Half Moon Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – March 2022 – integrating a very earthy equinox

With Alignment Meditation, Lightlanguage Channeling and Messages from the Sirius and First Nations Guides

Header Art: mearon channeling transcript below

This lunar gateway there’s strong rebirthing in the area of how we let our worldly, earthly structures support us. With earth activations in our root triggering a homecoming to oneness awareness in related areas of our lives – home, money, body, health – we can find ourselves under pressure to allow great changes in the very foundations of what supports us. This brings with it a call to unstick ourselves from the muddy patterns of the past and align ourselves with the unseen new and beautiful.

The element of earth is activating for harmony and there has been an accelerated alignment supported between earth and air and now earth and water.

We are reforming our relationships with how we are supported at the very
foundations of ourselves. We’re being called to align with I who already knows and vibrates with the knowingness that structures in our personal universe are supportive, rather than constrictive. This is the activation of our highest potential, calling us into alignment with it, allowing the golden templates in our divine human blueprint to emerge and rewrite us and our reality.

The gateway that allows us to integrate these activations is a pathway in
consciousness. One of falling inward and letting go into the Gaia Goddess
consciousness opening up ever-deepening earth resonances that put us in touch with the vastness we also are.

We are the mud that is being reformed like clay, ready to be baked in earth-fire
activations to come.


  • Allowing ourselves to be structurally supported in the world

alignment meditation and channeled energy work with the guides

An alignment meditation and energy work with the guides from Sirius, with First Nations light language in channeled transmission activating divine templates in our human blueprint this lunar half moon gateway.

Alignment Meditation and channeled activation with the Sirius and First Nations Guides – Light Language, Channeled Messages and direct transmission

00:00 Meditation Intro – 04:22 Meditation – 24:20 Energy Activation (with Light Language & Sound) 31:28 Sirius Channeling #1 (and energy activation cont.) – 36.22 – Sirius Channeling #2 – 42:17: Integration and anchoring practise (taking this forward into our day):


The nature of structures and how they form in our world is related to the element of earth, currently undergoing rebirthing activations in the collective field of consciousness now and so changing and reforming our relationship to worldly structures and how this is projected from templates in our human blueprint, which, from another angle is the same as saying these changes are taking place in the encodements in our DNA.

As we collectively shift into a vibratory state of deeper earthly connectivity within the world of form and structure we are enabled to breathe with the earth in a way that puts us in vibratory resonance within Gaia’s realms. This means we have greater potential to experience harmony in the world, but we must let go of what’s blocking and arguing with the new energies. And this letting go is focussed just now in our root chakras, triggering great changes in the area of home, finance, body and physicality.

What aligns us with the new energies now is allowing ourselves to be supported by the structures in our world. And letting go of the stories where we haven’t been.

Some of those stories are muddy – we’re being shown where we have sticking points and real resistance to letting go or real investment and attachment to the way things have always been for us. That’s because we’re working with the combined elements of earth and water.

Although earth and water make mud and that can mean we’re facing sticky challenges in those root chakra areas of our lives, home, money, body, health – earth and water also make clay – allowing us to be reformed. The meditation at the beginning of the video is a short ‘drop-in’ to allow us to contact the wholeness we are and remind our system that the changes happening now are safe, we are safe, we are held and it is the divine I Am that we are that is re-forming us in the world, changing our relationship to worldly structures, to allow them to be more supportive.

This tends to catalyze deep work with our inner masculine and feminine archetypes and for each of us that will take a very personal shape. We can expect healing around some of our wounded expectations of one or the other.


Before the equinox – earth and air

The equinox – earth and water

After the equinox – earth and fire – this is on the way. The fire that bakes the clay and galvanizes the new form we’ve allowed to take shape in our worlds and realities.

channeling transcript


There is a new song being woven

One that calls to the blood to the bone and reminds it that it vibrate with the rock and the stone

That calls to the flesh and the matter to remind it of the love, the dance within between flash and earth, soil and breath, blood and bone, rock and stone…

To open to this is to allow phenomenal support into the very foundation of beingness as human beings are once again invited – re-invited into the realm of earth consciousness deepening through the denser dimensions. Once again walking with oneness awareness, breathing with all that is, even in the thickness of form, of matter, of substance.

(light language)

The deeper the body drops into remembering oneness within the earth dimensions, the stickier the old templates, old patterns, old beliefs, old fears rise up as anxieties that it is not safe to walk in oneness within the earth. They are like the bubbles leaving. They are like the gloops – the debris in the mud. 

