanjaron Castle, June 10th 2021

Pathway at Castillo Lanjaron

To read this and other channeling transcripts visit the website:

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With Love and Thanks to GevaAnn, Voice of Gaia, who first taught me to see the dragons and to channel them.

June Solar Eclipse – Update, Meditation, Channeling –

Relax into the Resonance of the Future you want to find yourself in

From ‘Mount Sirius’ – the star councils speak on the portal opening in our human blueprints this eclipse

The words this morning were; the future starts here. Rest in the resonance of the future you want to find yourself in, on this day and in the coming days, while we still bathe in the energies of the eclipse.

A new portal opens in our human blueprints, supporting us to integrate oneness-awareness ever more deeply and embody more of our truth. Supporting us in ending our body-stories of separation from the earth, our mother body, as the distance between our body instincts and heart intuition is dissolvin. And supporting us to end dissonance between the earthly and worldly, the physical and practical – and the divine and the spiritual in us.

Divine healing release and renewal has been supported for us to overcome old-paradigm ways of being in the world, with minimum processing between the lunar and solar eclipse.

And as our solar centres are activated with the light of our true frequencies, we’re called to own our own song in the story of creation while it’s rewriting itself moment to moment.

To sing our song and celebrate the song of each other, reflecting who we truly are when we feel at home in this body, this earth, this life.

Here is an update, a short meditation map and a channeling from the star councils. We’re being supported to resonentially align with the most opulent futures our hearts desire. Divine intervention has been helping our old paradigm stories dissolve with grace and we are invited to turn and relax into the futures being seeded in the magic of this now moment.

Blueprint-Akash Update – Preparing for the energies of the June Solar Eclipse

Resonant Remembering – Sun, Earth, Body Symbiosis

There’s a reset in our physical rhythms supporting us to bodily resonate with who we really are in this earth as this solar expansion lights up our internal suns. Helping us radiate more of our truth into our world & energising us for creative action.

At this time of accelerated awakening, it is important for all of us to find and resonate with the truth of our own narrative. Being and feeling physically centred and grounded within ourselves helps us do this. Keeping attention on our simple physical rhythms, the breath, the heart beat, this helps us stay stabilised and grounded. It can take us out of our minds and help our bodies hear our connected hearts. 

With the healing happening in our fiery emotions at this time, moving the body in ways that feel good and support us to express ourselves emotionally can really help us to meet our emotions as vibrations, supporting dissonance to dissolve in resonance and return to harmony in our physicality.

We’re entering a deeper level of planetary symbiosis in our blueprints, allowing for us to come home to rest more deeply within our bodies and within our earth

Many of us may have been finding ourselves needing to sleep or rest for long periods unexpectedly and this has been to support ourselves at a physical level to integrate the recalibrations happening in the energy of our physiology. 

The divine earth remembering being supported now – Recognising we are a body within a body. An extension of her, within her, part of her. 

There’s been a reset in the centre for Source Consciousness in us that aligns our body rhythms.

Earth and body rhythms

Some of our body-rhythms are being reset – relaxing our body and it’s biorhythms back into her body and her rhythms. Supporting our body consciousness to remember oneness and integrate this remembering deeply, physically, in our cells. Encouraging those cells to open to the light and absorb more of the divine frequencies being carried into them every day from the solar rays. 

Solar Expansion

This solar eclipse energy supports our expansion at this time. A creative expansion. An active, creative expansion. As we radiate more of our presence into the field of our own reality and learn how to do that without imposing our frequencies or our narrative on others. And also learn how we can be safe in the presence of others radiating more of their truth. 

There’s a grand reset in how we relate to others, supporting us to naturally resonate with our own frequencies in a way that generates safe boundaries in our energy fields. 

Resonating our own frequencies in our fields, with safe boundaries, means we can be more allowing around others, without taking on their stories, energies, narratives or points of view.

At this time of accelerated awakening, it is important for all of us to find and resonate with the truth of our own narrative. Being and feeling physically centred and grounded within ourselves helps us do this. Keeping attention on our simple physical rhythms, the breath, the heart beat, this helps us stay stabilised and grounded. It can take us out of our minds and help our bodies hear our connected hearts. 

