Half Moon Energy Activation

Alignment meditation, Sirius channeling & guided intention setting in a 50min journey

Setting intentions from the truth of who we are

Our divine Human Blueprint Podcast Episode


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Setting Intentions that are aligned with the truth of who we are – Half Moon Energy Activation

A guided alignment journey with channeled meditation and guided intention setting for activating gifts and abilities this full moon.

The divine marriage of the inner masculine and feminine opens up in the akash of the collective human blueprint. In this dance, honouring our unique imprint, our divine essence is aligned with going into action and setting our to-do intentions.

The guides from Sirius bring through supportive messages to activate dormant gifts in our Blueprints -especially from our Atlantean past, speaking on the dissolving of a timeline.

The body is invited to be the landing site for our action intentions, as we breathe life force in at a cellular level.

Working with activational intention breaths in the body, in the energy fields and in our reality, opening the gateway to source and aligning with the ‘breath of creation’ in the moment.

This was what came through in the moment, opening to the energies of now in this live stream.

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Preparing for the Summer Solstice Rainbow Bridge – the shift into sovereign cocreativity

Going live with GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

Podcast episode – oracle live with messages from the guides


An oracle live with myself and GevaAnn as we tune into the story of now in the collective evolution of consciousness – with messages Channeled from the guides, looking at how we’re being supported in preparing for the momentous summer solstice rainbow bridge shift

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Lucy, divine human blueprint

GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

The Energies of Now – Full Moon Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde and Summer Solstice Run-Up

4 Podcast episodes – energy activation transmissions, channelings, meditations & energy updates

Blueprint-Akash update May 18th 2022

Pt 1- 10 minutes – Energy update overview

Pt 2 – 2.40 minutes – Galactic Dragon Channeled through GevaAnn Voice of Gaia – on the reset in Life Force in collective consciousness now

Pt 3- 1:05 hrs – Guided Activation Alignment meditation – from the online event (register to join these every new and full moon)

Pt 4 – 56:00 minutes Live Stream – Integrating the Eclipse Energies – mini update, reset, meditation, transmission and channeled messages from the council of star guides from Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda plus others here to support us prepare for the rainbow bridge of the solstice, where we shift into the second half of this year and the energies of playful, lifted, lighter cocreating, after 6 months of healing and preparation for this 2022 shift in consciousness.

Part 5 on the way:

Tomorrow we go live with GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia – to bring our focus into alignment with the new creative energies. GevaAnn is an open channel who works closely with the planetary consciousness and elementals as an oracle, energy worker and reality co-engineer. Like most of us, she is here in service to the shift and to her own evolution. Dedicated to always aligning with the highest possible truth to support others in their own evolutionary journeys, it is an honour to work with her and invite her to be part of the podcast lives.

Easter And Full Moon Blueprint-Akash Update

Understanding and working with the Lunar and Easter Energies – the death and rebirth shift in our collective human blueprints happening now.

The energy alchemy of our evolving human blueprint – the metaphysics of this now

We’ve just moved through a cycle of death and rebirth that’s opened us to love frequencies coming through Life itself, entering by the gateway in the front of the heart. 

Listen to the podcast version here

Listen to the full 1hr long activation meditation here

These love frequencies rest us in the resonance of the love that comes from Life itself. It’s a specific resonance of Life holding us, loving us, bringing us more of what is loving for us. The dimension in which this is happening is the plane of creation – (how we experience our manifested creations).

The element that has been being rebirthed in us throughout the last lunar cycles (short and long) is earth.

When earth comes home to itself in unity, it rebirths its relationship with all the other elements, to shift from vibrating in a state of separation with them, to resonating in a state of unity with them. This means that each element contains and is contained within all the other elements, but expresses more as one than another. It is the yin yang principle, as applied to the elements. 

Earth has rebirthed and reunified with air and water.

Now begins the reunification of earth with the element of fire. 

This earth element rebirth in our human blueprints connects us to what is physical, what forms our foundation, our base, our stability and our security. On the approach to easter this activity was focussed in the cellular field. Coming out of easter its focussed in our atomic energetics, realigning us with the breath of life, death, rebirth and renewal. 

Every cell, every atom, every particle of consciousness and matter (matter is consciousness but consciousness isn’t necessarily matter), breathes the breath of life, renewing moment to moment, outside space and time. 

For the most part, in most places, this breath is aligned just fine. Everything is configured to breathe in life and breathe out death; to take in what nourishes growth, evolution and fulfillment of purpose. And to expel waste, by-products and what is no longer needed. 

But where consciousness has been holding itself outside of life and love, in a state of freeze, keeping it in isolation, the reverse alchemy takes place. Death is taken in and life is released as waste. It’s like putting a vehicle in reverse without going anywhere or trying to walk backwards up an elevator going down. It’s enough to keep us out of the flow of life moving us forward. 

