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Short meditations, deep dives, activational QnAs, Group Coaching Sessions + Teachings From the Akash
To help you stay aligned and in resonance
Open and connected to your core signature blueprint

Morning Meditations

Every Tuesday Morning

Short meditations to keep us aligned in our truth, day to day. With anchoring practices we can use in every day situations, dissolving the separation between meditation and life.
Channeled alignment meditations, activating, aligning and giving us access to new light frequencies or deeper, more connected states of awareness in every day life.

With a little time for one to one support

The Infinity Resonance Akashic Alignments

Akashic Alignments

Every New and Full Moon

We dive into a guided, channeled journey, opening us to the new harmonics active in the akash of our human blueprint. We explore the sacred centers and divine pathways of the 'breath of creation' in a healing, transformational exploration of the divine multidimensionality of the Self. With a different focus every journey. These deeper dives are for expanding our awareness and our ability to center, align and embody more of the truth of who we are.

With time for One to One support

Inner Oracle

Last Sunday of Every Month

An activational journey with guides of Unconditionally Loving Integrity who gather to bring through the frequencies that will help us connect to the More of Who We Are and be supported, assisted and to receive healing, transformations, alignments and activations, as they tell stories of the collective evolution of consciousness and bring us uplifting, encouraging, informational, inspiring and insightful channelings. While guiding us on a healing journey to lift us into a higher vibration and more of a resonance of wholeness.

With time for One to One support, sharing and channelings

NEW: Coaching for Empaths & Energy Sensitives

Second Saturday of each month.

These sessions are here for practical insight into how to ground, center, protect, connect, transmute, channel, read and work at a basic, intermediate and advanced levels with energy awareness and empathic abilities.

We'll address the issues that come up for you around your empathic abilities or energy sensitivity in life, work and relationships.

We explore how energetic resonance, and being aligned in the truth of who we are, can help us access more of our abilities safely and stay connected, aligned and expanded as well as safe, grounded and embodied.

Coaching for Empaths and Energy Sensitives

NEW: Teachings From the Akash

Third Saturday of each month .

In these sessions we experience different dimensions of the Self.

We explore the nature of the galactic, planetary, earthly, elemental, angelic, elohim within us. We discover our golden inner archetypes. Sit in the layers of our sacred energy centers, open gateways to the Infinite and dive into our divine alchemies.

These sessions are for deepening our mystic abilities. For shifting into higher alignment, for remembering long forgotten truths and for recalling lost parts of ourselves.

Special Offer- combine coaching sessions with membership and access 9 live events and 2 x 90min One on One Sessions per month for 222€pm

9 LIVE EVENTS every month


ONE on ONE SUPPORT in group

Reduction on Private Session investments

Every Week and 9 times a month total, we meet online – in 5 different types of events.  These events are designed to help you 

– stay grounded, centered, embodied and to keep coming home to your center. Not just in meditation, but in daily life. 

– Deepen your connection to your I Am awareness. Opening inner doorways to Self Mastery, Self-Healing and supporting you in your path of Self-Initiation.

– Develop a resonance field that holds you in energetic protection, that aligns you with your signature blueprint, that keeps you coming home to the truth of who you are. 

– Transmute, release and transcend the core patterns, beliefs, emotions and energetic blueprints that are not for you. And open to embody those that connect you to your core, signature gifts and creative abilities. 

– Access your Inner Oracle – your direct access to wisdom from within.  Deepening your access to guidance & intuition and applying that where it serves your growth and those you’re here to serve.

– Deepen your natural abilities to read, channel and align energies, in yourself, in places and spaces and in your work with others, whether that’s informally as part of a family, tribe or community. Or professionally as part of your work with clients.

Which means you’re held in a space that enables you to journey deep within and be with what arises in safe, supported space. 

IMMERSION SESSIONS – passive, experiential, deep dives to bring us into alignment

Every Tuesday morning we meet for a short morning Alignment Meditation. With time for sharing and one on one support (optional) (This can be active or passive)

Every New and Full Moon we meet for a deep dive Akashic Alignment. Opening the Akash of our Divine Blueprint, to breathe, center, release and come home to ourselves.  So we can experience more of wholeness, peace, calmness and lightness. And so we can move forward on our path of Self-Mastery in safe, supportive space. We open to the golden templates in the akash of our human blueprint in a guided, channeled journey. 

Second Saturday of every Month we meet for Teachings From the Akash – an exploration of different archetypes, sacred centers and dimensions within the akash of our human blueprint. We go on an inner alignment journey and activate the golden template within ourselves.  It’s an exploration of aspects of Self. And these are parts of us that are ‘causal’ – responsible for writing our reality and affecting how life shows up for us and how we show up for life. 

ACTIVE SESSIONS – Activational, informational sessions that support our conscious understanding of energy, awareness, metaphysics and the akash of the human blueprint. 

Third Saturday of every Month we meet for Coaching for Empaths & Energy Sensitives – An active session where we open to the practicalities and metaphysics of being an energetically sensitive soul, activating, expanding, grounding and integrating our natural abilities in every day life. 

On the last Sunday of every Month, we open to the Inner Oracle Session. An active session – with A channeled Activational message and journey that brings in support from guides of Unconditionally Loving Integrity on the Story of Now in our personal and Collective Evolution in Consciousness. With time for One to One QnA with the guides, energy alignments, sharings and expressions.,. and the support that wants to come through for us in the moment.  

Lucy - Infinity resonance

Long time channel, oracle, seer and coach, working with the divine resonances of the  akash of the human blueprint,  Lucy guides people into deeper embodiments of Sovereignty  in their personal paths of Self Mastery and realization. Offering guided, channeled support on what’s called for in the moment. 

How it works:  I feel the rhythms in people’s fields and can hold them while they release dissonance, reading the information packets in those rhythms, seeing how they connect to a person’s emotional, physical, energetic stories

And guiding them in the inner work necessary to help release them and realign them in a deeper, more spacious relationship with themselves and the reality they’re creating from the inside out

About Lucy

I’m passionate about helping us reclaim lost parts of ourselves, including our direct access to guidance, inner wisdom and our empathic & energetic gifts and abilities – that have long been kept outside definitions of ‘normal’.

For me, staying connected, expanded, grounded and centered and still reading, channeling and working consciously with energy and awareness is what’s normal and natural. 

It breaks my heart to see anyone close down to the beauty of exploration in these areas and it’s my life’s work to offer support so that we don’t have to. 

I have been gifted insights in direct experience over the years to the akash of our human blueprint:  the DNA of our consciousness – containing the scripts of who we are, how we became and why we’re here. 

It brings me the greatest joy to share these teachings in ways that empower us as master cocreators of our own reality. As we remember more of who we are and our place within all things. Changing how we’re creating the reality we experience. 

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