(light language)

Beloveds you are being reformed. The hands of the divine that you are is resculpting all that you are from the inside out, changing your relationship with form, changing the nature of how you walk through your world. These are foundational times. You are once again at one in your roots with the roots of the earth. In your bodies with the soil of the 

In your hearts, in your rhythms with the rhythms of the earth. Allow great change to happen within you to support great change that is going to happen outside of you. 

In your externalized perceived reality. Let Gaia change and renew and reform for she is and will. Let go of your clinging to the mud banks of the river. Be slippy. Let yourselves go with the flow. Let yourselves…

(Light Language)

Let go, beloveds, just let go…

(light language)

New Speaker


All is a feat of re-engineering but it is a changing state of consciousness that supports the feat of the re-engineering of the encodements within your DNA. The re-engineering of the encodements within your DNA support the shifting holographic projection of reality and as each of you become healthier and healthier cells by which we mean you enter your connectivity awareness as a vibratory state within the density of your physical dimensions you support larger, greater and more graceful shifts in the physical reality of your external worlds. However, you must shift attention from looking for this change in your external worlds before you yourself change and make the obvious 180 degree flip and change your vibratory state so that what you are protecting enables the holographic conditions you wish to see made manifest. And allow these manifested changes to appear in your personal worlds first before they appear for the collective. 

Let your eyes rest on what is flowing to the front of your heart. What is in your consciousness now? What has the greatest mattering to your heart, to the very fundament and foundation of your being. Don’t think of this, call for this to flow to your awareness as though you are the rock in the river and all of everything is the flow, the river that flows, or it’s the pond around you and what is important flows to you, you don’t have to reach or grab, or analyse or construct. What is of greatest mattering in your world NOW

(light language)

What do you need to do with this? Simply allow. Reforming is of the moment – this moment, what is supported. Resculpting is happening not from the mind that looks out and perceives problems but from within, from the I who knows itself as the I that I Am. The I Am who Is .

Allow that resculpting to reform what matters most to you now. To bring it into alignment with the truth of who you are beyond the stories, below the layers, the overlays – the highest potential for harmony and wholeness within. 

We are the Sirians, we bring you the technological angles on the evolutionary shifts happening in the moment. We do support the re-enginnering and as we say re-engineering follows a change in state, a shift in awareness, new vibratory activities. 

(Light Language)

We leave you now in gratitude and with so much Love. Thank you. 

42:17 Integration and anchoring practice for taking this into our day

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Pre-Equinox Alignment Transmission – what’s activating & how to be with it

Expansion and divine awakening in body-earth-matter consciousness

Energy transmission – pre-equinox preparation – What’s activating & how to be with the energies – It’s an earthy energy activation this equinox

Shifts in the changing nature of reality and the changing nature of evolving consciousness are supporting the reactivation and reconfiguration of encodements in our DNA that put us back in touch with the vibratory knowingness embodied by our first nations elders – of the interconnectivity of matter and all made things in the physical universe. Of oneness in life on earth and the breathability of all that is solid, because all is consciousness. All is energy. All is alive and nothing is static.

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There’s a washing away of histories, of where humanity has been the cause of its own ending in civilizations gone by. There is a deep, embodied remembering that puts us back into our place in the picture of the changing nature of reality itself.

We are not the cause of the homecoming. However we are invited into the dance. Of the spiritual earth realms and their homecoming – healing and repairing the age-old wounds of separation. 

There is a death and rebirth in the fragmented realities and so a returning. You could call it a soul retrieval for the planet. 

I get the return of the first nations elders and that vibrational state of connectivity that’s not a thought thing, it’s a vibratory state of being. The history that we carry from the first nations elders in our DNA is being reconfigured because we are here facing our homecoming. Not there, facing our outgoing movement away from integration, wholeness and oneness.

Our outlook has aligned to re-experience the interconnectivity embodied by our first nations elders at that point in our evolution, but with the gifts that come from moving more deeply into that knowing that that’s the direction we’re collectively moving. 

It’s not for us to heal the wounds of the past.

But to join in celebrating our reconnectivity.

What I’m being shown is a very deep vibratory resonance of peace

– in the realm of things – the ‘thingness’ dimensions, where consciousness is touchable. Where consciousness is anything that we have made and we can touch. And Gaia has made and we can touch. 

Encodements in our DNA are being reconfigured for compatibility, or let’s say breathability:

Consciousness breathing with itself; breathing between the made things in the physical dimensions of creations, things made by humans – 

and breathing between the made things in the physical dimensions, things made by Gaia. 

These encodements are seeding the potentiality and the trajectory that consciousness is going to follow from here on in the physical dimensions,

And I get there’s no work to do, we’ve done the work. We are held in the process. Like we are floating in stream, like we are fish that know where to flow. We are not doing this, we are not making this happen. We are aligned. There’s really nothing to do except lose resistance.