The breath of life puts the cycle of life and death in right relation within us. 

Any experience that any part of consciousness has that is less than unconditionally loving can potentially put it in a state of freeze, locked outside the flow of life and death renewing and rebreathing all of creation. This can happen anywhere in our bodies, hearts, minds and multidimensional energetics. And it can happen to any energy anywhere. 

The reason we aren’t a complete mess of locked, frozen traumatised energy, is because the impetus of the breath of life and renewal is so strong that in many cases, traumas are released and the energy is renewed.

 In this instance, the word trauma is being used in its broadest possible definition; the impact of experiencing less than unconditional love. 

However, where the impact of trauma is stronger than the breath of renewal, where trauma of any kind remains unhealed, the cycle of life and death can be inverted and part of us or part of anything energetic can be taking in or holding onto waste and blocking incoming nourishment and vitalising forces. 

Why are we going into all this?

Because this Easter, the energies of death and rebirth in the cellular stories locked in the body – and now in the atomic energies in our body-consciousness fields – are not only a biblical story. They’re part of what is happening energetically in the collective blueprint now. There is a reason why some stories sustain. 

There is a resonance of unconditional love vibrating in our hearts now. And it comes from Life itself. Letting us know that Life is our ally, inviting us to breathe in vitality and expel waste. To celebrate and give thanks to Life for wherever it’s loving us. And inviting us to notice where that is. To amplify that activity in our awareness, with our attention and so in our experience. 

Because it is life energies that will be holding us in love while we expel the waste of our old-definitions. Old definitions of who we are and how we respond to life when vitality comes calling to energise us into action. 

Those parts of us that sleep in the face of liveliness, that want to curl up and shut the door on life, will be gently reached out to, lovingly. So they can unfurl and explore the new life frequencies, discovering if these energies are safe, are welcome, are a different shape than they used to be, aren’t making the same demands to come out of our centre and abandon our soul, like they used to. 

This is a life force that doesn’t need us to run, run and panic. 

This is a life force that lets us walk, at our own pace. That invites us to stop and breathe with it. That listens to the soul of us and makes time and space for us to pause and drop into beingness. This is life in divine marriage with soul and it is why it is earthed – so these sun, fire and electricity energies of life and the lightning strike of action – can be re-experienced in the divine marriage with soul, where they are harmonised. 

Our sleeping, frozen and resistant parts are not being harried, forced or pushed into the world like a newborn taken away from the mother body at birth. They are coated, covered, fully embraced in love – in the softness that makes life beautiful. 

We’re invited into a new symbiosis. Love with Life, Being with Doing. Stillness with Motion. Silence with Sound. 

The full moon meditation that came through in the online group this Easter is available here as a recording, bringing through the activational energy alchemy that supports our aligning with our truth and welcoming the death and rebirth shift in our own unique ways. 

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Meditation Map – Elements

The energy alchemy going forward – play with this and make it your own

The infinity breath – from the heart, breathing in from within, down to the root and back up to the heart. Repeating until you feel firmly embodied and grounded, aware of the sensations in the lower part of the body, but not trying to change them. Just listening.

In the heart, opening to face the gateway at the front of the heart, to Life and Vitality. Breathing in from Life itself – where Life is loving wholeness in purity.

Following the breath down to the root and allowing a thin stream of energy to continue breathing all the way down into the soil of the earth, taking with it whatever wants to leave from your cells. 

Notice and allow any feelings of discomfort and allow these to move.

Let the breath do the work, don’t try to be the ‘doer’ of what needs to happen.

Return on the breath to the heart. 

Listen to where attention wants to flow.

Are you feeling expansion – celebrate this just with the intention statement that you do so

Are you feeling constriction. Allow this and notice it as though it is a shape in you. Then make the intention to be the space around the shape, listening, allowing and welcoming that constriction. 

Stay with the breath, noticing the in and the out flow, listening to what’s moving in your body and in your energy field, working with it by allowing, welcoming, loving and celebrating, until there’s nothing more moving. 

There’s more to work with in the meditation, which takes you on a guided process including activational transmissions to support the integration of the divine new alchemies in our human blueprint now. 

And I’d love to hear what’s coming up for you in these fire days moving out of the easter and full moon window. For me, the fiery energies being balanced in the love vibration in the heart are Joy and determination. What that’s pushing up is joy when it’s inverted; so anger. And determination when it’s inverted – so, inertia. But what is helping me is dropping awareness into my heart to hear and feel and know that love vibration coming in from Life. This is helping me connect to Life in its loving truth. And it’s helping with the remembering that Life itself is naturally loving.

