Session Investment – pricing for sessions

One to One Channeled Support

These sessions are for supporting you to activate, align with and embody the inner mastery, wisdom, guidance and gifts that can lead you forward. Supporting the expansive expression of who you truly are.

For transformation on core issues, shifting into higher awareness, changing how we’re creating our reality, working on our relationships, activating our abilities, aligning with our purpose and clearing blocks, beliefs, emotions, past life and soul stories…and much, much more

“My experience of working with Lucy has always been beautiful and expansive. She is a beautiful soul and I highly recommend her Human Blueprint work. 

Calling home those patterns that no longer serve us, rewriting the story of our lives, shifting into a higher, wholler vibration and aligning with the truth of who we are to embody our sovereignty as master cocreators of our reality.
  • Consultation (20-40mins) Free

Deep Dives – 90 minutes-2hrs plus debrief follow up appt

  • One-Off/Monthly 145 € – Purchase
  • 2-weekly 125 € – Purchase (set up 2-weekly payments)
  • Weekly 111 € – Purchase (set up weekly payments)

One Hour Sessions (1hr – 1hr 15)

Deep Dive Sessions include –

  • 40 minute Follow-Up de-brief Session*
  • – Recordings of any channeled Messages
  • – Take-Away practices, tools or meditations

*within a few days of your session

If money is an issue, don’t let it be – have a look at the other option below or get in touch with me –

Alternative (Concession) Pricing Options AvailableHERE

What people say…

You give people the gift of themselves. – Krystyna – Massage Thereapist

Deep. Powerful. Like receiving a hug from the universe – Dani – Biodanza Facilitator

Lucy feels really Authentic. She’s in touch with something I wouldn’t want to label. But when she channels I feel that there’s absolute truth coming through and it has been very useful to me when questions have come up. When I’ve had difficult times, when I’ve been looking for an answer to something, she’s come through with some really beautiful meaning for me. So as somebody who can be quite a cynic I actually do resonate with what she says and it’s helped me in times of trouble. And other times as well. Jane – Yoga Instructor

Lucy is an incredible light being who radiates truth and unconditional love. She seems to have unlimited patience and compassion and sees the divinity in everyone. In a session with her she’s able to hold you in her soft presence and make even the most uncomfortable moments comfortable. The work she does is powerful and deep and it always feels a great blessing to meet with her. Highly recommended for anyone who feels they could do with some support with any transition or challenge. Leonie – Yoga Instructor

Lucy is a gifted light energy worker with an innate ability to support and enable grounding and healing to occur. Also to facilitate expanded consciousness in individuals.  Jo – Life Coach

I had an incredible healing session with the amazing Lucy Hunter last night – she offers deep healing sessions and is now doing these regular, weekly meditations to support us all through this time of transition. I absolutely guarantee you will leave any of her sessions feeling safer, more grounded, connected and blissful that when you started. – Kati – Healer

“Wow, Lucy doesn’t just listen and respond from the heart. Lucy becomes the heart. In this way listening is no longer necessary since there is no separate speaker and listener, there is just heart. When working with Lucy she opens to feeling what I’m feeling and there’s no sense of separation whatsoever. Listening is active, requiring effort. Lucy, on the other hand, embodies a receptivity of the highest order. If love is attention, this is a love you may never have experienced before. Very highly recommended. You should try it.” Michael – Software Developer