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Every new and full moon we join together and drop into a guided meditation journey, with channeled transmission and energy work, opening to inner-self exploration, awareness and the possibility of shifts in perception. For grounding, centering and aligning for harmony.

When we’re aligned within, we’re more stable, supported, nourished and energetically protected. We can hear our intuition and inner guidance more clearly, access our discernment and be anchored in our truth, making it easier to live by this in day to day life.

The lunar gateways are energetic activation gateways, supporting us to call ourselves home to wholeness, and opening us to the divine resonances of golden templates in our blueprint, as these become active.

In the evolution of consciousness, these gateways correspond to energetic activations in the evolving divine human blueprint.

Some upcoming dates for the lunar gateway online group meditations

The Reset in Body Consciousness – New Gifts Now

With the reset in physical consciousness opening us to Oneness Awareness in the body, we’re accessing hidden templates and buried gifts that come from vibrating in harmony within our physical world. This triggers the recall of ancient rememberings as we open to the tremendously expanded range and quantity of information that reaches us from the physical landscape we’re a connected part of. Collectively, human consciousness is being supported to open up our long lost ability to take unconscious readings at a level of consciousness that’s been closed to us for so long.

Listen to the transmission here:

With practise and not just predisposition we can take those readings from our physical landscape more and more consciously, reconnecting with gifts that have long been thought to belong to the realm of the supernatural and the gifted few. 

At this time, the awakening in our natural human blueprints of this ability to read our extended physical landscape is like a whisper of what’s to come. Like Flower petals unfolding in our Divine Blueprints reminding us of what we can remember when we’re divinely aligned. 

These are the words that come for this half moon alignment transmission. 
With love. 


Oneness Realisation in the body’s field of consciousness

Channelings, Meditation – Divine Alignment with the lunar energies

Expansion, Joy & the throat & sacral centres – an initiatory alignment.

Between the full moon and the new moon, we’re supported to call hunger and appetite into new, healthy, alignments, to have an appetite for what we’re here to create, to allow ourselves to be hungry for the resources to do it.

This meditation anchors us in beingness, so we can align with our highest creative truth and open to the impulses that will guide us through the inner compass of our joy. The channelings bring through activational energy transmissions, embedded with the frequencies that help us open to the divine resonances emerging in our natural human blueprint now.

Somatic Listening; listen safely to channeled transmissions and activate the inner listener, the one with discernment

As with all transmissions, I recommend activating the inner listener; close the outward facing eyes, direct attention inwards with the intention to rest in the heart and centre, noticing the sensation of breath in the body, the sensation in the body as a whole. To drop more deeply into beingness, we can make that intention to be in the still point in the centre of the breath, in the centre for the heart – noticing everything from here. Thoughts, feelings, emotions. For me this directs everything I might be opening to in transmission through that highest inner authority; my Self, or for some, we might say my Higher Self.

Channeling – Dragons – rebirthing powerful primal forces in us

The dragons speak on the rebirth happening collectively in our inner dragon archetypal energies; those energies that take us close to the heart of Gaia. And how the change in vast energies can be seen reflected in the change happening with details on the surface of our earth right now. The details in our own personal worlds are therefore in a change and renewal process for the vastness and the smallness are one and move together; in us and in the planet.

Channeling – Sirius Pleidian Alliance – You Are the New World Creating Itself

Honouring our Truth & Taking Action – Aligning with & Honouring your truth, so you can be energised to act on your dreams

The guides speak on aligning with what’s emerging – aligning with the new through being in the now

Meditation 20 mins – Divine Alignment – An Appetite for Creating from our highest truth

Our Divine Human Blueprint Podcast - Divine Alignment Meditation - Aligned Appetites & Expansion of Joy
Click on the image to listen to the meditation

Artwork: Daniel B Holeman

Pleiadian New Year Channeling – Divine Mind and how to align, opening to our Inner Oracle-2022 Overview


Before this channeling began, such a loving, soft resonance came through. The guides of unconditionally loving integrity bring through this update to help and support us as we move into the new year 2022.

“As Christ Consciousness is born it is the mother who embraces this new birthed creation, who loves, holds, nurtures it. Who embraces this in the softnes of Her loving warmth, so, too, are these newly birthed Christ Consciousness Creator elements within you held in the loving nurturing nourishing warmth and softness of Divine Mother. 