Half Moon Blueprint Akash Update – April 2022 – New Earth Dimension Shift – Meditation, Channeling, Activation & Alignment

channeling transcripts below

The old is leaving, the new is emerging and at half moon time we can be more with one than the other.

The purpose of this transmission is not only to help us anchor in the emerging new and receive the energetic gifts of this half moon gateway. But also to have ourselves opened to the activations supporting a shift into resonance; lifting our frequencies, our light quotient and our magic-working, by letting ourselves be aligned within a higher dimension in our physical reality.

The gateway now is in our centres and it’s Divine Mother who calls us there.

Through beingness we hear her in us and she enables us to hear our Selves. And to be held within All That Is until our internal rhythms come to rest, nestled as they are within the planetary, the cosmic and the universal rhythms. And this generating a field of harmony for ourselves, our immediate environment, our loved ones and our world.

Thanks – phenomenal thanks to the invisible holders of this divine emanation, making it possible for us to be transformed in Grace. And specific thanks to GevaAnn, for her pre-transmission channeling from the elementals reminding us that they’re here, they’re with us, they are us and that’s the level of connected awareness they’re supporting us to move into and vibrate with now.

Channeling & Energy Activation – Keep attention inwards, noticing the sensation of breath in the body, the sensation in the body as a whole, opening to receive only what’s for you in the most benevolent, loving, appropriate way. Listen to the Podcast Version here

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34:33. Channeling 1)

Beloveds. Welcome and thank you. 

In the silence the song of you resonates in your bodies’ fields

You then generate the complexity of light geometries, curvatures, waveforms, shapes and frequencies that together paint a picture that is both seen and heard. That is both felt and met throughout the landscapes of consciousness through which you always move.

And perhaps there is more activity in one area than another, in one dimension, in one realm, in one plane of existence than another, in any one time. And this is like the instrument of you being played and a note being sounded somewhere. Resonating the song of who you are throughout your fields. Bringing things to your attention and awareness that are ready to be revealed and renewed in the enduring harmony that is always inherent potential in any part of all of conscious in any given moment. 

Such is the complexity of the dance, there must be a simplicity to how we navigate this, no? For fascinating though complexity is, it can also be distracting. And one of the pathways that has led humanity to create that which leads it further away from itself, into separation, is the fascination, the love of the exploration of complexity. 

The energy of Joy has been central to the machinery of moving humanity further and further away from connectivity within itself, within the planet, within the cosmos. And at this time, the machinery isn’t being disintegrated as such, rather recalibrated. It’s a bit like changing the engine oil. The oil being what supports these moving parts to continue.

The fuel, well, there’s the question.

What’s fuelling your creations and is it aligned? How is it aligned with the truth of who you are?

Channeling 2 – star alliance

We are inviting you to be energised from within, For when you contact that Joy, it is as though your inner suns are radiating out through all of Creation and All That Is. 

It is the song which is sung throughout the universe at all times, in all places. Not always – in some places only barely audible.

We are inviting you to listen, to look for, to trust. To be energised – to trust the energy of Joy as that is what is being renewed in you at this time. This is what your guides are supporting you with and it is all in preparation – all of the first half of this year is a preparation time, where you are being recalibrated and realigned, bringing home those powerful forces in you so that when it is time for the switch and the flip that is due to happen in this year – where you shift from healing and clearing your misaligned forces – the problems, the challenges, what is in the way, what can hold you back, what can cause you fear, what constricts you, what compresses you, what is the inner work of, shall we say, housekeeping and clearing. 

When you make that shift (to creativity) – when the time comes – and that will be Solstice, of course – phenomenal forces are due to be released within the earth, to support new Life. 

And collective cocreation.

And it is so that you come to know, love and trust these internal combustion forces within; the more masculine qualities of force itself, and know that all of force can be requalified, all of force and any force can be realigned. Any force released anywhere can be requalified and realigned. But that you know and trust the forces within yourselves, so that when what is supported is collective co-creation and these creative forces are the vital part of this, to move forward this cocreation of humanity moving into the next blooming foundation building of the structures that support its continuing emergence within the new earth – you will trust your joy, you will trust your excitement, you will trust celebration, you will trust these electric, sunshine and fire forces within because they will be earthed.

And it is Earth that is harmonising within the body field of consciousness, within the collective blueprint at this time. The element of earth is completing its cycle of coming home to itself within the divine human blueprint. This is where earth remembers it is one with fire, with water, with air. Where each element contains all of the others, very much like the yin-yang, but as we apply it to the elements here. This has been a movement in consciousness that is culminating now, getting ready for you all to dance the dance of fire and earth. 

Fire and earth bring structure to form. It solidifies things, it defines things. It brings in definition. It says definitely: this is what it is. This is the shape of this. 

