BIO - Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance)

I am an Oracle, Channel & Energy Alchemist with 14 years experience as a transformational coach in Energy & Awareness. I had my non-dual initiation in 2014 and serve those on a path of Self awareness in living an embodied connection to their inner oracle. 

I read the akash of the human blueprint, supporting people to rest in the resonance of their highest creative purpose & the living, breathing signature of who they are. 


Guided Walks - Communing with the Divine - elemental magic & wonder

Why I do this work...

We each have within us a uniqueness. That shapes the gifts we have to offer the world and the ways we can be in service. For those of us who are naturally energy aware, sensitive as empaths or energy workers, accessing those gifts in a way that is safe, protected, grounded and exciting isn’t automatic. It’s not taught in schools. People generally have to figure it out on their own, all the while being viewed as weird, or different and not understood by those around them.

It breaks my heart to see something so natural as being Self aware and energetically connected, of having senses that exceed the ‘normal’ spectrum – to see this go unsupported. 

This field of energy work and Self awareness requires skills, toolsets, understanding and training, in order to stay safe, to use our gifts with accuracy, integrity, protection and discernment. There are many potential pitfalls in simply educating ourselves through activational videos on youtube or facebook groups where information is shared in abundance but not necessarily with integrity or accuracy. 

And yet this is how many people find their way forward as what I would call a revolution in consciousness sees more and more people become open to energy awareness. 

I studied in applied metaphysics through many masters, teachers, guides and mentors – both seen and unseen. I have had the luxury of spending many, many years in my own education with phenomenal support. And I wish this level of support for anyone.  

It is my firm belief and experience that our highest guide, teacher, master and healer is within us. And that we each have sovereign access to this. And to an inner safe place – a place of centered, grounded, embodied wholeness.  The offerings I give access to here – through one to one sessions, individual coaching, courses and membership – are all for the purpose of supporting us in our embodied sovereignty. 


It starts with childhood

These days I’m fortunate to witness parents who recognize, nurture and nourish their children’s expanded perception and natural empathic, energetic and spiritual awareness, listening when a child says something like ‘I remember how I died’ or ‘mummy isn’t feeling well’ or ‘there’s a man here with us.’  That’s thanks to their own understanding giving them the peace of mind this is not something to be feared, but encouraged. With support.  But for myself and many of my peers, our early experiences were disconcerting and our sharings were suppressed rather than encouraged. Through no fault of our teachers or parents, I should say. There simply wasn’t the education to reference for a framework, for understanding what was happening and what to do about it. So a lot of us closed down to our gifts and now have to work at reconnecting with them. 

What saddens me the most is when someone has a natural aptitude to read energies, connect with entities, channel or use their empathic gifts but their early experiences were not positive and connected them with something unsafe. And that taught them to shut down and not want to reopen those doors.  Especially when I know how simple, easy and safe it is to change and choose what we open to, how, when and for what reasons. 

I would say reality is changing and there is a moving threshold many of us surf at this time.  One where natural connectedness and energy awareness is becoming more normal.  But there are still many misunderstandings around what makes this safe, how energy and consciousness works and the choice and command we can have over our own connectedness

HOW IT STARTED – The question I get asked the most is “how did you start out in this work?”

Here’s a version of my story – there’s never going to be the whole thing, but these are the words that came when someone last asked me this question.

For me this is an ever ongoing path. I walk it every day. Always there are new challenges, always I am the student, learning.   

But because of this walking, there are things that come naturally to me now that at first I had to learn about and work at – how to only every connect with energies and consciousnesses that are in absolute integrity and of the highest level; how to stay safe and protected from all dissonant energies and to make this the natural state of being; how to stay grounded and centered in all kinds of situations; how to heal my own emotions, clear core beliefs, expectations, thought patterns; how to align dissonant energies in myself, others, places, group fields and situations and how to read the akashic blueprint of myself, others, groups and places. And – which is really a lot of fun – how to read the signature blueprint for projects involving land and buildings, such as shops, community land projects, houses, workplaces and more. 

