Chapter 2 from the Pleiadians

The guides bring the second part of their update on the shift in our Prosperity Templates

Listen to the audio recording below

It is time dear ones, for you to be reaping the rewards of showing up in service as the truth of who you are in the world and letting this reinform the shape of your careers and your work profiles. This is exactly what has been required and you are on track. As you do this you are to be funded from the infinite wealth, the infinite reSource of All That Is through Gaia and through Tara, through all her intermediaries. There are channels open to you to allow this wealth to come in and support you. 

“Do not underestimate the enormity of what is happening now”

What is required is a paradigm shift. It has always been about prosperity. It is not about money, it is about prosperity. You prosper when you follow the creative impulse as it flows naturally and unimpeded through you, you prosper. This is what prosperity is.

Gold is what flows through you as the base alchemy ingredient to support your infinite, limitless cocreations within Gaia, with All of Life, with each other and within All That Is. As this gold flows to you, so you are reSourced in your creating. 

Dear Ones, this is the paradigm shift we wish to bring to you. Gold follows purpose and gold arrives before you need it to create, it is NOT what you gain in trade of your skills, it is NOT what comes to you when you have done a good job. It is what flows to you to reSource your creating. It is the FIRST principle. It is the Love of Gaia as Gold brought into Tara as money. 

And new channels are opening now and you are, dear ones, surfing these channels. Turn your face away from the old channels you have become accustomed to. If you look to these old channels for how finance has flowed through your reality for eaons, you are only looking at something that is dissolving and disintegrating into what has already emerged to replace it. You are replacing it and we are helping you. 

There is nothing you need do except hear this message which we bring to you now for we have much to say on this subject and we do not expect anyone to be absorbing this fully in the first instance. Core beliefs and programmings that have been written as scrolls into your souls are being dissolved and renewed as we speak. Do not underestimate the enormity of what is happening now. We are with you. All is assisted and you are held. This is the Pleiadian Councils in support of humanity rewriting their paradigm for prosperity at this time. Thank you for listening to this transmission. We have others – many more – we shall be delighted to bring through in support to those who are happy to open to the help that is being given for you all within your planet now. 

channelled 4th March 2020

Listen here to the audio recording of this channeling:

Channeled message from the Pleiadians – Prosperity paradigm shift part 2

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