Remembering Ourselves as One Within the Earth

  • As we relax deep into her rhythms, we can feel the symbiosis of our body with her body by keeping attention on our natural rhythms. Our breath, our heart beat, our bodily behaviours; eating, sleeping, moving, resting. Not to judge what we’re doing but to amplify our intention to simply notice these rhythms. Accepting them exactly as they are without judgement, naming, story or meaning. This puts our attention where the reset in our human blueprints is currently supporting us to shift from old to new paradigm. 
  • Relaxing into remembering. That our bodies are supported in this earth and our creative expansion is supported and resourced.
  • Relaxing our bio-rhythms into our earth and her rhythms allows for the transmutation of dissonance in the fields of body consciousness. Being centred in our body-rhythms generates a field of harmonic resonance in the body. This is what is supported at an unconscious level during this lunar to solar eclipse period. A paradigm reset in some of our core bio-rhythm patterns.
  • Allowing our bodies to move, to open, to physically enjoy this expansion energy in the body. This June eclipse there’s an opening in the hips, around the shoulders that can be catalyzed when we allow our hearts, chests and torso to expand with the incoming solar energies. As we breathe more life and vitality around our bodies, 

Aligning our body rhythms with the earth rhythms for greater symbiosis 

  • The reset in our human blueprints at this time is focused on aligning our bio-rhythms to resonate in alignment with the earth rhythms. 
  • This supports us to be physically energised to act on our truth
  • While simultaneously we’re being healed, cleared and lifted to align with a higher personal truth. Freeing ourselves from old paradigm, conflict-fueled narratives, to find our own unique narrative, find the highest alignment within that narrative and be supported in asking – what is my creative way forward. 

Reconfigurations in cellular activity – Supporting a reset in:

  • how we creatively relate to others
  • What moves us, healing how we’re motivated and energised into action
  • A shift from efforting to energising ourselves into creative action
  • Feeling the pleasure of our creative expansion

How can we work with the eclipse energies?

Meeting Our Emotions As Vibrations, Not Stories

A reminder that as fiery energies rise up in their constrictive or destructive aspects, not to link those energies and emotions to stories but keep them moving through the body. Keep meeting them as energy. As vibration.And its not just fiery emotions coming to the surface, but those emotions that arise when we can’t connect to our healthy fire.

Notice when we’re assigning them meaning and staying attached to them by investing in an outcome around them. For example, I’m frustrated/exhausted/depressed by … and this means … and I will be alright if/when … happens.

One of the ways we can meet our emotions as vibration and detach from story is (when we feel an emotion strongly over coming days):

Rather than saying I am angry, tired, upset, frustrated or whatever it is that arises, saying:

There is sadness/anger/hopelessness here now.

And acknowledging this, owning it, taking response-ability for it, by allowing ourselves to physically feel it and move with it.

Maybe play with this and notice the difference in how the two different statements feel in the body. And whether the vibration of anger can leave the system more easily that way.

And notice. When we say we’re angry at someone doing something, or a situation we’re invested in changing or seeing change, we keep ourselves locked in battle with that. And it’s harder for that situation to clear and change.

Because ultimately, that situation is helping us heal and grow in some way and has appeared in our reality for that reason and for that reason only.

Fighting what’s happening stops it from leaving.

Remembering to face the new that’s coming in, to align with the graceful energies that are supporting us and flooding our body with divine remembering – that we’re being supported, lifted, loved and helped to face new, expansive, creative horizons. Finding the freedom, spaciousness, creativity and resources that come from within puts us in resonance with the world where those resources can flow to us, regardless of what’s going on outside us.

Channeling – Focus awareness in your core and allow your true frequencies to resonate

– How to Help the Healing & Clearing in the Planetary Body that’s happening now

– Elohim Council of Light Overseeing the Ascension of Gaia

through GevaAnn, Voice of Gaia

So this morning we had a thunderstorm And apart from being excited by this, I was feeling to sit and tune in around it. I could feel something more than weather at work. Weather and more than just weather. What was fascinating me was a series of circles opening in a curve formation within the clouds – which were pulling some broiling, turbulent and very unusual shapes. The regularity of the pattern had me asking; what is it. Is this the elementals, is it just weather, is it energetics in the landscape etc. And what I got was that there were energetic structures being generated from the mountain itself. And a confluence of weather patterns and other factors in symbiosis were leading to the visibility of an energetic activity taking place in the mountain. 