As your old ways surface to be cleared from your systems, you will be held in this loving warmth and softness, to remember that this is the more real reality. And the dissonance that arises in the field of your experience is here to be lovingly witnessed, embraced and allowed to leave, to transform and leave in its own way, as it wants to, returning to you, all that was trapped in your ‘wrong’ creating in right shape. In higher alignment to reflect back to you more of the wholeness you truly are, manifest externally, because it is resonating internally. 

And therefore part of both your internal and external truth. 

And therefore part of your internal and external reality. 

There is a calling home of disparate parts – many disparate parts – in the first half of this year, so that you can be less distracted by your unhealed shadows when it is time for the light to shine on your unrevealed gifts as these emerge in the second half of this year, the emphasis will shift, so you can experience externally more of the softness and unconditionally loving warmth we speak of present with you here and now and throughout it all. Never leaving. Always holding and more and more physically here.

This will help you dissolve your sense of separation between what is internal and what is external. This is the initiation for this year. The year of Clarification when light is brought to yet deeper hidden parts of who you are in the dimensions of matter made solid. 

You are divinely directed from no-mind, readjusting in the fabric of your lives the mechanisms for making decisions and taking actions.  Let yourselves be realigned in No-Mind, so that the pressure may come off thinking mind, which has, until now, had too much to do, giving rise to the control-based responses, to fear vibrations caused by unknown situations in your physical experience .

It is the divine direction of No-Mind that supports your Home Coming in the world of matter made manifest. 

You will be repeatedly called to turn within as a refuge from an inability to control what is happening outside yourselves. This ability to turn in shall therefore deepen, giving you more and more access in more and more levels to your own inner Oracle. 

The one who reads the Akash of Consciousness and can ‘know’ as a vibratory knowing resonance, what is your higher truth in any respect in any one moment, in any area of your experience. These opportunities to turn within allow you to easily process and send home stuck emotions, thoughts and beliefs that were attached to the old paradigm of duality reality. Turning within and being within your own emotions, beliefs, thoughts, expectations and physical responses, impulses and actions, allows you to rewrite even your muscle memory – how you respond in an instant, without thinking – how your body responds in a moment to what is going on around it. Unlearned responses will free you. Will free your body to be ever more divinely directed in the moment from the I who knows itself as One within All That Is, All of Life, Gaia and All of Everyone. (Light language)

We are the Pleiadians bringing you a Christmas Message and we hope, a little Christmas cheer. As ever, we love you and thank you for receiving this broadcast. “

Channeled on Boxing Day – 26th December 2021

How to lift and clear our responses to what is going on around us – & Why its time to do that now 

A Map for Processing

The Activations Happening Now in Our Divine Human Blueprint

Gateways Home open in our human bluperints The next level has begun as we call home the ‘Externalised Self’ 

Look to where there are reflections of harmony in the external world – our immediate environment or wherever we cast the gaze of our attention.

Breathe that in.

Allow ourselves to be held by that – while we process and own our responses to all that appears less than harmonious, divine or loving in our external experience. (guided process map meditation below)

What we see outside ourselves is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. We know that, yes? But it is more than that, also. It is an extension of the I that we are. An extension of the Self. The externalised Self is the vista of all we experience in our outer world. That is us. 

How to Work With It – a guided process

Rest attention in the physical sensations happening in the heart and centre, through making an intention to do so and letting go of whether it has ‘worked’ or not. 

Open to notice sensation in the body and the extended field, letting go of understanding what this might mean.

Meet sensations that arise as vibration, free from story, meaning or need. Allow everything that arises to be as it is. 

Make the intention to be simply the loving compassionate witness. Let go of worrying whether you are this or not. 

With the eyes closed, let attention rest on your sensed awareness of your external environment. This could be remembering how it looked a moment ago. 

Make the intention to rest attention on where you personally notice reflections of divinity – this could be reflections of harmony, beauty, love, joy, contentment, or even simply safety, protection, peace or calm. An enclosed space can offer us protection from the elements outside for example. Keep it simple, let the reflections come in small ways and immediate ways. *

Make the intention to breathe in the quality (the love, the harmony or the beauty, the safety, the peace or the calm) from these things that you’re noticing. Imagine you’re breathing in these qualities from your external environment. 

Open to notice how you feel in your whole body. 

As you breathe in, make the intention to let these qualities hold you. 

You’ve connected to the field of divinity in the externalised Self. You’ve breathed it in and made the intention to allow it to hold you. 

Now when you’re attention migrates to rest on dissonance and perceived ‘lack’ of divinity (harmony, peace, love, safety and so on) in your externalised world, you can allow your internal responses to these things to rise up and be present in your field. 

Making that intention to allow them and be the compassionate, loving witness to how you feel about these things. 