So why do we focus on alignment so intensely? It’s because we want the force that brings the shape that gives definition; that defines something; that creation, whatever that is – to be arising from and returning to the very essence of the nature in the heart of the being from which that creation has arisen, so that what takes shape is in alignment with the highest whollest truth of the nature of the essence of Love in wholeness and harmony within itself. 

You are the sculptors placing your creations in the kiln at the time. This an elemental activity balancing archetypal forces within the collective consciousness at the moment. So you may find yourselves working very much with items that connect to the root, your home, your security, your body and its health and vitality. 

And Joy. 

Joy is often kept in a lock with anger and grief is what unlocks that. The outpourings of grief have been supported in you collectively – global events have enabled global consciousness to have one focus, so that global processing and healing is supported. Outpourings of grief unlock the anger that allows Joy to be released, renewed and returned in right alignment.

So there is a purpose to everything, even that which is seen to be less than desirable – that which emerges in the first half of this year on the surface of your existence and in the world is serving global healing and can be put to use in that way. 

What you cocreate going forward is due for a big shift, right on the cusp of the Solstice, right as you shift from working on what must be healed and cleared to being energised by moving forward towards what you want to create more of and this is the mystery. This is the unwritten and it is here, within the hearts of all of you, that what you cocreate going forward gets decided. And so we invite you into the resonances of higher frequency emotions and vibrations such as Love and Joy and Celebration and Gratitude, to keep you coming home, to the I who knows itself as one within All That Is. And lets go of feeling like it needs to be the small one fixing the universe. But rather part of the dance of creating, come home to itself in the body, in the earth and in the planet. 

Thank you very much for being with us and allowing this high speed transmission to come through. We invite you not to follow the words too closely but allow, as we say, your filters to do the work of inviting in what’s for you and so that the encodements contained within the words can activate your own understanding. Your inner ability to read the akash of your own consciousness and know what messages there are for you in this moment in this gateway at this time. This is the purpose of all transmission. Not to impose knowledge but to awaken it within you.

Lucy – (laughing) Ahh, that’s the star alliance. The Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturians, it’s very beautiful and bubbly and high speed and lots of light and lots of encodements; packets of information there. So much love. A real lightness that all came through with, I was feeling, just while they were talking. 

I think that wraps it up, guys. I’m just going to check that there isn’t anything else for us and how do we integrate that and go forward with it…

…They’re just saying take a nice, deep breath, let go of trying and make the intention, if you like, to carry Joy forward into your Life today, in each breath and ask for help with the healing and clearing. 

I just feel that excitement of cocreation in these little magics and mysteries and it’s kind of what happens afterwards that leaves me amazed and excited. Because I don’t know. There’s this not knowing of what gets opened when we come together like this – what’s going to happen next.

So let me know, let me know how this lands with you, what’s moving for you and what’s live, so that we can make something of it going forward. 

I just get the words “We can let the play continue” – that’s the elementals coming through; we can let the play continue. 

Let me know in the comments how this landed and what’s moving for you now. It helps the transmission bring in more support for all.

Thank you 🙏

Half Moon Musings – from Lucy


We’re not the master of her

She’s the mother of us

We work her resources into our creations

By her leave

And we know it

Remembering this can rest our bodies in a deep surrender

Saving the need for a disaster to do that for us.

One way or another, we are coming home to Her

In all the earthly dimensions of our Selves.

Remembering that we’re one, in the body, as her body, breathing within her, with her and of her.

We take because she’s giving. What’s granted is what is allowed.

Her benevolence tolerates greed, grabbing and misunderstanding. As it would a baby who knows no better.

But what if we’re growing up. What if we’re not babies any more. What then could a mother do to bring her children up.

Show them, perhaps, it’s time to take the responsibility that always comes with knowing more.

So here we are, knowing that what we do causes planetary consequences to the land, to the animals, the plants, the air and the waters.

Seeing how we take and give within her affects us all.

Opening up the awareness of this interconnectivity

Giving us the chance to make new choices.

And reimagine how we’re working her resources.

This maturation is all that’s happening. Our body, her body.

And the process is more than held. We’re supported in all dimensions, in all ways.

There is time, even while there is urgency.

Time to grow. Like the plants in the gardens.

I’m aware of quieter times

When the presence of the mother was more easily felt

That’s all that’s required,

Not punishing ourselves for being absent

For forgetting her

The presence of the mother calls everything else home

Into Alignment

Purpose, direction, love, thanks

Joy and celebration is grounded.

The anchor holds all in its centre


And we know where is home and how to be there

All she asks of us now, is to make space in our motion, our joy, our doing and our creating

Honour the pause and the space in-between

The breath

The movement

Our list of things to do

Make space in between

So we can let her be here. The anchor, the presence, the giver, received.

