Deepening our embodied connection to higher guidance in every day life

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3 month course - starts January 15th

Course Sessions

  • LIVE SESSIONS Every two weeks starting SUNDAY 15TH JANUARY 3:30PM (CEST)
  • Including ORACLE LIVES WITH THE GUIDES – With myself & GevaAnn-Voice of Gaia
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – for support from each other, the guides and responses to questions
  • REPLAYS of all sessions

why this? why now? what this course is for

This course is for helping us align in our highest truth, access more of our guidance more clearly and practice acting on it in new situations. And to get beyond self-doubt, manipulation, other people’s truths and agendas  – to the clear water of trusting that we are resting in the resonance of being where we are, doing what we’re here to do, receiving what’s for us, letting go of what’s not and hearing our own guidance above other people’s. 

Strengthening, deepening and expanding our connection to our inner guidance – bringing it into every day life, so we get to depend on it more and more in busy, active, practical, cocreative situations – it feels like now is the time to focus on how – how are we going to do that. 

From what I can see, 2023 is shaping up to be a year of taking action – and action that’s aligned with our highest truth. I also sense a focus on working together to manifest our highest creative intentions.  When we come together to achieve our goals, it’s easy to lose ourselves, or find ourselves aligning with someone else’s purpose, perspective, or story. And what I keep seeing and hearing from the guides is – it’s our unique song that’s needed now. That matters, now. Each of us have something unique and truly beautiful to offer. Hearing our inner guidance and staying aligned in our unique truth – even when we’re coming together and working more and more collectively to fulfil our purpose – this has never been more important – this is what the guides are saying and I can see why.

You have been invited to be cocreators in this project, which can go onto help others, once we’ve brought it in together. I would love for you to join and help make this what it is.

It feels to me like a time to stand in our truths, trust in who we are, what we’re feeling to do, recognize what’s for us, filter out what’s not. And not a time to get discouraged, to doubt ourselves, to fall in-line with other people’s stories or succumb to other people’s truths. I always say there is no absolute truth. There’s just the highest truth that’s for us in the moment. And access to that is always within us, no matter where we are, what we’re doing or what’s going on around us. 

Any Questions – just get in touch

additional option: For a more intensive experience - Join the Akashic Alignments - every other Sunday, in between the Course

Alternate Sundays - 10am PST - 1pm EST - 6pm UK/Portugal - 7pm CET (Central Europe

These deep dive 90 minute guided journeys are for aligning us in the embodied truth of ourselves, resting us in our natural rhythms and patterns and helping us center. These are deeply complementary to the Trust Your Own Guidance Course, which is about aligning in our truth and hearing our highest guidance from within.  They’ll run every other Sunday. That means you’ll be joining every week for the full, intensive experience. 

Any Sessions you miss will be available as replays.

These sessions are ongoing and will carry on beyond the course. 

Subscribe for 3 months for 55€  – or  – Join a single journey (13€) 


THERE’S 3 TYPES OF SESSION  (The Course runs every other Sunday at 9:30am EST – 2:30pm UK/Portugal –  3:30pm CET (Central Europe))

– The Shorter Sessions (one per month, starting 15th January – 3 in total)

These are alignment-focused – where we go through practices and meditations together, with the explanations. These are for supporting us to embody our sovereignty and to deepen our inner access to guidance. With take away practices to apply in every day life situations. There are audio downloads and worksheets you can access in your own time, on your course dashboard.


– The Longer Sessions (one per month, starting 29th January – 3 in total)

These are activation-focused; you may have joined the shorter, free live events with myself and GevaAnn before now. 

These private deep dive Oracle Sessions are just for our course (which has been created in response to the questions that were coming up in the public events).

In these channeled live events we welcome guides of unconditionally loving integrity who gather in response to what we are calling in. The guides bring through their messages. The messages are encoded with information designed to activate our connection to our Higher Selves and inner guidance, our alignment with our signature blueprint, our soul purpose and mission and our divine remembering – of the learnings accumulated through many lifetimes, in different ‘wisdom’ embodiments.  These channelings are sometimes verbal, sometimes energetic. 

We have a break and then return to open the floor to QnA with the guides, for one to one channeled messages, responses and energy work. 


OPTIONAL ADD-ON SESSIONS – every other  Sunday, in between the course sessions

The Akashic Alignments Deep Dive Guided Journeys – every other Sunday, in between the Course Session Sundays. At 10am PST – 1pm EST – 6pm UK/Portugal – 7pm CET (Central Europe)

These are for resonating with the truth of who we are. For aligning with our Signature Human Blueprint and resting in the resonance of our natural rhythms. They are Deep Dive guided alignment journeys. Every journey gives us access to different gifts, that come from within. 

They are optional to join. You can join a one off journey when you feel to. Or you can subscribe to 3 months of journeys. They will carry on beyond the course (they have been running for some time). 

They complement the course, which is centered on giving us access to our inner guidance through aligning with our deepest truth and building on our embodied, grounded relationship with our Higher Self in every day life. 

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