Let your responses arise not as stories, but as vibrations in your field 

Trust that as you open to allow them, they are moving. You do not need to manage them, stop them, control them or find an external solution to them in this moment. 

Reassure your mind that an external solution to a perceived problem is much more likely to come from a higher, clearer place when you have processed your pained responses to what is happening. Because you will be lighter and clearer in your self and vibrating in resonance with higher frequencies. 

This helps us own our responses, reclaim our sovereignty, clarify and lighten ourselves and aligns us with a higher plane of wholeness, so the actions we are inspired to take in response to what is going on around us can come from a clearer, lighter place. 

*((If you find this hard, open to notice the part of you that argues while you do this and tries to get you to place attention on what is ‘wrong’

Tell it you’re not ignoring it, you’re just doing this first. You’ll come back to it.)) 

Activations happening now in our Divine Human Blueprint

‘Christ Consciousness Awareness’ resonates through our fields at yet another depth of density

This Christmas Eve just passed, going into Christmas day morning, a gateway opened in our collective human blueprints. A ‘Christ Consciousness’ opening took place that meant there are no longer any gateways in our blueprints that don’t open directly to Source. Gateways to Source were opened in the human blueprint, in the dimension of the externalised Self. Everything about our externalised experience of our selves has begun the next deepening of its journey home. We are calling ho me every area of our external experience and we are supported directly from Source to do this. 

Where I live, the landscape is imprinted with a living map of the upgrading evolving human blueprint. In the days leading up to this great Christ Consciousness opening in our divine human blueprint, the resonances of vortices activating was not just felt on the inner planes, it was visible in the outer reality. Have a look at these photos of the cloud formations over what we call the Mother Mountain here – resonating with the divine Mother Vortices in this latest divine blueprint evolutionary phase.

New Moon Gateway Kali-Ma celebrates our bravery, Calling us to higher truth

In this channeled Message the voice of Kali-Ma speaks of our courage – podcast & transcript –

New Moon Gateway Kali-Ma Channeled Message – on bravery to let go of what we’re not into the loving embrace of the dark, so she can devour it. And bravery to allow new and surprising rays of the truth of who we are to shine in the dark. 

New dreams of our Selves are birthing into being. Giving form to the truth of who we are in the world, through our actions. 

Channeling – the voice of Kali-Ma speaks

Deeper Uncoverings of Who We Truly Are

Podcast Episode – Our Divine Human Blueprint podcast is on spotify, stitcher, podchaser, google podcasts & Amazon Music

“You brave, brave beloveds, each of you journeying far, far into the dark to pick up the pieces you chose to believe were real for so very long. Those stories you told yourself, you told the world about yourself. About who you believed you were.

What if those stories, what if it was just possible those stories, some of those stories aren’t true for you. Aren’t the face you need to lift to the midday sun. Aren’t the true reflection of the resonant blueprint essence of you.

For each of you shine; shine the truth of who you are out, like a beacon. Into the textile, fabric of all that is. Into the pure ocean of raw potentiality. Always telling reality, always telling the world who you are and what it is. What it is to you.

What if some of those songs you’ve been singing all this time, to keep yourself safe, to keep others safe. What if they’re not any longer you. Now more than ever it is time to let all of who you are not be devoured, fall away and take no shame in ‘turning on a sixpence’, as they say, and suddenly showing the world a different face for in these times of change all have permission to transform, slowly or suddenly, in fits and bursts or steady progressions but all have permission to show the world yet deeper uncoverings of the true face of who they are beyond the stories, under all the overlays.

Everything that hides up and til now has protected and kept safe that core essence of who you really, truly are, for nothing right now, matters more.” 

The dark of which Kali-Ma speaks in the channeling is the dark of night, the loving dark that envelops us, takes from us what’s done and seeds the light that will emerge as rays in us to bring the dawn. 

Channeled through Lucy Hunter 3rd December 2021

The deeper we let go into our soul, into our night, into the loving dark, the more brilliant the seeds that become rays of our sun bringing the light of our spirit into the world to work on fulfilling our dreams. And it’s courage she says we need at this time – not to force this, but to allow it. Allow the process that’s already running, already live in us, already wanting to happen. It’s our job to get out of its way and show up to recognise and surrender what we’re not. To have the humility to not know what more of the truth of who we really are, under all those layers, is ready to be one with the light of day. 

New songs of spirit are emerging in us as the divine masculine is reborn from the ashes of the death of what’s past in us. The old shapes masculinity had in each of us are released, reformed in the infinite, returned in right shape and higher alignment for wholeness, reforming how we’re shaping our lives through our actions. 

How are we being called to act? 