 Since giving my first healing in 2009 I’ve given 1000s of sessions and workshops in person and online, bringing through channeled and energetic  support.   At that time, I discovered I naturally read the resonances and dissonances in the energy blueprint for people and places, receiving the information downloads and accessing the frequencies that would help bring things back to harmony.   I received images, information, understanding. I could feel the rhythms that were out of balance and intuitively knew how to bring them back to harmony.  I didn’t know it until years later, but I was reading the akash of the human blueprint and working with a unique form of harmonic resonance. 

Back in 2007 I had reason to start asking for higher awareness – higher consciousness. It was due to an illness that I’d had all my life, but that for several years had completely incapacitated me. For a while, I was helped by an intense relationship I was in that moved me through many old patterns and constrictions. But when that ended, I was suddenly alone, incapacitated, with all the time on my hands and no strength to do anything with it. And doctors were never going to be able to help me. I realized my problem was connected to energy. So I started asking internally – how was I misusing mine? What was I doing that was so out of alignment that I had this condition. I recognized everything as energy, even back then in my sceptical state. Emotions, thoughts, habits, patterns of behaviours – I recognized everything was connected and everything was energy. I started to meditate – I realized I had this free time to finally explore what excited me the most – this sense that there was more to the universe than physical reality. I’d always known that – now I could explore it. In fact I couldn’t really do anything else. 

And so I did. I turned within, to the unameable guardian consciousness that I was aware of – that had somehow been looking out for me all my life, giving me helpful nudges and whispers and I started to fully face that whatever-it-was. I faced it with all my soul searching questions. I faced it and brought it all my excitement around exploring more of consciousness. I was hungry to know more, discover more. I wanted to know how everything worked. What were the rules, the laws, the principles governing energy, consciousness and creation – how could I understand more and not just expand my consciousness but take responsibility for my own life and the state I was in. 

I didn’t realize it then but this was the beautiful beginning of a loving connection with my Higher Self and many, many guides of unconditionally loving integrity. And I was guided by my Higher Self, to many high-integrity sources of esoteric wisdom – in the shape of books, master teachers, channels, energy workers and mentors to help me on my way. 

The first time I discovered I could heal with energy was when a psychic friend of mine called me into being – she had a vision of me placing my hands on her belly to heal her womb.   I discovered I had an innate ability to physically track metaphysical energy flows – initially in my self, but then also in other people. Then in buildings, land and places. That I instinctively knew where things should flow. And I could get ‘readings’ from energy – packets of information about what the energy was relating to. How it held stories that connected to emotions, patterns, traumas and events of the past. I began to work on my own self healing in earnest in this way. 

 I studied and practiced without pause and learnt from those I considered to have the very highest integrity in the field of energy and self awareness, working with masters both seen and unseen. 

Those who attracted me and to whom I was guided had one thing in common; they never taught a doctrine or a set way of working with energy or progressing in Self Awareness. They activated, guided and enhanced my own connection to Higher Self, to presence and to awareness. In this way I was able to be Self-referring, self-guided and I learnt integrity, accuracy and discernment in my field. Which has enabled me to trust my inner guidance in every day life. 

There was something else my mentors, masters, teachers and guides had in common; they all practiced a grounded and embodied approach to energy and Self awareness. This meant opening to the divine multidimensionality of the Self, whilst staying fully physically present, aware of ones surroundings, and able to move, act and partake of day to day activities in the ‘real world’ – whilst maintaining a connected, expanded and energy-aware state.  This work wasn’t ever separated from everyday life. This was so very important to my mission; to normalize being an energy aware empath. I discovered I was not alone – that empaths and lightworkers were everywhere and every day more were awakening to this natural state of connectedness. 

In satsang I often used to hear the same question being put to the teacher: How can I access this state when you are not here?

And I knew that I could help with this – that I had been, for years now, accessing my connected state of presence and energy awareness, channeling and doing energy work on the bus, in a busy city, talking with others and while getting on with other things.  That I knew how to be ‘there’ and ‘here’ and how to support others to embody a state of non-separation.  I had received the practices and specific meditations in meditation over many years and it was for me to start sharing them in my workshops and one to ones. 


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