June Solar Eclipse – Update, Meditation, Channeling –

Relax into the Resonance of the Future you want to find yourself in

From ‘Mount Sirius’ – the star councils speak on the portal opening in our human blueprints this eclipse

The words this morning were; the future starts here. Rest in the resonance of the future you want to find yourself in, on this day and in the coming days, while we still bathe in the energies of the eclipse.

A new portal opens in our human blueprints, supporting us to integrate oneness-awareness ever more deeply and embody more of our truth. Supporting us in ending our body-stories of separation from the earth, our mother body, as the distance between our body instincts and heart intuition is dissolvin. And supporting us to end dissonance between the earthly and worldly, the physical and practical – and the divine and the spiritual in us.

Divine healing release and renewal has been supported for us to overcome old-paradigm ways of being in the world, with minimum processing between the lunar and solar eclipse.

And as our solar centres are activated with the light of our true frequencies, we’re called to own our own song in the story of creation while it’s rewriting itself moment to moment.

To sing our song and celebrate the song of each other, reflecting who we truly are when we feel at home in this body, this earth, this life.

Here is an update, a short meditation map and a channeling from the star councils. We’re being supported to resonentially align with the most opulent futures our hearts desire. Divine intervention has been helping our old paradigm stories dissolve with grace and we are invited to turn and relax into the futures being seeded in the magic of this now moment.

Published by infinityresonance

An open channel, seer, oracle and energy worker giving akashic energy readings and working with our divine human blueprint. Moved by beauty and in love with life, open to always being surprised at how amazing we are when we're living our gifts.

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