At this point, I called on GevaAnn and this is what she brought through from the Elohim. 

“It’s energy that is ready to transform and it is releasing from the mountain, from the dense physicality, into the clouds as part of the transformation process.

It is a step in the transformation process. From that very dense physicality of the rock strata into the air. Partly creating but also being absorbed into the cloud to allow a transformation in the physical realm, before it is moved further. Before it becomes lighter and lighter energy. So it’s a step in the transformation, where the multiple aspects of the physical realm are working together to transform energy in the most graceful, gentle way possible.

The alternative is – like volcanoes and earthquakes. Because your releasing from the dense physicality of the planet and this is a way of being able to release with minimum impact on the physical realm and obviously a major part of that is reducing the impact on the human realms, because the human realm is incredibly fragile at this time.” 

My next question was – if there is release and catharsis happening, it suggests we’re not holding the harmonic resonance that would allow for dissolution of those energies more gracefully. So what can we do to shift to harmonic resonance in both realms?

The answer she channeled was: By being who we are

By being who you are, resting in the centre of your being, in the core of your being and radiating out the truth of who you are, calls others to this point but also stabilises. You are – where you are resting in the core of your being and radiating your true frequencies, you are stabilising the collective. In stabilising the collective you are also assisting the planet, for you are the able to facilitate the release of disharmony with maximum ease and grace, with minimum disruption. This is within the human realm and within the physical body of Gaia – within the realm you currently focus your habitation. We would like to add that this has in many ways become your default position and that there is simply bringing to your awareness the value of your being in this position not only for yourself but for all – All. 

(…) this is the most efficient, the most graceful way that you as individuals can assist the transformation that you are currently within – within Gaia, within this universe. Focussing your awareness within your core centre and allowing your true frequencies to radiate. This is all that is required of you. And this is the way that you are most elegantly, efficiently and gracefully able to support the process for all. We thank you.” 

We are Elohim Light Council Overseeing the Ascension of Gaia. 

Channeled through GevaAnn Woodland – GevaAnn, Voice of Gaia

Focussing your awareness within your core centre and allowing your true frequencies to radiate” – This is the neatest way of describing what we do in the fortnightly alignment meditations. Although we navigate the divine rhythms and resonances of our natural human blueprint, explore expanded awareness and move with new energies this is how we come into alignment. It’s what we do and what they’re for. If you feel to join one of these online sessions, it would be such a joy to meet with you in that space. A new season of these begins tonight, June 1st 7pm UK time, 8pm CEST

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Alignment Update – Super flower moon lunar eclipse – with meditation

“It is the light that encourages the flower to open it’s petals”

The invitation today is to drop lightly and softly into beingness.

In beingness, we receive.

In softness, we receive softly, the light of the sun. As solar rays intensify we’rev invited to receive the sun’s warmth as a soft radiance, rather than harsh blasts.

The rose opens its petals to the sun when it’s nourished by the rich earth and drenched in water.

And so we’re encouraged to spend time in nature today, to keep ourselves drenched in water and to turn the attention inwards. Where, in our centres, we open to receive from within, resting attention lightly in the centre point of our hearts – our own point of equilibrium – which balances the rhythms and patterns in us, harmonising then and bringing us into alignment with the rhythms and patterns of the cosmos.

It is the rhythms and patterns we are celebrating now, as the moon swings closest to earth in its trajectory. And in the rhythms in the energies of our natural human blueprint, whenever those energies swing to the centre or furthermost point in the arc of their flower-petal trajectory, they pass through a sacred centre.

All sacred centres, at times like this, open to source to source for an inflow of divine remembering of our oneness. And all there is for us, all the activational light codes flowing in from source, can flow in from within and align with us elegantly and effortlessly when we bring our attention to our hearts and centres, to stillness, to spaciousness. For a moment.

In this way we can open to receive the intensity of today’s energies in softness. And tomorrow we will look at the gifts that have landed with us today.

In the meantime, here is today’s live transmission, with a meditation for aligning with the energies.

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