For aligning the energies in your home, land & buildings

Energetic healing, clearing, renewal and alignment for the home on multi-levels

Dowsing for sacred energies with guidance on how to align your home, buildings and land projects for harmony and wholeness
Energy Alignments for the home
Energy Alignments for the home

I work to help people and places restore themselves to harmony through harmonic resonance energetics. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and its always a delight and a surprise to read the akash of homes, land and building projects, channeling the support for bringing people and their homes into higher energetic alignment

Aligning the energies in the home

Working with guides of unconditionally loving integrity, we heal, clear, lift and reconfigure the energy patterns of the home for their highest possible alignment. I’ll give you a full energetic reading report to take away that includes recommendations and suggestions, guidance and advice.

Ever wondered why it’s hard to leave a place when it’s time to go? Or why you feel unsettled when you move somewhere new? You’ve heard of energy work for people – well it’s the same with homes, land and other buildings. In these Energy Sessions, we work with you, your home and your land to align everything with your highest intentions for moving forward with your life.

Homes, buildings and the land they’re on hold energetic patterns in them – just like people. I read those akashic energy imprints and channel the energy work which helps you embed new energy blueprints in your home and land. Restoring harmonic resonance to your environment so it supports everyone within it. The energy work is self-sustaining, which means it’s configured to bring lasting benefits.

A Divine Blueprint Session for the home is a full energetic realignment of the energy patterns. This clears, cleans and realigns the energy in our home space, helping transform our living environment and our lives.

When do I need energy work in my home?

  • When we move
  • When we want to refresh the energies
  • When we start working on a new work/home or life project
  • When we’ve lost someone or someone has passed away in the home
  • When someone moves in or out
  • When we’re planning a new home or building project
  • After we’ve finished a new home or building project
  • After a period of emotional or mental intensity
  • When we’re feeling stuck in our lives
  • When we’re in any kind of transition

Our home and the land they sit within hold the accumulation of our thoughts, emotions, actions and whatever we’ve been expressing over time. As well as other energy imprints left over from the past or what’s going on nearby. Our home holds energy patterns that can support or block us.

When we start something new, we want to know that the old energies have been cleared and that we will be energetically supported going forward – at all levels. The more harmonious the energetic configurations, the smoother our lives and creative projects can progress.

During transitions, after a significant life event, or just when we’re feeling stuck in our home environment, energy work on the home can help.

The role of our home is to nurture and prosper us, to hold us in safety and comfort while we rest and renew, while we work, play, create and grow. It’s job is to support us, whatever our intentions and purpose, and that can mean being a holding space and a safe haven for everyone who lives and visits.

Do I really need energy work done in my home?

It’s always good to keep the energy patterns in our homes healthy and there are lots of simple and unconscious ways we typically do this:

  • cleaning
  • deep-cleaning
  • having a clutter clear-out
  • re-organising our storage
  • rearranging the furniture
  • Having a gathering – honestly. Friends celebrating together can work wonders when we feel stuck in our home space

These are some of the simplest, most straightforward ways to freshen up the energies.

I work with the home, the land, the community and any event that took place to clear, balance and align the space, working with you and with anything connected to the space that needs to leave. Including disembodied spirits and energies that no longer belong, helping that which needs to move on to do so safely.

So when there’s a big event in a home, or a build up over time of inharmonious energy, then it’s good to do the work needed to reset the patterns of energy in that home.

Is smudging with sage enough?

While smudging is very effective in some ways clearing and lifting the energies in a space, on its own it doesn’t change the embedded energetic configurations of a place in a lasting way. And it doesn’t do the soul work required to help disembodied spirits or move on permanently or inappropriate energies renew, refresh, transform or leave for good. However, smudging with intention or making your own meditations and ceremonies are a beautiful and potentially powerful way of connecting consciously with the energies in your home to change what’s happening and I recommend forming and nurturing your own conscious connection with your living space.

I will offer advice or practices on how to go forward, with energy-balancing meditations and tools – ways of working simply with the home energies now and in the future.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you’re welcome to email me:

These Blueprint-Akash sessions are a cocreation between you, your home, the land, your guides and all the consciousness who are going to be a connected part of your time there. And will embed lasting, responsive, benevolent energy patterns.

Advanced For super advanced work, we can go beyond healing and clearing and we can open to guidance from the elemental and angelic kingdoms, from the sacred ancestors in the land and from the star guides and your guides and the guardians, to bring in detailed advice and guidance on placement, floor plans and more. If we’re dedicated to aligning what we build with the sacred energies in our selves and the land, the guidance can get very practical and specific.

Working through our Higher Selves who are always listening to our highest creative intentions, the elemental and other guides can map out more than just the energies. Depending on how open we are to their support, they can bring in floor plans and site maps to show us how our building and home intentions fit best with the practicalities and the energies of the landscape we’re creating in.

When we create our home and living space, we’re always cocreating with multi-levels of consciousness – including the sacred ancestors of the land, the angelic and elemental realms, the guardians in the land and the guides who work with us. As well as the community of people we’re a part of – and the sacred energetic configurations in the land, home and surrounding area. As a sensitive, I read these energy patterns and am attuned to channel the energetic reconfigurations that align you and your loved ones for harmony within your home. I’ve been doing this for more than 15 years and it’s one of the first energy activations that came online in me, when I first opened to my natural ability to read and channel energies.

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