A Channeled Message in March 2020

Initiation: A Deepening of Becoming. Physically feeling the urgency of showing up in the world in our truth

The Full Moon Speaks

We are in a deepening at the moment – of becoming.

“This is the time of initiation. This does apply to every body on their path. Not just those who are conscious of being on a path. This is a time of initiation that answers the call that was given – the call to humanity and the answer that was given, back when humanity was asked – Do you wish to be present for the ascension of Gaia or do you wish to end your civilisation and re-enter. 

This is a time of humanity’s initiation. An initiatory time for all of humanity here now. Everybody on the planet has a role. A part to play in the picture of evolution, not just of human consciousness but of consciousness itself.

Your planet is going through her ascension. Part of your dimly realised awareness that you are all one consciousness experiencing itself through differing fields and lenses of individuation, but are nevertheless coexistence within interconnected fields of woven reality – reality being that which you choose to align the focus of your attention with – Therefore in the picture of ascension which you have unanmiously chosen to be present for, integral within the planetary consciousness of Gaia, you are all signed up for this.

This means the roles each of you have chosen, the positions, in fact, which you occupy are entering a phase of deepening actualisation. Right now your sexual, creative life energy is currently being called home to its true nature. Its true marriage – an alchemical marriage of unity. This is calling all of you deeper into cocreated actualisation from the truth of who you are. Cocreative actualisation of each of your unique signature frequencies here within this picture of evolution.

This means you are physically feeling the urgency of being who you are and doing what you’re here to do. The physical urgency allowing the impulses governing how you carry yourself through your creations are being reconfigured to align you with the more of who you are. It is becoming harder and harder, for many of you, especially those conscious of this, to sustain ways of creating that do not honour the truth of who you are. “

The Full Moon Speaks March 2020


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