Channeling 3 – Elementals on Joy

Read the channeling from the elementals through GevaAnn Voice of Gaia here – the transmission that was part of the preparation for today’s Live.

With loving thanks to the star guides and to the elementals. Their gift; is an invitation to make the internal and external shift into a new earth dimension now. One where we can let spaciousness into our day and change the way we move, stopping, when we feel to, to registering beingness, not just doingness, noticing and enjoying our environment, to smell the flowers, to watch the butterflies and receive the birdsong. Even in the busy-ness of our days, to invite in that space in-between. The space where we receive. The pause in-between the breath. Where beingness opens us to all that is. Where joy is grounded, celebration is anchored and inspiration gives clear direction to action.

For deeper one to one support, we can open up a space for your consultation-chat (no cost or commitment) here

New Moon Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – Awakening the Dreamer

– An aspect of Christ-mind activating now, anchoring an expansion in our divine human blueprints

Energy update, Activation Transmission, Sirius & St. Germain Channeling

with much gratitude to GevaAnn-Voice of Gaia for supporting oracle transmission and channeling

Header art: Autumn Sky Morrison

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – divine templates activating in the collective human blueprint now

  • Beginning with the New Moon just gone, to culminate in the full moon next year
  • Activating the Dreamer – an aspect of the Christed Mind
  • How the place to be is in the heart and in the body while the mind is in chaos
  • How our dreams are going to be working overtime as the subconscious sorts out everything
  • How this shift in the mental plane can feel unsafe and create fear

That this is what we can do

  • We can be in compassion with other’s fear
  • Know there is supportive Intervention activating the Unconditional Love vibration in our heart centres
  • Call on the elementals for support
  • Know it is important not to go to war ‘with anyone of anything’
  • Choose to hold awareness in our heart centre can help not just us but others
  • Anchor awareness in the body can also help not just us but others

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – Activation Transmission – Video / Audio

Sirius – St Germaine Channeling Audio and transcript below

New Moon Divine Blueprint Activation – The Dreamer -an aspect of Christ Mind
New Moon Transmission -The Dreamer – an energy activation Listen to the podcast episode here

Energy update in brief

-from conversations between Lucy and GevaAnn

“We seem to be activating the Dreamer. That aspect of the Christed Mind that knows itself as one within all that is and knows itself as the Dreamer of reality. And that seems to be triggering a complete reshuffle in what the thinking mind is potentially capable of, what its job is, where it is in relation to everything else. What’s its positioning, basically. And so what’s happening is that the subconscious is overloaded with stuff to sort out and people’s dreams are working overtime, because that’s the platform where the subconscious sorts itself out – it sorts itself out through dreams, because that’s the only way.

There’s a tremendous emphasis on letting go of the past, but it’s not just that, there’s a reshuffle as the thinking mind is catalysed to realise its no longer responsible for managing reality from a control point of view because the dreaming mind has awoken and remembers that it’s creating it. 

And there’s a calling on the technicians of the mind to reconfigure the circuitry for everything on the mental plane, in alignment with this awakening, expanded capacity.

And this isn’t at integration stage. This is what’s seeding. It’s not going to culminate until full moon next year. This is seeding now. It’s not integrating now. 

This reshuffle in the thinking mind’s role in reality can cause uncertainty, insecurity and a lack of feeling safe. And this can cause a sublimation of mental tyranny as a kind of helpless by-product of this and that’s actually to be treated with compassion where it’s seen, even if it’s not to be tolerated and encouraged. But it’s to be held in compassion.

When we realise that someone’s behaviour originates from a place of fear, insecurity or feeling unsafe, it can be easier to access compassion even as we establish and maintain loving boundaries. 

The guides say through GevaAnn: “Don’t go to war with anybody or anything.”

They say we are heading for great change in our outer reality. Holding our awareness in our hearts, in our bodies and extending compassion to others and to ourselves can bring in much support for everyone, helping to keep us stable and centred during a time of change and expansion.

Channeling – Sirius – St Germaine – Support with ‘The Dreamer’ – new moon activations

Channeling – Sirius – St Germaine – support with the new moon activations Listen to the podcast episode here

Channeling Transcript: “To support you all with this, there is a benevolent emanation present with each and every person – with each and every one of you. Of the Christ Love. Of Christ’s Love. As it shows up within the hearts of humanity. Christed Love is the frequency of Divine Love fully present in the human heart. And there is a beneficent outpouring, a radiation of this quality to all, to support you in coming home to the heart, when the mind has such a pull. To offer a replacement for the usual place of safety, within the activities of your own consciousness and to aid the resolution of conflict energies, where they arise at the ground level, between you all. So that the war may end first in your own individual human hearts. And you may be re-focussed toward creativity, which is the grand purpose behind all you are moving through, with your mental expansion at this time. You are being ‘reset’ at a vaster, more expansive spectrum of the Self. The human being will be able to mentally recognise itself at this vaster, more expanded anchorage point, within the whole Self. In order to support this, new boundaries are replacing the older, smaller ones that supported you in your smallness. In your mental functioning. And thought-based grasp of reality. Much wider borders are being set up at this time, to provide that much needed safety in relating one to another from this expanded place of Self-awareness, mentally realised.