There’s a call to let ourselves be surprised, let ourselves act in ways we haven’t before. Let ourselves be called into our higher and wholler reflection of our own true natures, guided from within, but active in the outer.

New dreams of ourselves are being birthed into form. 

Why is The New Moon a Gateway?

Every Full moon and new moon a gateway opens in our divine blueprints for us to receive from and let go into source so that more of the truth of ourselves can reweave us and dissolve the old stories of who we believed ourselves to be. This is the continuing process of ascension as seen from one angle. The divine blueprint gateways open us to emerging templates that support us living more fully our 5th dimensionality; the capacity to be fully human and multidimensionally divine. What supports our continued awakening is the recognition of our interconnectedness and this new moon gateway is preparing us for dropping more and more deeply into our inner earth awareness. Not the awareness of the inner earth – which is a beautiful area for conscious exploration. But our inner earth aspects. The part of us that resonates as one with the deeps of the planetary body.

In the dark of the moon, we’re invited to drop more fully into the divine feminine so that more liberated freer, clearer and rewritten aspects of our inner masculine can emerge. In this moon cylce, we’re invited into the softening, opening inner planetary deeps of our own consciousness, to end, by degrees our internal stories of separation within the Gaia planetary consciousness. And to allow this initiation to change us from within.

This path of choosing to change from within affects our actions in the outer world and that brings change as we take responsibility for being a cell in a body that functions in interconnectivity. But more than that, it brings a resonance that acts as an invitation in the collective unconscious, making it easier and easier for others to hear and act on their own intuition, their own heart resonance. Often we value only what we can see, what is above the surface. We value action and doingness. But it is how doingness is aligned below the surface, with who we truly are that affects everything. That determines how action will land.

Dropping into beingness aligns us with who we truly are. And honouring our beingness aligns our doingness. That is why at these gateways we get invited to drop deeply into our Selves for it is in beingness we receive. There are new encodements, formed of revelations bringing resonances, generating waveform vibrations that give rise to new linear light geometries that re-encode us for the fifth dimensionality we are so devoted to realising. This is a light-engineering perspective on why we drop into beingness in order to align our doingness. Although the light is what we can see, it is what goes on in the ‘dark’ that gives it shape.

The shape we take in the world isn’t just the face we wear to be seen by, it’s our influence, our actions, our voices and our choices. What determines how they land and take effect is our resonance and that comes from the unseen invisibility of who we are. As we see each other more clearly, we see more and more of each others’ invsibility. Rather than calling out others on theirs, we can take ownership for what we see of ourselves. This changes the world far faster than fighting; fighting what we don’t want to see outside of us.

What’s celebrated above all else in the channeled message above is our bravery. Because this is the quality we need to face the unseen in us as it beomes visible. Both the old scripts that surface and show us things about ourselves we’d prefer not to be made aware of. And the new weavings that reveal more of the incredible, powerful beings we really are. Courage is needed to be with them both and that comes from within. But we are being cheered on.

How Can We Work with the Energies This New Moon Gateway?

This phase between now and the full moon we’re due to have two hidden faces revealed to us. The one we’re letting go of. And the one that’s arising to shine its rays along with the midday sun. Celebration will help us end the stories that are leaving, Gratitude will help us call in what’s arising to replace them. Authentically honouring all the emotions and responses that are neither will help us in our detachment and realignment processing.

With love,


I offer support in the shape of integrated, channeled energy work sessions with self-enquiry and process work. They’re for helping us open to, align with and receive from our divine blueprint; to embody our sovereignty and live from the truth of who we are. You can make an appointment for a free consultation here to see how this might help.

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Full Moon Eclipse Sirius Channeling, Gaia Channeling & Meditation

Taking the action to follow our dreams – a new vibratory resonance awakens

Gaia-Body Symbiosis – New Deep Earth Alignments – Divine Shiva Shakti Alignments – Fire & Water Elemental Harmonisation – Throat Centre Renewal – Body Rebirth

Our golden inner masculine awakens, called into being by the Gaia Goddess consciousness unfolding within us now.

Blueprint-Akash Update

In this channeling that took place in the midpoint of the lunar eclipse, guides from Sirius enthuse us with the positivity of this upshift and reflect how well we’re embodying them and how the continuing shift in consciousness appears from their perspective, describing us as rings of internal suns, shining within the deeps of the earth during this eclipse.

And Gaia speaks on symbiosis. With a vibratory message to call us home to the simplicity of remembering ourselves as one within her.

This channeling and the meditation below are for supporting us to drop into our bodies, expand our awareness and listen to how we feel at a deeper level of body consciousness, inviting us to embody that vibratory resonance of planet-body symbiosis.

The full report, meditation & channeling are available as a long watch at the bottom of this post.

