Clearing and Renewing energies in the Home

Working with people, places and situations

Energy Alignments for the home
Energy Alignments for the home

I work to restore the harmonic resonance of wholeness to people and places. I’ve been doing this for 12 years and am always happy to offer my services, either in person or remotely

During transitions, after a significant life event, or just when we’re feeling stuck in our home environment, it can help to have a major energetic refit. Our home and the land they sit within hold the accumulation of our thoughts, emotions, actions and whatever we’ve been expressing over time. As well as other energetic imprints that may have nothing to do with us. Our home holds energy patterns that can support or block us and usually do a combination of both. A full energetic realignment of the energy patterns clears, cleans and realigns the energy in our home space, helping transform our living environment.

Big events, moves or transitions in a house, home or building can affect everyone deeply in different ways.

It’s important to energetically realign buildings when there’s a move, a change in purpose, or a major life change for the people living and moving within those buildings. Or when there’s a big event. If there’s a trauma, for example or a build up of sadness, depression or heavy energies over time, there can be an energetic impression in the building that continues to affect anyone living there. Big or recent events can even be felt by those who aren’t very sensitive to such things.
It can also make it difficult to not just refresh the energy and feel of the house, but it can affect how people feel and what they feel able to do whilst in the home.
The role of a home is to nurture and prosper the people who live in it, to hold them in safety and comfort while they rest and renew themselves, to support them in their creative and work endeavours and to be a safe haven for all life that moves through that space whilst it’s there.
Homes hold energetic patterns in them, like people, like places. All can be seen as energy.
It’s always good to keep the energy patterns in our homes healthy and there are lots of simple and unconscious ways we typically do this.
But when there’s a big event in a home, or even a build up over time of one particular energy, then it’s good to do the work needed to reset the patterns of energy in that home.
I work with the home, the land, the community and any event that took place to clear, balance and align the space with its current purpose. And I work with anything connected to that space that needs to leave, opening up what I’d call Grace gateways, to help that which needs to move on to do so safely and to call in supportive energies and supportive guardians of those energies. So that the work we do is maintained over time.
I can offer advice or practises on how to go forward, with energy-balancing meditations and tools – not objects, but ways of working simply with the home energies now and in the future.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you’re welcome to email me:

A house and home alignment usually takes around 2 hours. Consultations are free and I can talk you through anything you might have questions about.