The Engineers – Sirius Elementals

The elemtals frm Sirius speak on how Gaia is holding 2 paradigms open for humanity in the physical universe within herself. 

This shift in consciousness is now physical – physicality is also consciousness.

humanity is now emerging in the vibration of Oneness Awareness in the very matter of itself

Transcript Below

Channeled Message from Sirius – 2 physical realties

“Within Gaia, at this time, She is able to hold all of you in your multiplicity of subjective experience. She is also becoming More within herself, as a consciousness. This consciousness has held space for duality to be the primary experience in the realm of Matter Consciousness that She also is. That you dwell within her as.

You are also matter consciousness. But humanity has long dwelt in duality, where it has been focussed as consciousness vibrating as matter. Now there are two realities side by side – not simply in your awareness, in other dimensions of who you are – but in the matter of who you are. Two realities side by side and Gaia herself is holding space for the duality reality alongside the unity reality, to be within her, within the realm of matter. In her matter body. In the consciousness that She is.

For the matter of Gaia holds the matter of humanity within her embrace. You all exist within Gaia, not upon her but within her. She holds you within herself and as humanity is now emerging in the vibration of Oneness Awareness in the very matter of its projected, holographic expression of the consciousness humanity is expressing, so must Gaia also – for you ascend together – also hold space for two paradigms of matter reality to be taking place within one earth, within Her, within this planet.

Can you understand the enormity of this. She is holding space within herself, within the matter of her body for the matter of your bodies vibrationally to be called home from duality to Oneness which means that within her, within All That Is, within All of Life, these two worlds are holding you, each and all of you in the multiplicity of your subjective experience of uniquely and individually being human.

Each of you here now is aligned within one or other of these realities BUT all of you are on a trajectory of being called home from duality into unity. The multiplicity of this activity is beyond our capacity to describe easily for of course each of you have duality and unity expressions within you, manifestations within your unique, individual worlds. Of course, each of you are held within your own process but all of you are held within an over-embracing process of Grace. Where even those currently aligned within a duality reality are being called home.

There is not this rupture, there may have been. There is not this separation. The process itself is in integrity, the process itself is in harmony. There is a calling home of ALL of humanity, each and every one of you.

There is nothing we would like to add at this time on the implications of this for we would prefer to emphasise the Grace of this for All. There are those among you who speak of ascension, but the process includes All of Life, Gaia herself and every being present on the planet at this time. Not a one is left out.

You are held in Grace. Those aligned with duality are being called home into unity. It is really all one. We speak now of the technicalities – of the feat of engineering taking place within your energy formations and why it has been necessary to quite literally call you all home. This is exactly the metaphor for what is happening in Matter consciousness in humanity’s consciousness. the human animal – the collective human animal is realising itself as one animal – as one consciousness.

Dear Ones this was the most Graceful way to engineer a reality situation that could support the matter body of the collective human animal vibrating with, resting in, being held in, being called – home. To the home within you all. The home of being truly at home within all Oneness. Within your Selves. Within all of humanity. Within All of Life, within All That Is. This has been simply a calling home. 

The question is, can you be with this now moment. 

Just for a moment. 

We hold you, All of Life holds you. And waits with you for you to drop into this now moment. 

And drop again. 

This is the question. 

Thank you

We are the engineers, the elementals from Sirius. We Love You. Thank you. 

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