(in the video) Gaia & guides from Sirius speak on our upshift and our deep inner vibratory alignments this lunar eclipse

The new moon at the beginning of this cycle opened up golden templates that support our inner masculine qualities of holding focus, clarity, goal setting. Of willful, joyful, purpose-driven, consistent action. An aligned divine masculine that dedicates itself to carrying out creative intentions birthed from the very essence of our being. This is where spirit dances with soul and they set out into the world together, his action driven by her dreaming.

There is the taking off of an old body-coat and allowing it to fall from us into the earth, to be received the way the soil receives leaves and renews them as the compost that feeds new trees. Our symptoms may be very physical at this time. There are two physical realities co-existing in our bodies; the dying old draining away with all its duality matrix histories and trauma constrictions. And the emerging new, powered by a steam alchemy through the huffing, puffing, expansive breaths of our inner dragon energies as the elements of fire and water harmonise in us this eclipse.

We’re aligning the dreams of our soul, birthed in our deeps with our actions on the surface. We’re reforming who we are and how we create in the world. Just as there are movements in the deeps of our planet reforming her surface. The chaos this causes is the chaos of change, rebirth and renewal and it becomes more important than ever to hold our centre, as what’s going on in us mirrors what is happening with our planet.

These two body-realities can place a deal of strain on us physically and if we’re suffering with symptoms, it can help to celebrate them as a signal of great change – of endings and renewals. While also taking the nurturing, compassionate care of our physical needs that’s so important right now. The more we can celebrate the change, the more we align ourselves with the emerging new and the less time these physical ‘ascension symptoms’ will need to be with us. We’ll be letting them go, like we’re letting go of the past. That’s ideally what a full moon gateway’s for.

So we’re calling home the elements of fire and water, re-alchemising them in our blueprints for unity, so they work together in us to make steam to power our soul-aligned activities.

Those subterranean rhythms in consciousness that allow us to vibrate with the resonances deep in the earth are active now, flooding our body-consciousness with remembrance codes that vibrate in us physically and reinform our animal impulses, our instincts and reconnect us with our animal wisdom. This ends old animal-consciousness stories of separation, division and duality.

New Beginnings – on the other side is a refreshing renewal of the element of air in us. As fire, earth and water harmonise in our deeps, the element of air is called into harmony. Bringing clarity of thought and efficiency of action. We’ll be under pressure to detach from old patterns concerning how efficient we are when we’re busy. So the cobwebs will be blown out for us, for sure, between now and the new moon.

Aligning with our inner Gaia goddess aspect calls our inner masculine into action. Enabling us to real-ise the dream of our soul, born in the essence of who we are. Our daily, surface activities can align with the deeper truth of ourselves. This is how the energies of now support us to live our higher purpose in earthly ways. This lunar cycle we’ve been gathering the blocks, resistances and residues of old stories to be released over the full moon gateway.

On the other side of this gateway, we’re taking the steps, however small, that make practical progress in the direction of our higher heart intentions. The footsteps that follow our dreams.

This 10 minute meditation transmitted during our lunar phase, for ‘Body Symbiosis Within the Earth is also for supporting our eclipse transition.

Enjoy and I hope you have a beautiful eclipse phase. I’m available for one to one, channeled support. Book a free consultation with me here.

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Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Energy Update, Meditation and channeling from Sirius and Gaia – in full

The unity reset continues to move through the layers of physical consciousness in our multidimensional selves, calling home us home to rest more deeply in our Selves. Each new moon and full moon gateway triggers the emergence of divine templates in our human blueprints as doorways to Source facilitate the renewal and rebirthing of ourselves into unity consciousness. The next 8 years focus on physicalising that awareness and calling our actions home to reflect embodied, integrated, applied awareness of all we’ve been gathering, transforming and renewing in ourselves up until now. 2020 was the ‘eye of the needle’ year and here we are sailing out into the re-forming of our reality that comes from the re-membering of who we are. This calls our divine masculine into action, as the healing of our inner shakti frees her to rest in resonant celebration of this. And so we unearth & transform the wounded bodies of our inner masculine and feminine as the dance of unity, embodied, continues in each of us.

As our internal Gaia Goddess Consciousness awakes in the deeps of us, it’s been calling our divine masculine energy into alignment and up to the surface. Celebrating this energy resources, fuels, affirms and directs it, increasing its efficiency and our chance of success in pursuing our chosen goals. With this untangling of inner tantric energies we stand to gain greater clarity, more ability to hold our focus, to apply will and determination to specific actions that are aligned with our purpose. These are the actions that follow the arrow fired in the direction of our higher purpose. Taking our questions about what to do right now into meditation opens the door for the answers to reach us, if not in the moment of asking, then through myriad ways that life, the universe, consciousness and our Higher Selves speak with us all the time.

