Dissolving the Control Paradigm & Emerging Love

By releasing every one from their usual lives, the word of the moment is surrender. How we can dissolve the control paradigm in us by opening to Love in the heart of the matter

Listen to the audio channelling below

“Here is a situation not even your governments can control Those you have looked to, to be leaders cannot lead and this is important. This needs to be physically manifest in the matter – in the tangibility of your lives, right now. You as human consciousness with your bodies – your bodies need to know this truth. You are not led by authority figures that live outside you, your creations, your realm, your domain, your manifestations. Authority has been placed outside this idea of the isolated separate self, a unit of consciousness victim within its creations. You are also being released from this illusion, this grand illusion; it’s time has come. This is the detachment felt all the way into the matter of your bodies. There is more to come on this, dear one, the story is beginning not ending BUT the illusion is ending. And you are being detached. Released. The byword of now is surrender. Surrender. Surrender.”

audio recording of the message:

Dissolution of the control paradigm – another layer. Channelled message 13-03-2020
The word of the moment is: surrender. Artwork unknown

Channelled from guides giving their name simply as ‘Consciousnesses within Tara’

“The release of the illusion of the patriarchal tyrant overlord – the ultimate distortion that’s replaced the externalisation of Father God, which happened in the consciousness of humanity. 

Artwork:Robby Donaghey Art https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/robert-donaghey

This too is seeing its dissolution. This too is seeing its dissolve in you. It has no choice with the emergence of the truth of the Love – the unconditionality, the integral unconditionality of the Love of Father God emerging in the matter of the hearts of humanity – vibrating its harmonic along with the song of all harmonics, vibrating in the heart of the matter and the matter of the heart of humanity.

It is no longer sustainable to remain attached to the manifested illusion of patriarchal tyranny and leadership displaced. This, dear ones, is not an easy ride. Alignment. Alignment with the Love that vibrates in the matter of your hearts. Alignment with Love. You will be called home to the alignment. We know that which calls humanity home to the vibration of Love in the matter of its heart is so often less than easy. You will be held. You will be held and you will know that you are held in this, most difficult phase of your journey. It is no longer something to just talk about. It is everything.

Consciousnesses within Tara speak with Love in reverence.” 

Channelled 13-03-2020

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