Divine Blueprint Alignments

A Channeled Alignment Session for Transformation in Grace

These Sessions are guided 90 minute gateway journeys, coming in 2 parts. The session includes a deep alignment journey followed by channeled messages from the guides.

Together we open the gateways and pathways in your blueprint, so you can access your infinite inner reSource for healing, wellness, creativity and guidance to help you align your reality with your life purpose.

You’ll be guided to direct your attention, awareness and intention while together we navigate you through the energies, stories, and life patterns that want to transform.

We’ll open up to receive messages from the guides, so you have a chance to hear from them and ask from the heart about what’s really important to you right now.

Blueprint Akash Alignment Sessions

How does it work

In Divine Blueprint Alignments we open and read the rhythms and resonances in your Blueprint. This is an Akashic Map that contains all the stories of who you are. Your Soul stories, your past lives, your current lives. Your ancestry, your spiritual lineage. And the story of your evolution and ascension.

Whatever is ready for transformation will show up on this map and together we’ll open to what wants to move, holding and dissolving this gracefully in the harmonic resonance of your Divine Blueprint.

When the inner journey work comes to a close, the guides make themselves available to share channeled messages, offering additional guidance and support and helping you integrate your new alignments.

What can I support you with?

How are you creating your Reality? Take command and change what’s happening in your Life.

Safely access your guidance and connecting with your gifts, your guides and the constant support thats available to you.

Balance your energies, come into alignment, ground, centre and expand your awareness.

Activate your hidden gifts.

Learn how to consciously protect yourself energetically with boundary work focussing on invocation and command.

Transcend old stories, wounded emotions, limiting beliefs to heal our soul stories & align with our Soul Purpose.

And also…

Ending soul agreements and contracts, clearing attachments and unwanted energies, safely ending relationships, situations and life stories. Dissolving past life agreements.

Soul retrieval and calling home our wounded aspects, archetypes and ‘lost parts’

Akashic Alignments for Cocreating the Future (Ask to know more)

Timeline ending and renewal, holographic healing, quantum healing

Tantric Alchemy; Aligning with the Unity Alchemy of our inner Archetypes; Masculine/Feminine and Mother/father/child work

DeMatrixing and Rematriating:Templates, scripts and encodements – dissolving the old into the emerging new, aligning with and living from our divine matrix, reweaving our human blueprints and transcending old stories to allow the future to be recreated from a place of clarity.

More About Me

I’m a channel, seer, energy worker and an oracle, specialising in the human blueprint. I work from Presence, to help facilitate Oneness Awareness and Energy Alchemy Awareness, to help us unlock our gifts, align with our passion and live more connectedly.

I’ve trained and practised for 11 years. I now offer weekly meditations, live transmissions, channelings and energy reports.

What will happen in a session?

This depends entirely on you and your needs in that moment. I connect in Presence and we are guided by your Higher Self in response to the highest call of your heart’s intentions. We invite in the support of guides of unconditionally loving integrity. Everything is protected and held within a safe container. And there is a limit to what each of us can open to and receive at any one moment.

In the 11 years I’ve been doing this and the 1000s of sessions I’ve given, no two sessions have ever been the same.

What does connect them is that they are led by your conscious and unconscious intentions for coming home to yourself. Before the session we sit together, to give us a chance to meet and to call to awareness some of the things you’d like to work on. From that point, the work begins and you will be being prepared for the session.

What do I need from you?

Simply a willingness to take responsibilty and ownership for being the conscious and unconscious creator in your own reality.

Everything beyond that is simply a matter of our being respectful, loving, pracitcal and kind in how we engage.

I’ll need your agreement for the process to be guided by me.

If at any point I feel that we are unable to proceed safely, respectfully or lovingly, I’ll call a halt to what we’re doing until we can.

Strong experiences, emotions and responses can arise when we dive into the deeps of ourselves for healing, renewal and transformation. It’s your sovereign process. I can act as a guide and a facilitator and nothing excites me more than to show up for this. I’m there while you do this for yourself. I’m there as a way-shower, keeping you safe and lighting the ways. I can help you open gateways – but only you, as you know, can walk through them. I can guide you through processes, but only if you’re ready, willing and able to go through them. And this protects both of us. It means I cannot force you to go somewhere that is not for you. And I cannot be responsible for what you do or do not experience.

I offer channeled support, guidance and assistance. And have trained for many years with masters in developing safe practises for holding these special spaces open. It is always a joy and an honour to hold space for your Self-Exploration.

How do I work?

I read your energy map as a clairsentient somatic and channel, working with integrated energetics.

I ‘see’ from the 12th dimension when I’m reading your energy. This means I perceive and connect with your energy maps in terms of moving rhythms and patterns.Everyone and everything is made up of these moving maps of energy mandalas. And everyone has access to a level of themselves where you are energy in harmony – with itself and with the whole.

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