Blueprint-Akash Update – Preparing for the energies of the June Solar Eclipse

Resonant Remembering – Sun, Earth, Body Symbiosis

There’s a reset in our physical rhythms supporting us to bodily resonate with who we really are in this earth as this solar expansion lights up our internal suns. Helping us radiate more of our truth into our world & energising us for creative action.

At this time of accelerated awakening, it is important for all of us to find and resonate with the truth of our own narrative. Being and feeling physically centred and grounded within ourselves helps us do this. Keeping attention on our simple physical rhythms, the breath, the heart beat, this helps us stay stabilised and grounded. It can take us out of our minds and help our bodies hear our connected hearts. 

With the healing happening in our fiery emotions at this time, moving the body in ways that feel good and support us to express ourselves emotionally can really help us to meet our emotions as vibrations, supporting dissonance to dissolve in resonance and return to harmony in our physicality.

We’re entering a deeper level of planetary symbiosis in our blueprints, allowing for us to come home to rest more deeply within our bodies and within our earth

Many of us may have been finding ourselves needing to sleep or rest for long periods unexpectedly and this has been to support ourselves at a physical level to integrate the recalibrations happening in the energy of our physiology. 

The divine earth remembering being supported now – Recognising we are a body within a body. An extension of her, within her, part of her. 

There’s been a reset in the centre for Source Consciousness in us that aligns our body rhythms.

Earth and body rhythms

Some of our body-rhythms are being reset – relaxing our body and it’s biorhythms back into her body and her rhythms. Supporting our body consciousness to remember oneness and integrate this remembering deeply, physically, in our cells. Encouraging those cells to open to the light and absorb more of the divine frequencies being carried into them every day from the solar rays. 

Solar Expansion

This solar eclipse energy supports our expansion at this time. A creative expansion. An active, creative expansion. As we radiate more of our presence into the field of our own reality and learn how to do that without imposing our frequencies or our narrative on others. And also learn how we can be safe in the presence of others radiating more of their truth. 

There’s a grand reset in how we relate to others, supporting us to naturally resonate with our own frequencies in a way that generates safe boundaries in our energy fields. 

Resonating our own frequencies in our fields, with safe boundaries, means we can be more allowing around others, without taking on their stories, energies, narratives or points of view.

At this time of accelerated awakening, it is important for all of us to find and resonate with the truth of our own narrative. Being and feeling physically centred and grounded within ourselves helps us do this. Keeping attention on our simple physical rhythms, the breath, the heart beat, this helps us stay stabilised and grounded. It can take us out of our minds and help our bodies hear our connected hearts. 

Remembering Ourselves as One Within the Earth

  • As we relax deep into her rhythms, we can feel the symbiosis of our body with her body by keeping attention on our natural rhythms. Our breath, our heart beat, our bodily behaviours; eating, sleeping, moving, resting. Not to judge what we’re doing but to amplify our intention to simply notice these rhythms. Accepting them exactly as they are without judgement, naming, story or meaning. This puts our attention where the reset in our human blueprints is currently supporting us to shift from old to new paradigm. 
  • Relaxing into remembering. That our bodies are supported in this earth and our creative expansion is supported and resourced.
  • Relaxing our bio-rhythms into our earth and her rhythms allows for the transmutation of dissonance in the fields of body consciousness. Being centred in our body-rhythms generates a field of harmonic resonance in the body. This is what is supported at an unconscious level during this lunar to solar eclipse period. A paradigm reset in some of our core bio-rhythm patterns.
  • Allowing our bodies to move, to open, to physically enjoy this expansion energy in the body. This June eclipse there’s an opening in the hips, around the shoulders that can be catalyzed when we allow our hearts, chests and torso to expand with the incoming solar energies. As we breathe more life and vitality around our bodies, 

Aligning our body rhythms with the earth rhythms for greater symbiosis 

  • The reset in our human blueprints at this time is focused on aligning our bio-rhythms to resonate in alignment with the earth rhythms. 
  • This supports us to be physically energised to act on our truth
  • While simultaneously we’re being healed, cleared and lifted to align with a higher personal truth. Freeing ourselves from old paradigm, conflict-fueled narratives, to find our own unique narrative, find the highest alignment within that narrative and be supported in asking – what is my creative way forward. 

Reconfigurations in cellular activity – Supporting a reset in:

  • how we creatively relate to others
  • What moves us, healing how we’re motivated and energised into action
  • A shift from efforting to energising ourselves into creative action
  • Feeling the pleasure of our creative expansion

How can we work with the eclipse energies?

Meeting Our Emotions As Vibrations, Not Stories

A reminder that as fiery energies rise up in their constrictive or destructive aspects, not to link those energies and emotions to stories but keep them moving through the body. Keep meeting them as energy. As vibration.And its not just fiery emotions coming to the surface, but those emotions that arise when we can’t connect to our healthy fire.

Notice when we’re assigning them meaning and staying attached to them by investing in an outcome around them. For example, I’m frustrated/exhausted/depressed by … and this means … and I will be alright if/when … happens.

One of the ways we can meet our emotions as vibration and detach from story is (when we feel an emotion strongly over coming days):

Rather than saying I am angry, tired, upset, frustrated or whatever it is that arises, saying:

There is sadness/anger/hopelessness here now.

And acknowledging this, owning it, taking response-ability for it, by allowing ourselves to physically feel it and move with it.

Maybe play with this and notice the difference in how the two different statements feel in the body. And whether the vibration of anger can leave the system more easily that way.

And notice. When we say we’re angry at someone doing something, or a situation we’re invested in changing or seeing change, we keep ourselves locked in battle with that. And it’s harder for that situation to clear and change.

Because ultimately, that situation is helping us heal and grow in some way and has appeared in our reality for that reason and for that reason only.

Fighting what’s happening stops it from leaving.

Remembering to face the new that’s coming in, to align with the graceful energies that are supporting us and flooding our body with divine remembering – that we’re being supported, lifted, loved and helped to face new, expansive, creative horizons. Finding the freedom, spaciousness, creativity and resources that come from within puts us in resonance with the world where those resources can flow to us, regardless of what’s going on outside us.

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