You’re called into the body because you also are your bodies. It is impossible to support and stabilise any other expansion unless this has firm anchorage within you. Vibrationally and as an emanation throughout your fields. 

The tyranny of the mind is usurped first by the heart. 

Releasing the body, realigning all of physical reality as you know and experience and move through it, so that the reset is made more manifest and to balance all your future creations, for your minds shall play such a great part in revisualising, reimagining, reconstructing, recreating the technologies that will support new life in new earth. 

They would be as insubstantial as cobwebs, as air, were you all not fully anchored firmly, physically, first. We are your support team in this. 

We are the Sirian engineers behind the divine human blueprint working with amultitude of races throughout many dimensions of consciousness, convening to speak with you intellectually on this now. Thank you

We offer continued support for the mind – the enquiring mind that wishes to understand its new relationship within All That Is. We are here for that. 

Sirius Guides with the overlighting of St Germain. Channeled through Lucy – Infinity Resonance 2202-04-03

Half Moon Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – March 2022 – integrating a very earthy equinox

With Alignment Meditation, Lightlanguage Channeling and Messages from the Sirius and First Nations Guides

Header Art: mearon channeling transcript below

This lunar gateway there’s strong rebirthing in the area of how we let our worldly, earthly structures support us. With earth activations in our root triggering a homecoming to oneness awareness in related areas of our lives – home, money, body, health – we can find ourselves under pressure to allow great changes in the very foundations of what supports us. This brings with it a call to unstick ourselves from the muddy patterns of the past and align ourselves with the unseen new and beautiful.

The element of earth is activating for harmony and there has been an accelerated alignment supported between earth and air and now earth and water.

We are reforming our relationships with how we are supported at the very
foundations of ourselves. We’re being called to align with I who already knows and vibrates with the knowingness that structures in our personal universe are supportive, rather than constrictive. This is the activation of our highest potential, calling us into alignment with it, allowing the golden templates in our divine human blueprint to emerge and rewrite us and our reality.

The gateway that allows us to integrate these activations is a pathway in
consciousness. One of falling inward and letting go into the Gaia Goddess
consciousness opening up ever-deepening earth resonances that put us in touch with the vastness we also are.

We are the mud that is being reformed like clay, ready to be baked in earth-fire
activations to come.


  • Allowing ourselves to be structurally supported in the world

alignment meditation and channeled energy work with the guides

An alignment meditation and energy work with the guides from Sirius, with First Nations light language in channeled transmission activating divine templates in our human blueprint this lunar half moon gateway.

Alignment Meditation and channeled activation with the Sirius and First Nations Guides – Light Language, Channeled Messages and direct transmission

00:00 Meditation Intro – 04:22 Meditation – 24:20 Energy Activation (with Light Language & Sound) 31:28 Sirius Channeling #1 (and energy activation cont.) – 36.22 – Sirius Channeling #2 – 42:17: Integration and anchoring practise (taking this forward into our day):


The nature of structures and how they form in our world is related to the element of earth, currently undergoing rebirthing activations in the collective field of consciousness now and so changing and reforming our relationship to worldly structures and how this is projected from templates in our human blueprint, which, from another angle is the same as saying these changes are taking place in the encodements in our DNA.

As we collectively shift into a vibratory state of deeper earthly connectivity within the world of form and structure we are enabled to breathe with the earth in a way that puts us in vibratory resonance within Gaia’s realms. This means we have greater potential to experience harmony in the world, but we must let go of what’s blocking and arguing with the new energies. And this letting go is focussed just now in our root chakras, triggering great changes in the area of home, finance, body and physicality.

What aligns us with the new energies now is allowing ourselves to be supported by the structures in our world. And letting go of the stories where we haven’t been.

Some of those stories are muddy – we’re being shown where we have sticking points and real resistance to letting go or real investment and attachment to the way things have always been for us. That’s because we’re working with the combined elements of earth and water.

Although earth and water make mud and that can mean we’re facing sticky challenges in those root chakra areas of our lives, home, money, body, health – earth and water also make clay – allowing us to be reformed. The meditation at the beginning of the video is a short ‘drop-in’ to allow us to contact the wholeness we are and remind our system that the changes happening now are safe, we are safe, we are held and it is the divine I Am that we are that is re-forming us in the world, changing our relationship to worldly structures, to allow them to be more supportive.

