Thank you so much

I can’t wait to  explore the different ways you’re going to deepen and develop your energy and awareness sovereignty.

If you have any questions, you can reply with them.  If you want to email now – get in touch with me at

You’ll be emailed a receipt and a link to this page.  


Just a few practical things to do to prepare for your SESSIONS

Make sure you’re warm, comfy, private and going to be uninterrupted. Keep a glass of water and a notebook nearby. 

Recordings – Sessions are recorded (but not shared anywhere) because so often the guides bring through channeled messages or personal meditations for you to take home.  You can request the audio for our session. 

Take-Away Audio Downloads – personal process maps, meditations, channeled messages, tools, techniques may come through for you in our sessions and they’ll be made into audio downloads for you to take-away and work with in your own time. 

When we meet we usually use zoom – if there’s something you prefer, let me know. It’s nice to set the camera to landscape and have it somewhere we can see each other, if you shift from sitting to lying down. It’s not the end of everything if you’re off-camera while you’re lying down.

Put the time aside for our sessions and make sure you have some free time for yourself afterwards. Most people benefit from a 1 hour post-session integration time. That’s not always possible, so we’ll tailor the time to meet your needs. 

We’ll schedule our sessions together – if you need to change the date or time, try to give as much notice as you can. Last minute changes can’t always be accommodated.

come with questions

What are you excited to know more about - what is challenging you in your your inner work - what doesn't make sense for you around energy and self-awareness. How do you want to grow in this? The guides can bring in the messages and support from your Higher Self on almost any area of energy and self awareness.


Sessions included verbal, sound & movement channeling. If you're familiar with channeling, you may still have questions around this. If you're not, email me and we can talk it over first.

emotions & feelings

Often emotions can rise up or physical sensations can be felt during sessions. This is helpful and all part of the process. You'll be guided, held and supported with whatever arises.


When it's part of your process, you'll be guided into a meditative space. Sometimes people fall asleep for a bit during sessions. This is perfectly normal and can be part of the process.

integration time

Energy work and inner process work are combined in these sessions, even when we're talking. That's why it's kind to give yourself a bit of time after a session free to integrate, meditate, take notes or just to rest a little.


We'll be bringing through personal process maps, tools, meditations, techniques, anchoring mantras and more that are unique to you - to help you in your own work. You'll have access to the audio recordings of anything that comes through for you in session, to work with in your own time.

follow up support

If you have any questions, you can jot them down in an email. If things come up for you while you're working with what we've covered in session, you can let me know in an email or we can make our next session a deep dive support session.

What's included in your coaching program...

free no obligation consultation+mini-reading

Before you start your coaching program, meet with me for a 40 minute chat and mini-reading where we can identify the core areas we’re going to be excited to work on together. You can ask any questions and if you have any doubts about moving forward, you can still cancel your program. There’s no pressure. This is here to support you. 


These  online guided journeys align with the new and full moon – immersive activational alignments , for us to come into resonance and rest in the truth of our being, receiving what’s for us from within and deepening our embodied relationship with Higher Self.

AUDIO RECORDINGS - channelings, meditations

During your session you’ll receive personal, channeled and guided process maps, meditations, messages from the guides, anchoring practices, techniques and tools to use.  These will be made available to you, where appropriate, as audio recordings

mixed sessions - to make sure you get the most out of this

We’ll include a mixture of 6 coaching sessions and 3 deep-dive transformational support sessions – as and when you need them. Even when coaching work is focused on learning & development, our own inner process work can intensify unpredictably. You get to choose when you want your 3 deeper dive, longer support sessions. 


The work we can do together deepens beyond measure when we meet regularly and build on what we cover in each session. Plus the many different areas we can cover and different types of support that can come through for you broaden what you can receive while deepening the level we can work at.  

stay-connected email support

For your questions and calls for reflection. You’ll be taking your energy and awareness work into life and working with the insights, tools, practices & meditations as you feel to. So check in when you need with an email and we can stay connected. 

The total value of this programme is 1488€