Guided Journeys for Activating our Signature Blueprint

With Channelings, Meditations, Activational Transmissions, Light codes, Sounding & Integrated Energy Work

artwork: daniel b holeman

12$ each (multi-currency check-out)

A guided journey to

  • bring divine templates online in the body for regeneration at a cellular level.
  • Relating humanly as the divinity we are.
  • Activate ancient Atlantean, Egyptian & Nordic sacred lineage gifts so they can be applied in life.
  • With a Divine Intervention gift & message from Gaia
  • Aligning with Infinite Peace

A guided journey to

  • Align our inner mother and child Archetypes with their divine counterparts in our divine blueprint
  • Receive transformational gifts from these divine archetypes.
  • Realign our creativity
  • Embody our unique Divine Child gifts
  • Shift our perception

A guided journey for

  • Activating and Aligning with the Golden Template: PURE MIND PHYSICAL PRESENCE
  • There’s something unique for everyone in this guided Alignment & Activation journey

Go with what you’re drawn to…

There’s no right or wrong way to experience the journeys.

Stay with your own experience and don’t worry if you drift off.

The words are dialoguing with a deeper part of you, a part that listens in frequency.

Everything is set up for you to receive just what’s for you.

Connect in if you want to share reflections, ask questions, or book support.

consultations are free 💜

Just because an activation has a certain name and focus, that doesn’t mean you’ll have that same focus in the meditation..

What’s for you will land.


Receive the most from these with somatic listening

To listen and receive what’s for you in the way that loving, benevolent, safe and appropriate – and to put yourself more directly in touch with the experience, this is what is recommended:

Invoke your Higher Self – God Consciousness – Innate Intelligence:

  • I receive what’s for me in a way that is safe and appropriate
  • Keep what’s not for me now until it’s divine timing and activate it when needed

Keep the attention returning to notice;

  • the sensation of breath in the body
  • the sensation in the body as whole

Instead of naming those sensations, allow all that rises to be as it is, meeting what comes as a vibration, rather than an emotion, sensation or thought with a story. That way, what wants to vibrate its way out of your field can do. And in a very gentle way, healing and transformation can happen.

For guidance and support, get in touch

We each have within us the divine template for living humanly as the divine, multidimensional beings we are. Awakening to that is a life path of ongoing deepening, allowing and surrender. These journey transmissions were all brought through in sacred activational gateways, when the divine templates in our human blueprints were being collectively activated

Using a combination of channeled words, sounds & energy medicine, the frequencies encoded with the activational alignments for opening to the divine resonances in our blueprint are transmitted with love in safe, sacred energetic space, for you to work with in your own unique way.

I listened and opened to a different self. Now in bliss. In the middle of the night at my home Sacred Earth. Muchas gracias, Lucy. A safe space of letting go of holding and then being held by the great mystery. – Glynis

We are each our own oracle and the wisdom is within. I have been working with channeled frequencies for embodied Self-awakening for over 15 years, sharing what facilitates us to deepen our awareness and receive support along the way.

“Thank U ️️️ I tuned into the live , as I was waking up and received a huge download, clearing of energy, was in trance as your video ended. When the angels finished the download, your video came back up and finished with ur last words on repeat « it’s done. Thank you! » i closed my phone and took the integration for an other 2 an a half hour wouaaah!️ Thank you for this transmission, it was sooo effective. You are very talented & I feel so bless to know you” – HW

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