This tends to catalyze deep work with our inner masculine and feminine archetypes and for each of us that will take a very personal shape. We can expect healing around some of our wounded expectations of one or the other.


Before the equinox – earth and air

The equinox – earth and water

After the equinox – earth and fire – this is on the way. The fire that bakes the clay and galvanizes the new form we’ve allowed to take shape in our worlds and realities.

channeling transcript


There is a new song being woven

One that calls to the blood to the bone and reminds it that it vibrate with the rock and the stone

That calls to the flesh and the matter to remind it of the love, the dance within between flash and earth, soil and breath, blood and bone, rock and stone…

To open to this is to allow phenomenal support into the very foundation of beingness as human beings are once again invited – re-invited into the realm of earth consciousness deepening through the denser dimensions. Once again walking with oneness awareness, breathing with all that is, even in the thickness of form, of matter, of substance.

(light language)

The deeper the body drops into remembering oneness within the earth dimensions, the stickier the old templates, old patterns, old beliefs, old fears rise up as anxieties that it is not safe to walk in oneness within the earth. They are like the bubbles leaving. They are like the gloops – the debris in the mud. 

(light language)

Beloveds you are being reformed. The hands of the divine that you are is resculpting all that you are from the inside out, changing your relationship with form, changing the nature of how you walk through your world. These are foundational times. You are once again at one in your roots with the roots of the earth. In your bodies with the soil of the 

In your hearts, in your rhythms with the rhythms of the earth. Allow great change to happen within you to support great change that is going to happen outside of you. 

In your externalized perceived reality. Let Gaia change and renew and reform for she is and will. Let go of your clinging to the mud banks of the river. Be slippy. Let yourselves go with the flow. Let yourselves…

(Light Language)

Let go, beloveds, just let go…

(light language)

New Speaker


All is a feat of re-engineering but it is a changing state of consciousness that supports the feat of the re-engineering of the encodements within your DNA. The re-engineering of the encodements within your DNA support the shifting holographic projection of reality and as each of you become healthier and healthier cells by which we mean you enter your connectivity awareness as a vibratory state within the density of your physical dimensions you support larger, greater and more graceful shifts in the physical reality of your external worlds. However, you must shift attention from looking for this change in your external worlds before you yourself change and make the obvious 180 degree flip and change your vibratory state so that what you are protecting enables the holographic conditions you wish to see made manifest. And allow these manifested changes to appear in your personal worlds first before they appear for the collective. 

Let your eyes rest on what is flowing to the front of your heart. What is in your consciousness now? What has the greatest mattering to your heart, to the very fundament and foundation of your being. Don’t think of this, call for this to flow to your awareness as though you are the rock in the river and all of everything is the flow, the river that flows, or it’s the pond around you and what is important flows to you, you don’t have to reach or grab, or analyse or construct. What is of greatest mattering in your world NOW

(light language)

What do you need to do with this? Simply allow. Reforming is of the moment – this moment, what is supported. Resculpting is happening not from the mind that looks out and perceives problems but from within, from the I who knows itself as the I that I Am. The I Am who Is .

Allow that resculpting to reform what matters most to you now. To bring it into alignment with the truth of who you are beyond the stories, below the layers, the overlays – the highest potential for harmony and wholeness within. 

We are the Sirians, we bring you the technological angles on the evolutionary shifts happening in the moment. We do support the re-enginnering and as we say re-engineering follows a change in state, a shift in awareness, new vibratory activities. 

(Light Language)

We leave you now in gratitude and with so much Love. Thank you. 

42:17 Integration and anchoring practice for taking this into our day

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Pre-Equinox Alignment Transmission – what’s activating & how to be with it

Expansion and divine awakening in body-earth-matter consciousness

Energy transmission – pre-equinox preparation – What’s activating & how to be with the energies – It’s an earthy energy activation this equinox

Shifts in the changing nature of reality and the changing nature of evolving consciousness are supporting the reactivation and reconfiguration of encodements in our DNA that put us back in touch with the vibratory knowingness embodied by our first nations elders – of the interconnectivity of matter and all made things in the physical universe. Of oneness in life on earth and the breathability of all that is solid, because all is consciousness. All is energy. All is alive and nothing is static.

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There’s a washing away of histories, of where humanity has been the cause of its own ending in civilizations gone by. There is a deep, embodied remembering that puts us back into our place in the picture of the changing nature of reality itself.

We are not the cause of the homecoming. However we are invited into the dance. Of the spiritual earth realms and their homecoming – healing and repairing the age-old wounds of separation. 

There is a death and rebirth in the fragmented realities and so a returning. You could call it a soul retrieval for the planet. 

