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Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – Channelling from Sirius

New Wave Light Technologies - a paradigm reset in our collective human blueprint happening now Channeled Message & Transmission with Guidance on how to work with this Blueprint-Akash Energy Update February 21st 2021 - the reset in an archetypal shiva energy within us, opening us to a new internal relationship between light and technology. There's … Continue reading Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – Channelling from Sirius

Energy Update & Meditation for Alignment – Video

The latest shifts in our Evolving Collective Human Blueprint, with a nurturing Alignment Meditation To help us come home to our Selves and our centre and receive healing Meditation starts at: 13:30 Blueprint-Akash Energy Update & Meditation for Alignment

Andromedans Activatory Channeling on Reentering the flow of divine time

The Andromedans bring this short activational channeling - an update that we have the opportunity now to develop our sense of timing to a new level.

Frequencies and How We Affect Them Part 2

Interview with Armelle Boussidan and Lucy Hunter See Frequencies and How We Affect Them Part 1 Armelle Boussidan: From what you’re saying there’s a memory in the frequency. What you were saying at the beginning is the idea that we emit a frequency and it will somehow be connected to how it was originally emitted. … Continue reading Frequencies and How We Affect Them Part 2

We Are Transmitters; Planetary Frequencies and How We Affect Them. Prt1

Channeled Interview on Resonance, Dissonance and Planetary Frequencies With Armelle Boussidan & Lucy Hunter Listen to the Podcast Episode here: <div id="buzzsprout-player-7617952"></div> <script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script> Channeling: "There is a frequency embedded within the planet that defines the constellation of earth’s consciousness, in the sense that the planetary body has a place in the cosmos, … Continue reading We Are Transmitters; Planetary Frequencies and How We Affect Them. Prt1

Compassion Heals the Energy of War – Channeling & Energy Update – Collective Heart Healing Happening Now

Energy Update & Channeled Message - Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians. On the Collective Healing Happening Now, the Resonances of Compassion and Celebration and How healing the energy of conflict within ourselves is helping us heal the need for war energy in the world. How we are progressing in our evolution towards transcending the arena where conflict drives us forward.

Coming Home to Ourselves

What does it mean? Turning inwards to meet our own needs.  Where we are reaching outwards with our desires, expectations and needs, we turn to other people, objects and situations to fulfil them. And for a time this may work, but when we are ready to find a different path to self-fulfilment, dissatisfaction appears. Perhaps … Continue reading Coming Home to Ourselves

Happy New Year – A Symphony of Celebration with the Guides

Happy New Year - A Symphony of Celebration with the Guides. Channeled Messages from Many Voices. The Sirian Alliance, Council of Overseers, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Dragons, Elementals and Merlin all speak at the convening of the year. "You are letting go of more than you can measure"

Solstice Message – A Synergy of Symbiosis – Stepping into Sovereign Creating

As we step into our sovereign creatorship this gateway aligns us with the Self beyond all our blocks to manifesting from the truth of ourselves what we came here to do. We already are who we came here to be. Now we're being helped to take joyful, confident, aligned action. To be the innovators that steers the world of collective cocreating forward into the new age of aquarius. And that involves facing the destruction of the old. In us and all around us. And choosing to be in the lightness beyong it and stepping through the veil into the new. We're being aligned for the year ahead. December 21st aligns us with what we'ere for in the year 2021

Solstice Gateway Quick Update

Winter Solstice Update - what's new in our Blueprint Akash. We're birthing a new attitude to Life itself as the energy alchemy in our blueprints aligns us within a landscape of Life force in a planetary rebirth. Our symbiosis within the planet is what aligns us with fresh new energy alchemy for Life; for living more harmoniously and in alignment with our soul purpose. And being supported as who we really are, doing what we're really for. Click on the photo to read more