At the culmination of this cycle with the full moon lunar eclipse, we’re invited to rest deeply in beingness, align with our divine feminine and her deep earth resonances. This is where we connect with those movements in our planet as they vibrate with us. To drop into that inner sanctum and be held in the heartbeat of our planet, we rest our body in our planet’s heartbeat and rhythms. This dropping into beingness aligns our doingness. We’re then ready to fulfill the dreams that are birthed in our soul by making the right movements towards them. These are movements and actions we feel from within are right, without needing to know in the mind why that’s so.

To support the process we’re in, or to experience more of it, we’re invited to turn inward in meditation, stay present with our body and its rhythms and let ourselves drop, deeply, into that body-restfulness we might find if we open ourselves to the energy of the pause that comes with the arc of an eclipse.

Long Watch – Full Moon energy update, meditation & channeled message from Sirius and from Gaia

Energy Update 00:00 Meditation 16:29 Channeling Sirius 36:30 Channeling Gaia 42:30-47:25 Sirius

Channeling & Energy Update – gifts from Gaia To keep us stable as the sun ignites our solar centres

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update for the full moon

With Video & Audio channeling & energy report

Channeling begins at 19:00

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – New Moon November 21

Audio (podcast episode) listen here

An energy update & channeling in preparation for the new moon gateway on Thursday of this week, which opens a portal to source on our human blueprints, giving us access to profound inner resources in the areas connected with our solar centre and their expression through action in our external lives. 
As we get ready to anchor ourselves to new depths in our determination to do what we believe in and what we’ve committed to, we’re in the process of strengthening our foundations, so the towers we build for our dreams and intentions to be fulfilled have a solid structure. And we can be clear on how to act and what to do, to follow through on our highest and whollest intentions. 
Resting in the embrace of our grounded, earthy deeps and allowing ourselves to drop deep into resonance with mama Gaia can put our animal bodies in touch with a primaeval state that can support us during this rebirthing. And which can help our foundations stay strong and help us to stay centered while we’re lifting to greater heights and more focused action. We get to inspire ourselves now, with more of what we need to do, to follow through on our heart’s deepest dreaming and the intentions it’s given rise to in us.
Part of that is keeping the faith that what we know we’re here to create has a place in a world that’s already birthed itself into newness. We might not yet see how. But we’re asked to hold that focus of imagining the world we want to see and imagining ourselves in it. Because it does exist and that imagining places us more firmly in it, making it easier for our obstacles to lose their substance and for what’s energising us, supporting us and inspiring us to get through and be heard.
There’s gifts emerging from our divine blueprints within our solar centre, dissolving the distance between our inner and outer worlds – aligning those worlds by helping us receive the charged energy coming from the sun. And we’re receiving this both internally and externally. Life energies are gifting us now the clarity, impetus, direction, focus and drive that helps us take the actions necessary to strengthen the foundations for our dreams to be manifested. 
Choosing to vibrate with unconditional joy can help us be with any constrictive energies – especially emotional energies – as they rise up to clear.
Even though at times our most challenging frustrations may seem larger than life over coming weeks, that’s only so we can see them for what they are – old stories of who we used to be but aren’t any more. And when we see them like this is easier to let them leave.

It can help to know we’ll be diving deep to heal the hidden so we can align with strong foundations that support us to reach a new height in our creative productivity.
We are re-forming our world

Channeling, Chat & Guided Meditation – gateways to alternate realities this full moon and beyond

Aligning with our highest potential Self and manifesting our soul’s dream for us

The end of the massive planetary retrograde sees our forward motion creatively supported now, and there’s an opportunity to make a reality ‘jump’ into a higher vibrational version of ourselves, as the gateway to alternate realities opens and invite us to align with our highest potential – to integrate with the self who is already facing the direction of manifesting the dream of our soul. 

The guides bring through a channeled message after the meditation to help anchor the alignment with supportive frequencies in the video and poscast episode below.

The gateway meditation in this livestream was brought through in the full moon portal and can be returned to and worked with at any time after this.

The Coffee Morning Check in with myself and GevaAnn Woodland covers the main themes to be aware of, with a guided meditation for aligning with our highest potential reality.

In this unusual full moon gateway the window opening between alternate realities may be leaving some of us feeling a little wobbled or strange, to say the least. But on the plus side, we are presented with a fantastic opportunity to integrate with our highest aligned self by simply being aware of the possibility, choosing it and asking for the support of our guides.

Podcast episode

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