I get the return of the first nations elders and that vibrational state of connectivity that’s not a thought thing, it’s a vibratory state of being. The history that we carry from the first nations elders in our DNA is being reconfigured because we are here facing our homecoming. Not there, facing our outgoing movement away from integration, wholeness and oneness.

Our outlook has aligned to re-experience the interconnectivity embodied by our first nations elders at that point in our evolution, but with the gifts that come from moving more deeply into that knowing that that’s the direction we’re collectively moving. 

It’s not for us to heal the wounds of the past.

But to join in celebrating our reconnectivity.

What I’m being shown is a very deep vibratory resonance of peace

– in the realm of things – the ‘thingness’ dimensions, where consciousness is touchable. Where consciousness is anything that we have made and we can touch. And Gaia has made and we can touch. 

Encodements in our DNA are being reconfigured for compatibility, or let’s say breathability:

Consciousness breathing with itself; breathing between the made things in the physical dimensions of creations, things made by humans – 

and breathing between the made things in the physical dimensions, things made by Gaia. 

These encodements are seeding the potentiality and the trajectory that consciousness is going to follow from here on in the physical dimensions,

And I get there’s no work to do, we’ve done the work. We are held in the process. Like we are floating in stream, like we are fish that know where to flow. We are not doing this, we are not making this happen. We are aligned. There’s really nothing to do except lose resistance.

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When we’re aligned within, we’re more stable, supported, nourished and energetically protected. We can hear our intuition and inner guidance more clearly, access our discernment and be anchored in our truth, making it easier to live by this in day to day life.

The lunar gateways are energetic activation gateways, supporting us to call ourselves home to wholeness, and opening us to the divine resonances of golden templates in our blueprint, as these become active.

In the evolution of consciousness, these gateways correspond to energetic activations in the evolving divine human blueprint.

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The Reset in Body Consciousness – New Gifts Now

With the reset in physical consciousness opening us to Oneness Awareness in the body, we’re accessing hidden templates and buried gifts that come from vibrating in harmony within our physical world. This triggers the recall of ancient rememberings as we open to the tremendously expanded range and quantity of information that reaches us from the physical landscape we’re a connected part of. Collectively, human consciousness is being supported to open up our long lost ability to take unconscious readings at a level of consciousness that’s been closed to us for so long.

Listen to the transmission here:

With practise and not just predisposition we can take those readings from our physical landscape more and more consciously, reconnecting with gifts that have long been thought to belong to the realm of the supernatural and the gifted few. 

At this time, the awakening in our natural human blueprints of this ability to read our extended physical landscape is like a whisper of what’s to come. Like Flower petals unfolding in our Divine Blueprints reminding us of what we can remember when we’re divinely aligned. 

These are the words that come for this half moon alignment transmission. 
With love. 


Oneness Realisation in the body’s field of consciousness

Channelings, Meditation – Divine Alignment with the lunar energies

Expansion, Joy & the throat & sacral centres – an initiatory alignment.

Between the full moon and the new moon, we’re supported to call hunger and appetite into new, healthy, alignments, to have an appetite for what we’re here to create, to allow ourselves to be hungry for the resources to do it.

This meditation anchors us in beingness, so we can align with our highest creative truth and open to the impulses that will guide us through the inner compass of our joy. The channelings bring through activational energy transmissions, embedded with the frequencies that help us open to the divine resonances emerging in our natural human blueprint now.

Somatic Listening; listen safely to channeled transmissions and activate the inner listener, the one with discernment

As with all transmissions, I recommend activating the inner listener; close the outward facing eyes, direct attention inwards with the intention to rest in the heart and centre, noticing the sensation of breath in the body, the sensation in the body as a whole. To drop more deeply into beingness, we can make that intention to be in the still point in the centre of the breath, in the centre for the heart – noticing everything from here. Thoughts, feelings, emotions. For me this directs everything I might be opening to in transmission through that highest inner authority; my Self, or for some, we might say my Higher Self.

Channeling – Dragons – rebirthing powerful primal forces in us

The dragons speak on the rebirth happening collectively in our inner dragon archetypal energies; those energies that take us close to the heart of Gaia. And how the change in vast energies can be seen reflected in the change happening with details on the surface of our earth right now. The details in our own personal worlds are therefore in a change and renewal process for the vastness and the smallness are one and move together; in us and in the planet.

Channeling – Sirius Pleidian Alliance – You Are the New World Creating Itself

Honouring our Truth & Taking Action – Aligning with & Honouring your truth, so you can be energised to act on your dreams

The guides speak on aligning with what’s emerging – aligning with the new through being in the now

Meditation 20 mins – Divine Alignment – An Appetite for Creating from our highest truth

Our Divine Human Blueprint Podcast - Divine Alignment Meditation - Aligned Appetites & Expansion of Joy
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Artwork: Daniel B Holeman

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